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From startups and emerging companies to publically traded companies operating worldwide, Waller provides a wide range of legal services to technology clients across a diverse sector of markets and industries:

  • SaaS
  • Healthcare information technology
  • Payment processing and financial technology
  • Communications and mobile applications
  • Product content management
  • Event technology
  • E-commerce and electronic marketing
  • Social media, mobile applications

Intellectual Property

Waller boasts a dynamic team of experienced attorneys focused on protecting valuable intellectual property assets for technology companies by securing and enforcing patent rights and protecting against infringement claims. We also assist clients with copyright and trademark registration, trade secret protection, and technology licensing agreements.


For start-ups and emerging tech companies, our corporate and commercial transactions attorneys negotiate and structure ownership agreements, identify sources of capital, and form their business entities. Well-established technology companies rely on Waller in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic business arrangements as well IPOs and sales to private equity and other investors.

Commercial Finance

Access to capital is critical for every business, but the often rapid pace of technological development makes commercial finance vitally important for companies seeking to take advantage of new technologies or expand into new markets. Waller helps tech companies structure finance arrangements, prepare private placement memoranda and related offering materials, and negotiate the terms of private and public offerings of debt and equity securities.

Technology clients also turn to Waller for representation with operational issues such as tax planning, employee compensation and benefits, employment issues, real estate and zoning matters, government relations and immigration issues.

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