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Deal of the Year

One of the nation’s leading middle market private equity firms, Huron Capital Partners has built a reputation for working closely with strong operating executives to help companies reach their full potential.  The Dynamic Dental Partners investment was the first investment made through The Huron Fund IV, LP, a $500 million private equity fund which closed in January 2013, and Huron plans to use Dynamic Dental as a platform on which to expand its footprint in the $119 billion dental services market.

Huron Capital Partners relied on Waller as counsel in the award-winning transaction because of our vast experience in the area of dental practice management and dental groups. For more than 20 years, Waller has counseled dental support services companies (DSOs) and dental groups operating throughout the United States. We understand the unique legal issues faced by companies devoted to dental services, and our experience ranges from the purchase and sale of dental practices and DSOs to regulatory compliance, governmental enforcement actions and day-to-day operational issues.

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