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Established in 1905, Waller is one of the oldest law firms in Tennessee. With more than 230 attorneys serving 10 core industries, we can quickly assemble a multi-dimensional team to address almost any matter. While we may begin by assisting with one issue, clients come back for help in other areas as well.

Clients trust Waller to help achieve their financial and strategic goals. For many, it's about the relationship: they expect us to deliver, and we do. Because of our deep understanding of their markets and their objectives, and our commitment to achieving positive results, entrepreneurs, executives, and boards of directors seek our counsel on a wide range of issues.

They recognize our dedication to community outreach and pro bono efforts. Our innovative recruiting methods ensure that they have access to a steady pipeline of talent.

Whether navigating complex compliance issues, negotiating mergers and acquisitions, demonstrating our formidable litigation skills, or closing critical real estate deals, clients view us as their go-to partner time and time again.

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Michael Lee
eMarketing Manager

"There is nothing this distinguished outfit does not know about the healthcare industry."
Chambers USA


"This first class giant flexes its corporate muscle in many complex transactions. The thoroughly professional and knowledgeable team has experience of all business cycles."
Chambers USA


"They have extensive knowledge of us, our company, how we do things.  Their expertise is very valuable." Recent client survey


"They understand our business better than most lawyers we use.  I think of them more as counsel, and others as processors." Recent client survey


"They pioneered the post-mortem review. They came up with the concept of what was good, what was bad, what are areas for improvement? They were the first to do and suggest that, and they're still the best at it. We absolutely value that." Client survey


"What they do becomes the template for what we ask of the other firms. They're outstanding." Client Survey

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