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Healthcare Investors


Waller has extensive experience in structuring complex healthcare financings and acquisitions involving private equity, venture capital and angel investors, as well as serving as special healthcare regulatory and compliance counsel on investment transactions.

We provide our healthcare investment clients with a fully integrated and multi-disciplinary team blending the knowledge and experience of dozens of transactional, regulatory and compliance attorneys. Our clients choose us to assist in their equity investment transactions because of our broad healthcare industry knowledge and experience with the legal issues that affect such entities. As special counsel or as lead deal counsel, we guide clients through the following phases that influence the structuring and negotiating of leveraged acquisitions, venture capital and growth financings:

  • Payment and reimbursement
  • Fraud and abuse
  • Intellectual property
  • State licensure
  • Regulations
  • Dispositions of investments through sales, public offerings, and recapitalizations
  • Platform-company acquisitions (and dispositions)
  • “Bolt-on” acquisitions
  • Portfolio companies
  • Internal and government investigations
  • Comprehensive due diligence
  • Exploration of key issues and regulatory risks

Given our history in serving large healthcare companies and investors, we’ve built an extensive network and are able to unite companies looking to raise capital with investors seeking opportunities. We regularly help investors identify potential companies in which to invest and assist high growth companies in achieving their funding goals. Because our experience representing both investors and companies raising capital, we have the ability to develop creative solutions to the complex challenges inherent in capital transactions.

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