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Working with LifePoint and Duke to Build a Major Network

Waller has worked with Duke LifePoint Healthcare since the formation of this innovative partnership between Duke University Health System, one of the country’s leading academic health systems, and LifePoint Health, a leading hospital system with multiple hospital campuses across the United States.  Waller is honored to assist Duke LifePoint Healthcare in building a dynamic network of hospitals and healthcare providers that is quality driven, adaptive to change and financially strong.
Waller has represented the Duke LifePoint joint venture in the acquisition of Marquette General in Marquette, Michigan; Twin County Regional Healthcare in Galax, Virginia; Maria Parham Medical Center in Henderson, North Carolina; Person Memorial Hospital in Roxboro, North Carolina; the North Carolina cardiac catheterization operations of MedCath Partners, LLC; Haywood Regional Medical Center in Clyde, North Carolina; Wilson Medical Center in Wilson, North Carolina; WestCare Health System in Sylva, North Carolina; Rutherford Regional Health System in Rutherford, North Carolina; and Conemaugh Health System in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
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ExperienceWorking with LifePoint and Duke to Build a Major Network
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