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On the Road to Victory: Jury Finds No Harassment in Alabama Trial

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Logan’s Roadhouse, a Tennessee-headquartered restaurant with over 250 locations in 23 states won a jury verdict in Huntsville, Alabama, defeating accusations by a former manager of sexual harassment and discrimination in promotion. The trial, held in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama, included testimony from the Plaintiff that she had been subjected to years of verbal sexual harassment by two coworkers. The Plaintiff also accused a coworker of inappropriate behavior and claimed that she was denied a promotion to general manager based on her gender.

Led by Labor & Employment partner Stan Graham and with the assistance of Marti Downey (associate) and Laurel Johnston (paralegal), the defense focused on evidence that the Plaintiff participated in the alleged harassment and that any inappropriate workplace behavior was not subjectively offensive.  It also offered evidence that company had hired a female general manager in the area just months before it selected a male general manager for the post sought by the Plaintiff.

At the close of Plaintiff’s proof, the Court dismissed the Title VII promotion claim on the company’s motion for judgment as a matter of law.  The jury then deliberated briefly before finding in favor of Logan’s on the Plaintiff’s remaining claim that she had been sexually harassed.  

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ExperienceOn the Road to Victory: Jury Finds No Harassment in Alabama Trial
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