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2L Program


Waller’s Summer Program is a hybrid internship, combining the cutting edge mentoring and learning-based modules from our prior Schola2Juris program with the opportunity to engage in live matters and other assignments with attorneys across all practice areas and offices.

Based on completed client matters, the educational modules that comprise Waller’s Summer Program offer students firsthand experience with actual assignments and client relationships and provide tremendous insight into the students’ future roles as junior and mid-level associates.

During the program, each summer associate will work closely with two mentors – a partner and a senior associate who will provide structured feedback on each work assignment and throughout the module process. Summer Associates are not relegated to one practice group, but are exposed to various projects across the firm’s eight practice areas. Summer associates will complete two different practice-specific projects developed from historical client matters. The module projects are substantive assignments designed to have summer associates follow the lifecycle of a client matter – giving a better overview of an entire project than could typically be gained in a few weeks’ observation. In addition, Summer Associates will contribute to current client matters and have opportunities to attend depositions, trials, hearings, negotiations and client conferences. Throughout the program, numerous social functions afford opportunities to get to know Waller partners and associates on a personal level.

After careful evaluation of each Summer Associate, students will be considered for potential permanent offers by the Recruiting Committee in conjunction with practice group leaders and anticipated group needs. The assessment includes consideration of academic achievement, work product, and ability to relate to attorneys, clients and support staff, among other business factors.

2017 Waller Summer Program

  • June 26 - August 4

Mentor Information

Summer Associates meet once a week with at least one of their two assigned mentors to discuss projects, activities and any other matters. The mentors are excellent sources of knowledge about the firm and our practice areas, and we encourage Summer Associates to be as candid as possible with their mentors. Of course, Summer Associates are always welcome to ask questions of any of the attorneys, paralegals, or staff members throughout the internship.

Work Assignments and Assignment Procedure

To ensure that each Summer Associate has exposure to a broad variety of assignments, Summer Associates will be assigned two different practice-specific module projects and several real work assignments of various lengths.

Summer Associates will receive the first module assignment on the first day in June, and an attorney will be assigned to guide each Summer Associate throughout the project and evaluate progress. Summer Associates will receive the second module project at the start of the fourth week, and it is to be completed before the summer program concludes. Each Summer Associate will also be assigned an attorney for guidance and evaluation for this project as well.

The real work assignments will be coordinated by the associate mentors. During the weekly mentor meetings, Summer Associates will provide their mentors with a completed Weekly Pending and Completed Projects Memo, and the mentors will provide the Summer Associates with a list and description of the bank of projects that the firm has for Summer Associates to work on at that time. After reviewing these assignments and determining the Summer Associates’ availability with their associate mentors, Summer Associates will request the specific projects that they would like to work on. Project assignments will be communicated to Summer Associates on a weekly basis. This process is designed to ensure that every Summer Associate gets the appropriate balance of work both in terms of number of hours and variety of assignments. Of course, any time Summer Associates are invited by attorneys to work on projects or attend meetings/closings/hearings/etc. outside of this system, they are encouraged to do so. These additional activities should be included in the next Weekly Pending and Completed Projects Memo to ensure that we have a complete record of all of the projects with which each Summer Associate was involved.

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