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Every phase of a construction project, from conceptual design through final completion and beyond, has the potential to encounter critical legal issues. The Waller team guides clients through the design, construction and development of commercial, industrial, residential, and public-sector projects in a broad range of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and hospitality. Our government relations and real estate attorneys, who represent some of the most active real estate developers across the Southeast, often complement the services provided by our construction team.

Clients rely on the Waller team for advice in relation to:

  • Project delivery selection
  • Construction insurance
  • Incentives
  • Litigation, mediation and arbitration of disputes involving:
    • Payment, workmanship and construction defects
    • Design issues
    • Liens and surety performance
    • Completion delays
    • Construction financing disputes 
  • Preparation and negotiation of design and construction agreements, such as those published by the American Institute of Architects, the Associated General Contractors of America and the Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee

Representative clients include:

  • Architects
  • Construction lenders
  • Contractors and subcontractors
  • Design professionals
  • Project owners and developers
  • Suppliers
  • Trade associations

Developments include:

  • Corporate headquarters
  • High-end retail developments and lifestyle centers
  • Hospital and healthcare facilities
  • Large-scale residential developments
  • Mixed-use high-rise construction
  • Office buildings
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