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Helping Music City Metals Protect Its Products

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Since 2011, three different manufacturers based in Taiwan and China have attempted to trade on Music City Metals’ status as a leading producer of gas grill parts by co-opting descriptions and images of the Nashville-based manufacturer’s products and promoting knockoffs on retail websites like Amazon and EBay. Waller attorneys successfully represented Music City Metals in three lawsuits that resulted in the counterfeit products being removed from Amazon and EBay. In one case, Music City Metals received a $5.3 million judgment and in another case Music City Metals received a $2.85 million judgment.

Recently, United States District Judge Kevin H. Sharp issued a permanent injunction against five defendants named in one of the lawsuits brought by Music City Metals. The Judge’s order noted the critical importance of Music City Metals’ unique model numbers, photographs, illustrations, and brand and fitment data for the replacement grill parts the company sells. 

Waller is honored to help Music City Metals defend its product line. We don’t know if  or when another competitor will try to counterfeit our client’s products – but if they do, we’ll be ready. 

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ExperienceHelping Music City Metals Protect Its Products
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