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Diverse Recruiting


Building a Diverse Team

Waller actively encourages minority students in their pursuit of a legal career through educational scholarships. We also seek minority candidates through strategic recruiting efforts.

Waller is participating in the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity’s (LCLD) 1L Scholars Program for the summer of 2017.  The firm will sponsor first-year law students to attend the 1L LCLD Scholars Summit in Philadelphia in May, where they will have the opportunity to participate in mock interviews and attend seminars on networking, leadership, secrets to success, and more. The Scholars will then join Waller’s Summer Associate Program in June and work alongside our attorneys, participating in live-matter projects and other assignments across all practice areas.

Diversity Scholarship

In 1990, Waller became the first Tennessee law firm to establish scholarships for minority students at the University of Tennessee Knoxville College of Law. This commitment has continued for more than 25 years and is today exemplified by the annual Waller Diversity Scholarship. Part of our effort to support the UT College of Law’s diversity recruiting program, the scholarship is drawn from an endowment fund established in 2011 to honor a University of Tennessee (UT), Knoxville College of Law student whose life has been guided by the example of Dr. Martin Luther King. The scholarship is renewable each semester for the three years the recipient attends law school. It is our hope that by honoring Dr. King’s work for justice through this law school scholarship, future generations will be empowered to continue his legacy.

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