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"Trade Secrets and Non-Competes: A Compendium of State Law," John Park (Regional Editor), DRI

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Trade Secrets and Non-Competes: A Compendium of State Law

Regional Editor: John Park*  | email


"DRI is pleased to announce an update to its compendium of state law in the dynamic areas of trade secrets and non-competition covenants. A project of the DRI Commercial Litigation Committee, this publication describes each state's law and procedure in these increasingly important subject areas. The chapter authors are lawyers who regularly practice in the two closely related areas. They advise employers in their states as they draft non-competes and seek protection for the secrets the employers have developed over the years. This publication is written for lawyers who work closely with employers to protect their clients' interests. This second edition addresses changes to the laws surrounding trade secrets and restrictive covenants that have occurred since the first edition was published in 2008. Since that time, a number of states have seen significant changes to their laws. Georgia, for example, enacted a constitutional amendment and statute addressing restrictive covenants; New Jersey adopted the Uniform Trade Secrets Act; and a number of states saw the issuance of significant case decisions that impacted their laws. This book is intended to provide an introductory discussion and reference tool for practitioners. It should be the place where lawyers go to begin their research."


*Brian Clifford assisted with the preparation the materials.


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News / Events"Trade Secrets and Non-Competes: A Compendium of State Law," John Park (Regional Editor), DRI
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