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10.03.17"Wellmont-Mountain States Granted Certificate of Public Advantage" by Kim Looney on Waller Healthcare Blog
10.03.17"Up-C IPO Structure" by Marc Adesso, Wes Scott and Shane Morris on CapMarketsLaw
10.02.17"Class Action Waivers: This Morning at The Supreme Court" by Michael Russell on Waller @Work
09.26.17"Will the Median Employee Please Stand Up? The Seemingly Unavoidable Pay Ratio Rule" by Marc Adesso, Wes Scott, and James Bristol on CapMarketsLaw
09.20.17"HHS Ramps Up Investigation of Small-Scale HIPAA Br...", by Colbey Reagan on Waller Healthcare Blog
09.18.17"Don’t Try to Hide It: The Duty to Supplement Deposition Testimony" by Robert Boston and James Doran on Waller @Work
09.14.17"Will Growth, Consolidation Lead Residential Addiction Treatment Industry to Police Itself in Terms of Ethics & Marketing?" by Colbey Reagan, Nashville Medical News
09.14.17"Home Away from Home: Factors to Consider When Choosing Where to Locate a Private Family Trust Company," by Richard Johnson, Richard Hills and Mike Yopp, Bloomberg BNA Tax Management Estates, Gifts and Trusts Journal
09.11.17"Do I Have to Pay My Employees When We Volunteer?" by Michael Russell on Waller @Work
09.06.17"Trump Administration Drops Appeal of Overtime Ruling" by Michael Russell on Waller @Work
09.01.17"Another Ruling on the Overtime Rules" by Robert Boston on Waller @Work
08.31.17"BSA/AML Enforcement: Things Are Getting Personal," by Brian Malcom, Alabama Bankers Association Board Briefs July/August 2017 Newsletter
08.31.17"CHOW Time: Change of Ownership Changes" by Colbey Reagan and Daniel Patten on Waller Healthcare Blog
08.30.17"Restaurants Must Be Aware of the “80/20 Rule” by Michael Russell on Waller @Work
08.28.17"California Appeals Court Ruling Adds More Uncertainty for the Financial Services Industry" by Michael Russell on Waller @Work
08.25.17"Limiting Liability Exposure for a Private Family Trust Company," by John Bunge, Waller Private Family Trust Company Research
08.25.17“Inside Jobs–Is Your Law Firm a Target for Embezzlement?” by Larry Childs, Alabama Bar Association Addendum Newsletter
08.25.17"CMS Proposes Change to Joint, Episodic, and Cardiac Rehabilitation Payment Models" by Patsy Powers and Daniel Patten on Waller Healthcare Blog
08.18.17"CMS Taps the Brakes on New Payment Models" by Denise Burke and Colin Luke on Waller Healthcare Blog
08.15.17"UNITED STATES: “KLEER”-LY Deceptive? Only if the Application Fails the Deceptiveness Test," by Julian Bibb, INTA Bulletin
07.28.17"SEC Expands Confidential Draft Registration Submission Process to Companies of All Sizes" by Marc Adesso on CapMarketsLaw
07.18.17"Passthrough Partner: Disguised Sales Unmasked, Co-authored by J. Leigh Griffith, Taxes - The Tax Magazine
07.18.17"The Rise of Impact Investing in Trust Administration," by Aaron Flinn
07.06.17"The Wild West of Blockchain" Kristen Johns on the Future of Health Health:Further Podcast
06.21.17“Birmingham banks could see ease in regulations,” Brian Malcom quoted in Birmingham Business Journal [Subscriber Content]
06.13.17"CMS Reverses its Ban on Arbitration Agreements in Nursing Homes" by Jeff Parrish, Jeff Smith, and Loribeth Westbrook on Waller Healthcare Blog
06.13.17"CMS v. U.S. Bankruptcy Courts - SCOTUS takes a pass" by Jeff Parrish on Waller Healthcare Blog
06.12.17“Birmingham attorneys share misconceptions on litigation” Chris Driskill quoted in the Birmingham Business Journal
05.30.17“Five Days in Cuba,” By Michael L. Russell, Nashville Bar Journal
05.26.17"CBO Releases Highly Anticipated Report on Trump’s ObamaCare Repeal Bill; 23 Million Americans Projected to Lose Insurance by 2026" by Nora Liggett and Colin Luke on Waller Healthcare Blog
05.24.17"Reversing the Ban on Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements" by Jeff Parrish, Jeff Smith, and Loribeth Westbrook on Waller Healthcare Blog
05.24.17"The Supreme Court Still Favors Arbitration" by Jeff Parrish, Jeff Smith, and Loribeth Westbrook on Waller Healthcare Blog
05.22.17"Recent Developments for Employers in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee" by Loren Lancaster on Waller @Work
05.22.17"Potential Changes to Labor-Management Relations under the Trump Administration" by Heath Edwards on Waller @Work
05.22.17"Title VII and Sexual Orientation - To Be or Not to Be? That is Still the Question." by Brittany Stancombe on Waller @Work
05.22.17"What to Expect from the Department of Labor under Secretary Alex Acosta" by Jeb Gerth on Waller @Work
05.22.17"Immigration Trends and their Effect on Employers of Sponsored Workers" by Vinh Duong and Nora Katz on Waller @Work
05.19.17"Blockchain's Promise and Hurdles" Kristen Johns on the Nashville Post Magazine
05.06.17"The Advantages of a Receivership - When Your Collateral is in Jeopardy," Co-authored by Ryan Cochran and Blake Roth, ABL Advisor
04.26.17This white-collar crime map will have you clutching your 401ks a little tighter when you see a finance guy on the street
04.24.17Sessions Puts White-Collar Focus on Individual Prosecution
04.18.17Resource Alert: Searchable real time disclosures of FCPA-related investigations
04.11.17"A Case for Tennessee PFTCs," Co-authored by Richard A. Johnson and G. Michael Yopp, Trusts & Estates
04.04.17"House Passes Bill to Repeal the Affordable Care Act" by Nora L. Liggett and Colin H. Luke on the Waller Healthcare Blog
April 2017"Court Rules That Professional Fees May Not Be Capped by Standard Carve-Out Provisions" John Tishler and Tyler Layne in Law Journal Newsletters' The Bankruptcy Strategist
03.31.17"Series LLCs Part 2 - Current Status, Multi-State Issues and Potential Uniform Limited Liability Company Protected Series Act," By J. Leigh Griffith and Alberto R. Gonzales, Taxes - The Tax Magazine
03.28.17Bias in Law Enforcement: Cybersecurity and White Collar Crime
03.22.17"Bundled Payments on the Back Burner" by Colin Luke on the Waller Healthcare Blog
03.06.17"Enforcement Trends: Five Lessons from Recent OCR Resolution Agreements and Other Enforcement Risks" by Beth Pitman on the Waller Healthcare Blog
03.02.17"Healthcare Providers Must Stay Current with State Legislative Developments" by Denise Burke, Jeff Parrish, Catie Lane Bailey on the Waller Healthcare Blog
02.27.17"Proposed Rule from HHS Changes Standards for ACA Individual and Small Group Marketplaces" by Neil Krugman on the Waller Healthcare Blog
02.23.17"How to De-stress a Distressed Senior Living Company," co-authored by Jeffery D. Parrish and John C. Tishler
02.22.17The FCPA is unlikely to vanish under President Trump
02.17.17“Going Public – New Developments for Privately Held Banks to Consider,” By Marc J. Adesso, Memphis Business Journal
02.15.17"Medical Necessity Claims Fail to Satisfy FCA Falsity Standard" by David Bridgers, Drew Warth, Wells Trompeter on the Waller Healthcare Blog
02.14.17"Membership Substitution Transactions – Why Are They So Misunderstood?" Ken Marlow in Bond Buyer
02.12.17Rare Basis for False Claims Act Settlement
02.06.17Healthcare Service Provider to Pay $60 Million to Settle Medicare and Medicaid False Claims Act Allegations
02.03.17The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977
01.30.17"Q&A: Waller partner talks websites and ADA," by Derek Edwards, Nashville Post
01.19.17J.D. Thomas Posts, "Healthcare Industry on Pins and Needles: The Repeal of the ACA and What Comes Next" on Waller Healthcare Blog
01.08.17“Legal Considerations When Forming a Venture Capital Fund,” By Marc J. Adesso,
01.05.17White Collar Cases To Watch In 2017
01.03.17"Blockchain Technology and Applications for Healthcare" Kristen Johns on the Nashville Medical News blog
12.23.16US Accelerates Pursuit Of Companies For FCPA Violations
12.22.16"Private Family Trust Companies Find New Homes in Tennessee," by Richard A. Johnson, Family Office Elite Magazine
12.14.16The Psychology of White-Collar Criminals
12.14.16Justice Department Recovers Over $4.7 Billion From False Claims Act Cases in Fiscal Year 2016
12.06.16"Watering Down the Risk of Data Breaches," by Steve Blumenthal, Nashville Business Journal
12.01.16Bankruptcy Discharge of False Claims Act Debt
11.17.16False Claims Act - Understand and Comply with this Law
11.16.16How to take a proactive approach to new overtime regulations
11.16.16"Introduction to Blockchain Technology for the Financial Sector" Kristen Johns on Alabama Bankers Association Board Briefs
10.31.16"Nashville's Lawyers Fight Domestic Violence," by Matthew Burnstein, The Tennessean
10.25.16Ashleigh VanLandingham and Amanda K. Jester Posts, "Anesthesiologists and the Enforcement of Non-Competes: Is Reform on the Way?" on Waller Healthcare Blog
10.25.16Freeing the False Claims Act
10.19.16"Watering Down the Risk of Data Breaches," by Steve Blumenthal, Nashville Business Journal
10.15.16"Night of the Living Trademark: Zombie Trademarks in the United States," by Robert P. Felber, Jr. and Julian L. Bibb IV, INTA Bulletin
10.11.16"IRS taking harder look at non-profit hospitals" Don Stuart quoted in FierceHealthcare
10.03.06"What Anesthesiologists Need to Know About Enforcement of Non-Compete Agreements," by Amanda K. Jester and Ashleigh VanLandingham, Anesthesia Communique
10.03.16"Provisional Patent Applications: A Cost-Effective Approach for Protecting Innovation," by Nate Bailey, TICUA/Waller Legal Notes
10.03.16"Series LLCs Part 1 - Current Status, Multi-State Issues and Potential Uniform Limited Liability Company Protected Series Act," By J. Leigh Griffith and Alberto R. Gonzales, Taxes - The Tax Magazine
09.15.16"TTAB Highlights Importance of Filing Cancelation Petitions on Time," by Julian L. Bibb IV, INTA Bulletin
09.06.16Law Enforcement ‘Not Winning’ War on White-Collar Crime
09.01.16"A Cost-Effective Approach to Protecting Innovation in Healthcare," by Nate Bailey and Nicolo Davidson, Executive Nashville
09.01.16Southeastern White Collar Crime Institute
08.03.16"Passthrough Partner: Personal Goodwill and Passthrough Entities" by J. Leigh Griffith, Taxes - The Tax Magazine
07.19.16False Claims Act Penalties Double as of August 1, 2016
07.15.16Brent Bowman Posts, "Oncology Providers Beware: Possible Implications of CMS’ Proposed Rule on Off-Campus Provider-Based Departments " on Waller Healthcare Blog
07.11.16Alex Mills Posts, "Many Questions Left Unanswered in the Wake of Long-awaited CMS Proposed Rule Regarding Off-Campus Provider-Based Departments" on Waller Healthcare Blog
07.01.16“Representing Hospitals and Health Systems,” Edited by James Saling,  Hospital/Physician Alignment Chapter, American Health Lawyers Association
06.30.16Alex Mills Posts, "More Belt-Tightening for Home Health Providers as CMS Proposes Update to Prospective Payment System" on Waller Healthcare Blog
06.28.16Mark Peters Posts, "Supreme Court Declines Case Challenging DOL Home Care Wage and Hour Rule" on Waller Healthcare Blog
06.28.16Mark Peters Posts, "Department of Labor “Persuader Rule” Put on Hold " on Waller Healthcare Blog
06.17.16Rich Westling and JD Thomas Posts, "The Supreme Court Upholds the Implied Certification Theory of Liability in False Claims Act Cases, Raises New Questions" on Waller Healthcare Blog
06.15.16“The Move to Self-Reporting Continues: Self-Referral Disclosure Protocol,” By James Saling, The Florida Healthcare Law Firm Newsletter and Blog
06.13.16"What Middle Tennessee Companies Need to Know About A New Law Governing Trade Secrets" Nate Bailey and Charlie Walker in Nashville Business Journal
06.01.16"Passthrough Partner: Cancellation of a Nonlapse Restriction Compensation Surprise?" by J. Leigh Griffith, Taxes - The Tax Magazine
05.26.16"Vodafone Variance: The Commissioner's Power to Override the Rules" by J. Leigh Griffith, Tennessee CPA Journal
05.23.16Roundtable Discussion Provides Insights on State of Data Interoperability in Healthcare
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