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Economic Development and Incentives


The Southeast is an especially popular region for companies seeking to relocate or expand their corporate headquarters or operations. Waller's attorneys from the government relations, real estate, environmental, and tax practices have represented many of the most significant companies relocating to, or expanding within, the region. To best serve clients considering a relocation or expansion, we maintain a coordinated, interdisciplinary team of attorneys skilled in the many nuances of economic development and incentives work.

Clients have relied on Waller's team of economic development and incentives attorneys for assistance negotiating the following representative options:

  • BIDs (Business Improvement Districts)
  • FASTTRACK incentives
  • Legislative / state legislation
  • PILOT agreements
  • Special assessment districts
  • Targeted privilege tax assessments
  • TDZ (Tourist Development Zones)
  • TVA energy assistance grants

Incentives available to relocating or expanding businesses can be conveniently divided into two categories: discretionary incentives that are negotiated on a case-by-case basis and incentives that are set by statute and are available to all businesses that engage in qualifying activity.

Companies that have relied on Waller's counsel and assistance with corporate relocations and incentives include:

  • Automobile manufacturer in bringing its first manufacturing facility to the United States
  • Japanese automotive supplier relocating its primary manufacturing plant from out of state to middle Tennessee
  • U.S. automobile manufacturer that relocated the headquarters and manufacturing facilities for a newly formed subsidiary in the State of Tennessee
  • World's largest investor-owned healthcare company, in the relocation of its corporate headquarters to Nashville
  • Japanese tire company in connection with relocation of its U.S. headquarters and several other material investments in Tennessee
  • Tennessee's first professional sports franchise in connection with the relocation of the franchise to Nashville

Other development projects for which Waller delivered advice and counsel include:

  • Development of the largest hotel complex in the U.S.
  • Expansion and renovation of professional sports facilities for professional football, hockey and baseball franchises
  • Development of over $500 million in residential projects

A testament to the enduring nature of Waller's client relationships, each of the foregoing remains a client, relying on Waller for a variety of ongoing operational legal services.

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