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Malibu Boats, Inc. Announces Initial Public Offering

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Malibu Boats, Inc. recently closed its initial public offering of 8,214,285 shares of Class A Common Stock at a price of $14.00 per share. Malibu Boats, Inc. sold 7,642,996 shares and the selling stockholders sold 571,289 shares. The shares were listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market beginning on January 31, 2014, under the ticker symbol "MBUU."

Waller was pleased to represent Malibu Boats in this exciting and important step for the company. Attorneys from our corporate, tax, litigation, and intellectual property groups all contributed to the transaction.

For more details, please contact Chase Cole or David Wilson.

Full Press Release (January 30, 2014):
Malibu Boats, Inc. Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering

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ExperienceMalibu Boats, Inc. Announces Initial Public Offering
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