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Advancing Diversity


We believe our law firm must reflect the diversity of our clients and our community. This commitment has common-sense origins: it is simply the right thing to do and it genuinely improves our ability to serve our clients. At Waller, we value diversity of thought and the contributions of each unique individual to better serve our clients.

Diversity Committee

Waller formalized its commitment to diversity more than a decade ago by establishing the Diversity Committee. Led by the firm’s chairman, Matt Burnstein, the Committee includes both attorneys and staff members and works to establish the strategy and tactics to achieve diversity goals.

Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion

In addition to the firm’s Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion, Waller has a formal Implementation Plan with specific targets for Diversity and Inclusion.

We recognize that diversity and inclusion are crucial to the effectiveness and success of our business and the clients we represent. Respect for each individual’s unique ethnicity, gender, orientation, culture, religion and talents is ingrained in our corporate culture. Innovative solutions to our clients’ legal challenges do not come from a single perspective. They come from many.

Diversity Mentoring Program

The firm has a formalized Diversity Mentoring Program that provides each minority associate the opportunity to develop professionally and grow a profitable practice. Young, diverse attorneys have access to the time and attention of some of the most successful partners in the firm. The chair of the firm and senior leaders regularly host private or small dinners and meetings with our diverse attorneys to candidly discuss their personal and professional goals. The attorneys speak freely about their development and assess their advancement within the firm. Mentors act as advocates for their mentees and collect feedback on behalf of their mentees to assist in their professional development.

Diverse attorneys in the program also participate in focus groups to identify potential issues and investigate solutions in relation to recruiting, retention, and business development, with recommendations being made to the Diversity Committee.

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