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From restaurants and food service companies to hotels, resorts and vacation timeshare operators, it’s not surprising that the most successful companies in the hospitality industry are known for the quality and consistency of the service they provide. The attorneys who comprise Waller’s multidisciplinary hospitality industry team understand that long-term success is tied directly to service, and they are dedicated to delivering the same high level of service that our clients expect of their own organizations.

Local and regional operators of hotels and restaurants as well as national chains rely on Waller to provide advice and representation on day-to-day operational, regulatory and strategic matters involving:

Labor and Employment

Our labor and employment attorneys bring energy, experience and a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing hospitality companies. We help hospitality clients comply with federal and state wage and hour regulations, respond to union organizing efforts, manage multi-cultural workforces and address high turnover rates among employees.

Real Estate

Well-known restaurant and hotel chains have chosen Waller to handle their real estate portfolios, and we play a critical role in their national and regional expansion efforts. The legal services we provide include leasing and developing new locations, land acquisition, land use approvals and zoning, governmental incentives, construction contracts and more.

Government Relations

Waller’s government relations attorneys have assisted local and regional operators, national chains and hospitality industry associations with local and state government relations matters ranging from securing economic development incentives for relocation and expansion to administrative and legislative advocacy.  

Franchising and Intellectual Property

For companies looking to expand through franchising, Waller understands the intersection of franchisor-franchisee business relationships with federal and state franchise laws and regulations. We prepare and register franchise disclosure documents and provide assistance with critical licensing agreements. Additionally, we assist hospitality companies with trademark registration, maintenance, protection and – when necessary – litigation.

Dispute Resolution

In addition to employment and intellectual property disputes, hospitality companies turn to Waller for representation in general litigation matters. In instances where the courtroom is not the best venue for resolving disputes, our attorneys are equally adept in representing our clients’ interests in mediation and arbitration.

Waller’s effectiveness in serving the legal and business needs of hotel and restaurant clients is greatly enhanced by the fact that our team includes veterans of the hospitality industry who have gained invaluable experience firsthand on the front lines of the hospitality industry. In addition, members of our team have served in leadership roles in key industry associations, including the Tennessee Hospitality Association and the Tennessee Restaurant Association. Our active involvement in these organizations ensures that we are up-to-date on emerging issues as well as regulatory developments that affect the hospitality industry.

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