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Allied Law Firms

Allied Law Firms
No law firm can provide services of consistent excellence in every jurisdiction in the U.S. and abroad. To help fill this gap we have teamed with some of the very best firms in the world, and in each state capital via the World Services Group and State Law Resources. We are pleased to assemble teams from these fine firms to help meet our clients’ needs.
World Services Group Waller is a member of the World Services Group, a multidisciplinary network of more than 130 leading professional services firms operating in over 115 countries and throughout the United States. As a result of representing virtually every private and public business in the world, WSG members can draw from the world's largest reserve of experience for legal, accounting and financial services. 
State Law Resources Waller is a member of the State Law Resources, Inc., an international network of independent law firms. In the United States, the SLR network is comprised of one law firm from each state and the District of Columbia that have been selected for their experience in government relations and administrative and regulatory law at the state and national level.



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