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PHGE + IP = Energy

Industry Served

PHG Energy LLC (PHGE) provides global sales, distribution and support for renewable energy equipment and processes. Since the company’s formation in 2010, Waller has helped PHGE with legal services in support of the company’s strategic plan to develop and acquire key intellectual property and technology rights and deliver innovative alternative energy systems.

PHGE has now acquired patents and other intellectual property rights for technologies that position the company to manufacture and sell innovative downdraft gasification systems.  These systems produce synthetic fuels through a thermo-chemical phase change process that does not involve burning and the associated environmental problems associated with incineration. The gas fuels produced by the PHGE system are less expensive than natural gas, cleaner burning than oil and coal and can be used to fuel large capacity electric generators.  The solid waste-to-gas conversion process is flexible enough to handle a wide range of solid wastes as feedstock, wastes that can be diverted from landfill disposal for additional cost savings. Not surprisingly, PHG Energy’s products are attracting a great deal of attention, both in the United States and internationally. We are proud to play a supporting role in the development of this exciting technology.

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ExperiencePHGE + IP = Energy
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