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05.23.16Roundtable Discussion Provides Insights on State of Data Interoperability in Healthcare
05.18.16Beth Pitman Posts, "HHS Issues Proposed Rule for MACRA Quality Payment Program" on Waller Healthcare Blog
05.10.16Matthew Cox Posts, "International Trade Commission Rules Against Imported Dental Implants" on Waller Healthcare Blog
04.28.16Steve Blumenthal Posts, "InfraGard Incident Response Briefing Focuses on Proactive Cybersecurity Efforts" on Waller Healthcare Blog
04.22.16Caitlyn Whitney, J.D. Thomas Posts, "Guilt by Affiliation? Proposed Rule Would Expand CMS Program Integrity Authority" on Waller Healthcare Blog
04.21.16Beth Vessel, Ashleigh VanLandingham Posts, "Flurry of Activity Signals FTC’s Ongoing Interest in Healthcare Transactions" on Waller Healthcare Blog
04.18.16Ken Marlow and Lanta Wang co-author AHLA Connections "Defending the Deal: The Attorney General Review Process in Nonprofit Hospital Conversions"
04.11.16J.D. Thomas and Jeff Parrish Posts, "DOJ Announces Elder Justice Task Force Locations, Including Nashville and Middle Tennessee" on Waller Healthcare Blog
04.07.16J.D. Thomas Posts, "Recent Developments in Hospice Fraud and Abuse" on Waller Healthcare Blog
03.31.16Waller co-authors  Health:Further Quarterly Intelligence Report on Telehealth
03.25.16Kevin Page Posts, "OCR Announces Phase 2 HIPAA Audit Program" on Waller Healthcare Blog
03.22.16Caitlyn Whitney Posts, "CMS Releases 2016 Value-Based Payment Modifier Program Results for Physicians" on Waller Healthcare Blog
03.16.16J.D. Thomas Posts, "Election Year Politics and Ongoing Transformation of Healthcare: A Recap of the LHC Delegation to D.C." on Waller Healthcare Blog
03.15.16Attorneys Mark Peters and Kim Looney Author Chapters in  AHLA'S Representing Physicians Handbook
03.11.16 Brandon Schirg and Casey Dunlap Posts, "CMS Commences Cycle 2 of the Medicare Provider and Supplier Revalidation Process" on Waller Healthcare Blog
03.07.16Steve Blumenthal Posts, "Push for Interoperability Grows with a Series of Recent Announcements" on Waller Healthcare Blog
03.03.16Beth Pitman Posts, "From Measuring “Clicks” to Measuring Performance" on Waller Healthcare Blog
March 2016"Eminent Domain and Natural Gas Pipeline Easements: Valuation and Right To Take Issues," By Tommy Peebles, The Practical Real Estate Lawyer
02.24.16J.D. Thomas Post, "Speakers Address Key Issues for Long Term Care Providers at AHLA Event" on Waller Healthcare Blog
02.22.16Richard Westling Post, "Justice Department Enforcement Efforts Continue to Focus on Home Health" on Waller Healthcare Blog
02.15.16J.D. Thomas Post, "Sixth Circuit Severely Narrows Available Damages Under the False Claims Act" on Waller Healthcare Blog
02.12.16Richard Westling, Daniel Patten Post, "CMS Finalizes Rule Implementing the ACA’s 60-Day Report and Return Provision for Self-Identified Overpayments" on Waller Healthcare Blog
02.11.16Kristen Johns Posts, "FDA Takes On 2016’s Ubiquitous Issue: Cybersecurity" on Waller Healthcare Blog
02.11.16"FTC Administrative Actions and Comments Indicate Shifting Landscape for Hospitals and Other Providers," By Beth Vessel and Ashleigh VanLandingham, Health eSource, ABA Health Law Section
02.10.16J.D. Thomas Post "Hospitals Celebrate Small Victory in Fight Related to RAC Appeals Backlog" on Waller Healthcare Blog
02.09.16Colin Luke Post "Bundled Payments: Are They Finally Here?" on Waller Healthcare Blog
02.01.16Mark Peters Posts, "DOL Final Rule Impacts Home Health “Companionship Services” Exemption" on Waller Healthcare Blog
01.28.16"Passthrough Partner: New Partnership Audit and Collection Rules," by Leigh Griffith, Taxes - The Tax Magazine
01.15.16"Trademark Applicant Runs Into False Association Claim," By Robert P. Felber, Jr. INTA Bulletin
01.11.2016"New Partnership Future Audit and Collection Rules Require Review and Revision of Partnership (and LLC) Agreements,"  by J. Leigh Griffith, Tennessee CPA Journal
01.01.16Waller Co-Authors The Hospital Joint Venture Handbook
12.18.15J.D. Thomas Posts, "Supreme Court Evaluating Implied Certification in FCA Cases" on Waller Healthcare Blog
12.15.15“Tennessee Supreme Court Reverses Course and Jettisons Unworkable Summary Judgment Standard,” By Jeffrey C. Smith, The Memphis Medical Society Quarterly
12.09.15Beth Vessel Posts, "FTC Continues Focus on Healthcare Transactions with Penn State Hershey Merger" on Waller Healthcare Blog
12.08.15J.D. Thomas Posts, "Hospitals Hit Hard in 2015 False Claims Act Enforcement" on Waller Healthcare Blog
12.03.15Sean Sullivan Posts, "Supreme Court Weighs ERISA Preemption and Health Data Collection" on Waller Healthcare Blog
12.01.15Vinh Duong and  Nora Katz  Posts, "Recruiting and Employing International Medical Graduates Post Medical Training " on Waller Healthcare Blog
11.24.15"Passthrough Partner: S Corporation or Not? Transactions and Questionable S Corps," by Leigh Griffith, Taxes - The Tax Magazine
11.18.15“Legal Update: Is Your Pain Practice Appealing to Investors,” Co-authored by Amanda Jester, Outpatient Surgery Magazine
11.16.15Richard Westling Posts, "Deputy Attorney General Yates Elaborates on Individual Accountability for Corporate Wrongdoing " on Waller Healthcare Blog
11.13.15Beth Vessel Posts, "Recent FTC Administrative Decisions and Comments Indicate Shifting Landscape For Hospitals " on Waller Healthcare Blog
11.13.15Don Stuart Posts, "Community Health Needs Assessments and Implementation: The Board’s Ongoing Responsibility" on Waller Healthcare Blog
11.11.15Colin Luke Posts, "Clinical Co-Management Agreements Offer Opportunity for Physician Alignment" on Waller Healthcare Blog
11.02.2015“New Guidance from the Department of Education on Managing Student Medical Records Creates More Questions Than Answers, by Aron Karabel, TICUA/Waller Legal Notes
11.01.15“TTAB Ruling Highlights Importance of Getting One’s Story Straight before Filing,” International Trademark Association (INTA) Bulletin, November 1, 2015  Vol. 70
10.30.15Brandon Schirg and Michael Staley Posts, "Doctors and Hospitals Face Cuts in the Proposed Budget Deal" on Waller Healthcare Blog
10.27.15Jeffrey A. Calk Posts, "Real Estate as a Tool for Improving Physician Alignment" on Waller Healthcare Blog
10.13.15"ASARCO and Unsecured Trade Creditors: Boon or Bain?," by Blake D. Roth, Unsecured Trade Creditors – An ABI Committee Newsletter
10.12.15"When Your Hospital Becomes The Patient," by Brian Browder and John Tishler, Health Care Law Monthly
10.09.15Beth Pitman Post "Relief for 2015 Meaningful Use Reporting but Stage 3 Final Rule Future is Uncertain" in Waller Healthcare Blog
10.08.15Jeff Parrish Post "OIG Takes Aim at Skilled Nursing Therapy Billing" in Waller Healthcare Blog
10.05.15Leigh Griffith authors "Passthrough Partner: Disguised Payment for Services in a Capacity Other Than That of a Partner" on Taxes The Tax Magazine
10.01.15Beth Pitman Post "OIG Recommends Strengthening OCR Oversight of HIPAA Privacy and Breach Follow-up" in Waller Healthcare Blog
10.01.15J.D. Thomas and Meredith Toole Post "Thoughts from the 2015 AHLA Fraud and Compliance Forum" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.29.15Matthew C. Cox and Charlie Walker Post "Healthcare Data Analytics Patent Subject to “CBM” Review at USPTO" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.28.15Kristen Johns Post "Extension of Public Comment Period Speaks to Impact of NIST’s Healthcare-Focused Cybersecurity Guide" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.28.15J.D. Thomas and Meredith Toole Post "AHLA’s Fraud and Compliance Forum Kicks Off with Keynote Speech from Joyce Branda, Deputy Assistant Attorney General" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.28.15"Extension of Public Comment Period Speaks to Impact of NIST’s Healthcare-Focused Cybersecurity Guide" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.23.15J.D. Thomas Post "Stark Settlement Dominoes Beginning to Fall in the Aftermath of Tuomey" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.22.15Zachary Trotter  talks "DOJ’s Continuing Focus on Stark Whistleblower Cases Leads to Large Settlements " on the Birmingham Medical News Blog
09.15.15John Arnold Post "HRSA: At long last, 'mega-guidance' on 340B program" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.15.15"Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?," by Robert P. Felber, Jr., INTA Bulletin
09.14.15J.D. Thomas and Jennifer Weaver Post "Zero to Sixty: The Overpayments Clock Is Ticking and the Courts Are Keeping Time" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.10.15Beth Pitman Post "Meaningful Use Rules Under Review by the OMB" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.04.15Mark Peters Post "DOL Asks D.C. Circ. For Quick Approval Of Home Care Rule" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.2015Donald Stuart authors "Community Health Needs Assessments and Implementation: The Board’s Ongoing Responsibility" on the Governance Institute E-Briefings-Vol 12, No. 5
09.01.15"Board Leaves Applicant Singing the Blues," by Robert P. Felber, Jr., INTA Bulletin
9.01.2015“The NLRB Takes a Pass on the Unionization of Student-Athletes, at Least for Now,” by Aron Karabel, TICUA/Waller Legal Notes
08.27.15“Who Gets Paid? Section 365(n) Royalty Payments Under ‘Zombie Licenses’ After a Sale of IP,” By Christopher G. Bradley, Bankruptcy Litigation
08/24/15Kristen Johns’ article in Advance Healthcare gives helpful pointers on developing and commercializing innovations
08.20.15Beth Vessel Posts "FTC Releases Guidelines Regarding Unfair Methods of Competition" in Waller Healthcare Blog
08.18.15Expanded Horizons: Formal Dual-Degree Programs Extend Beyond the Practice of Law
08.05.15Fletcher Brown Post "Hospital Board Members and Trustees Can be an Effective Ally for the CEO" in Waller Healthcare Blog
08.04.15Kristen A. Larremore Posts "CMS Issues Proposed Stark Law Modifications" in Waller Healthcare Blog
08.03.15Donald B. Stuart Posts "New Jersey Case Wakes Up the Nonprofit Hospital Industry - What the Morristown Case Means for Hospital Property Tax Exemptions" in Waller Healthcare Blog
8.03.2015“Get Ready - New Overtime Regulations Mean More Campus Employees will be Eligible for Overtime,” by Jeb Gerth and Aron Karabel, TICUA/Waller Legal Notes
07.27.15J.D. Thomas Posts "Senator Grassley Takes Notice of OIG Reports Alleging Fraud in Pediatric Dental Practices" in Waller Healthcare Blog
07.23.15"Title IX Enforcement is Still a Top Priority - OCR's Renewed Focus on Title IX Coordinators" TICUA/Waller Legal Notes
07.23.15"Insulating Your Institution from IRS Attack on Reasonableness of Executive Compensation" TICUA/Waller Legal Notes
07.22.15Steve Blumenthal Posts, "A Healthy Dose of Data Security Awareness" on Waller Healthcare Blog
7.17.15Fletcher H. Brown and J.D. Thomas Posts "CMS Prepared to Modify Controversial Two-Midnight Rule" in Waller Healthcare Blog
7.16.15J.D. Thomas and Meredith L. Toole Posts "Tuomey Decision Signals Concerns About Stark Law" in Waller Healthcare Blog
07.15.15Michael Staley posts, "Better medicine on the way" in Congress Blog, The Hill’s Forum for Lawmakers and Policy Professionals
07.15.15Kristen Larremore talks "CMS Issues Proposed Stark Law Modifications" on the Birmingham Medical News Blog
7.15.15"What CMS’ Proposed Bundled Payment Rule for Elective Hip and Knee Replacements Could Mean for Providers" from the Waller Healthcare Blog
07.10.15Michael Staley posts, "House Passes 21st Century Cures Act" in the Waller Healthcare Blog
6.30.15J.D. Thomas Posts "Tom Scully Highlights Need for Post-Acute Care Reform at Leadership Health Care" in Waller Healthcare Blog
06.26.15Shannon Goff Kukulka Posts "Supreme Court Saves Affordable Care Act (Again): 6-3 Decision Upholds Subsidies in King v. Burwell" in Waller Healthcare Blog
6.25.15"King v. Burwell - Supreme Court Affirms Fourth Circuit Decision in Favor of Nationwide Subsidies" from the Waller Healthcare Blog
6.23.15"OIG Issues Fraud Alert Targeting Physician Compensation" from the Waller Healthcare Blog
6.22.15Steve Blumenthal Posts, "Congress Opens the Medicare Data Toolbox" on Waller Healthcare Blog
6.16.15J.D. Thomas Posts "Long Sentences in Healthcare Fraud...Make for a Potentially Explosive Combination" in Waller Healthcare Blog
06.15.15"Fourth Circuit Requires Trademark Applicant to Pay Attorney Fees," by Robert P. Felber, Jr., INTA Bulletin
6.11.15Steve Blumenthal Posts, "Setting the Stage for Interoperability" on Waller Healthcare Blog
06.08.15“Reaching for the Clouds: Tennessee Taxes Cloud Computing Services,” by Christopher A. Wilson, State Tax Notes, Volume 76, No. 10 (June 8, 2015)
05.27.15J.D. Thomas Posts "OIG Issues Latest Report Targeting Dental Providers" in Waller Healthcare Blog
05.18.15Ken Marlow co-authors "Building a Hospital Joint Venture: A Blueprint for Success" with Barry Sagraves from Juniper Advisory
05.15.15"Monster Truck Design Found to Be Distinctive," by Robert P. Felber, Jr., INTA Bulletin
05.15.15J.D. Thomas Posts "What Hospitals Can Learn from Recent Florida Settlements over Ambulance Rides" in Waller Healthcare Blog
05.14.15Elizabeth Sillay Posts "Advocates and Critics Contemplate 21st Century Cures Act" in Waller Healthcare Blog
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