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Schola2Juris is the first program of its kind – an apprenticeship designed to recruit law students with a dynamic program that truly focuses on mentoring and learning.  Schola2Juris, which occurs during the Fall semester of a student’s 3L year, represents a significant shift from the antiquated model of summer associate programs. Waller has responded to demand from students, schools and clients that want to see time and resources invested in the advancement of students in order to make them real contributors from the first day they begin the practice of law.

In order to build a stronger and more world-ready first-year attorney, Waller leads apprentices through a program that is practice group specific and provides exposure to actual client matters that the firm has already handled from inception to completion.  By working on projects developed from historical client matters, Schola2Juris participants are immersed in activity that is thought intensive, not hours intensive. We’ve done away with the old scenario in which summer associates are given time-sensitive assignments matters where their work is eventually written-off.  This inefficient approach offered little educational benefit to the students and even less benefit to clients – in either the short or the long term.

To ensure that our attorneys and the Schola2Juris apprentices have the opportunity to build relationships and work closely enough to determine if there is a personal and cultural fit, Waller is very proactive in arranging social and interactive events on weekends during the program.  Furthermore, the firm handles travel, accommodations and offers flexible schedules for apprentices that attend school outside of Nashville. We spare no expense to ensure that these important intangibles are satisfied.

We look forward to hearing from all students interested in exploring and pursuing Schola2Juris 2013, the third year for our evolving program.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, and refer to the calendar of program dates for specific scheduled events and deadlines.

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