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04.25.16Tennessee Legislature Approves Gradual Repeal of Tennessee Hall Income Tax
03.31.2016New Tennessee Law Mandates Notification of Data Breaches Involving Encrypted Data
03/11/2016DHS Issues New Rule Extending STEM OPT Employment Authorization
02.01.16"Depositions May Not Be Take-Home Examinations, but Opposing Parties Must Carry Their Evidentiary Burdens," By Julian L. Bibb IV, INTA Bulletin
1/19/2016Tennessee Businesses that Prohibit Firearms Could Become Liable for the Safety of Handgun Permit Holders
12.10.15Proposed Metro Ordinance Would Create New Traffic Management Requirements for Construction Projects
09.01.15"Board Leaves Applicant Singing the Blues," by Robert P. Felber, Jr., INTA Bulletin
08.21.15SEC Adopts Dodd-Frank Pay Ratio Disclosure Rules
08.03.15New Jersey Case Wakes Up the Nonprofit Hospital Industry - What the Morristown Case Means for Hospital Property Tax Exemptions
07.29.15SEC Releases Proposed Rules in Connection with Dodd-Frank
06.08.15The Interoperability Requirements of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015
06.03.15Tennessee Directors Benefit from Recent TBCA Change, Contrary to Observers: Recent Amendment to the Tennessee Business Corporation Act Is Not the Sea Change Some Fear for Director Liability
06.03.15Regulation A+ Final Rules Facilitate Capital Raising
05.06.15Tennessee Adopts Sweeping Tax Changes via Revenue Modernization Act
03/16/2015Waller is Leading the Effort to Continue Medical Malpractice Reform in Tennessee with Proposed Legislation to Help Protect Healthcare Providers
2/25/2015Immigration Alert: Employment Authorization for Certain H-4 Dependent Spouses
2/18/2015Tennessee Seeks to Adopt Sweeping Tax Changes via Revenue Modernization Act
2/11/2015Tennessee Seeks to Adopt Triple Weighted Sales Factor for Apportionment Purposes
2/5/2015In Surprise Move, DOJ Drops Prosecution of Tennessee Oncologist Accused of Using Misbranded Drugs
1/22/2015Revised HSR "Size of Transaction" Thresholds Announced
1/19/2015President Obama to Propose Significant Changes to How Capital Gains and Investment Income Are Taxed Both During Life and at Death
12.23.14Management Company May Achieve Tax Savings by Consolidating PC Into Income Tax Return
12.22.14Proposed Metro Ordinance Would Dramatically Impact Nashville Real Estate Development Projects
11.24.14 Immigration Alert: President Obama Takes Executive Action on Immigration    
Updated - November 2014On Being a Private Trust Company Attorney, an Interview with Richard Johnson
11.04.14Waller Launches Comprehensive Ebola Legal Resource Site for Employers
11.04.14IRS Announces Federal Income Tax Developments Related to the West African Ebola Outbreak
10.27.14Participate in an ACO? Are Your Hospital's Bonds Still Tax Exempt?           
10.24.14Waller Updates Ebola Legal Resource Website
10.22.14Waller Launches Comprehensive Ebola Legal Resource Website
09.12.14Days Late and $2.6 Million Short:  The Failure to File Timely Ownership Reports Is Costly
09.04.14September 22 Deadline Looms: Less than Three Weeks Remain to Update Business Associate Agreements Under Final HIPAA Omnibus Rule
8/26/1412 Years After SOX, The SEC Has Not Become Complacent About Compliance
07.23.14Opposition to Corporate Inversions Growing on Capitol Hill
06.16.14Supreme Court Ruling Puts Inherited IRAs at Risk in Bankruptcy Proceedings
04.08.14Proposed Rule Could Increase Federal Oversight of Development Projects
03.20.14The Employer, A Newsletter Prepared By Waller's Labor and Employment Group (Vol. 3, Issue 1)
03.12.14Alabama Creates Independent Tax Tribunal
02.21.14What You Need to Know About Texas Sunset Advisory Commission Review
02.17.14A Closer Look at the Two Midnight Rule as CMS Delays Enforcement Again Amid Legislative and Judicial Challenges
02.03.14Precedent-Setting Defeat of Americans with Disabilities Act Lawsuit Against Bank's ATM Operations
02.03.14CMS Halts Enrollment of New Home Health Agencies in Large Swaths of Texas, Florida and Michigan
01.27.14Idaho Hospital's Physician Practice Acquisition Violated Antitrust Laws, According to Court Ruling
01.06.14Health Information Exchange in Texas: A Year-End Status Report
12.09.13Are Physician Non-Competition Agreements in Texas in Danger?
11.18.13Texas Medical Board Adopts Rules Required by SB 406 to Ease Supervision of PAs and APRNs
09.26.13New Application Deadline of Nov. 30, 2013 for Texas Physician Education Loan Repayment Program
05.17.132013 Texas Legislative Session Update
05.17.13Alabama Department of Revenue Proposes Sweeping Changes to Regulations Addressing Local Sales and Use Tax Nexus
05.15.13An In-Depth Look at the Fraud Charges Against Vitas Hospice Services    
05.13.13Jury Finds Tuomey Healthcare System Guilty of Stark and False Claims Act Violations Pursuant to Physician Employment Agreements
05.08.13OIG Issues Updated Special Advisory Opinion Today regarding the Recommended Scope and Frequency of Exclusion Checks
04.05.13Sixth Circuit Reverses $11.1 Million FCA Judgment Against MedQuest
04.03.13Banking & Financial Services Update
03.28.13New OIG Compliance Podcast Offers Practical Suggestions to Healthcare Boards
03.19.13ATM Regulations under the ADA Replace Fee Disclosure Decals as the New Trend in Lawsuits Against Financial Institutions
03.13.13U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services Releases New Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification
03.04.13Qui Tam Lawsuit Could Signal New Era of Scrutiny for Ambulatory Surgery Centers
03.01.13The Employer, A Newsletter Prepared By Waller's Labor and Employment Group (Vol. 2, Issue 1)
02.15.13The Tax and Spending Perils of Pauline Continue - The Benefits of Investing May Diminish Further
02.11.13New Opportunity Under Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Hospital Mortgage Insurance Program
01.24.13Five Reasons Healthcare Will Be the Topic to Watch This Session of the Texas Legislature
01.18.13HHS/Office of Civil Rights Once More Into the Breach
01.14.13HHS OCR Settles First HIPAA Breach Involving Fewer than 500 Individuals
01.10.13Ruling on Standard Valuation of Tangible Personal Property Results in Increased Tax Exposure for Tennessee Taxpayers
01.08.13H-1B Filing Date for Cap Subject Petitions: What Employers and Employees Need to Know
01.02.13Out of the Fiscal Ditch, but Still on the Cliff -  the Tax Provisions of the Fiscal Cliff Legislation Passed by the House and Senate on January 1, 2013
11.20.12IRS and SEC Bond Initiatives Aimed at Tax-Exempt Hospitals and Other 501(c)(3) Organizations
11.19.12Personal Care Services Under Scrutiny
11.14.12New OIG Report Cites $1.5 Billion in Inappropriate Medicare Payments to Skilled Nursing Facilities
09.28.12Banking & Financial Services Update - Vol. 14, Fall 2012
08.09.12Antitrust Enforcement Update: FTC Agrees to Settlement with Renown Health Over Acquisitions of Cardiology Practices in Reno
06.27.12Federal Appeals Court Upholds EPA's Greenhouse Gas Regulations
06.22.12Banking & Financial Services Update - Vol. 13, Summer 2012
06.21.12The Employer, A Newsletter Prepared By Waller's Labor and Employment Group (Vol. 1, Issue 3)
06.19.12Waller Expands Into Austin, Texas
05.24.12Tennessee Gift Tax Repeal and Tennessee Inheritance Tax Phase Out Signed Into Law By Governor
05.22.12Trial Lawyers Target Debit Card Overdraft Fees
05.21.12Revenue Sharing and Investment Policy Statements: What is a Fiduciary to do?
04.26.12The Employer, A Newsletter Prepared By Waller's Labor and Employment Group (Vol. 1, Issue 2)
Apr. 2012The JOBS Act
03.22.12Relief for Tennessee Storm Victims, March 22, 2012
03.13.12Banking and Financial Services Update, Vol. 12, Spring 2012
03.08.12The Employer, A Newsletter Prepared By Waller's Labor and Employment Group (Vol. 1, Issue 1)
03.01.12"Acquiring Healthcare Assets from the Distressed Seller," Financier Worldwide, March 2010
02.29.12CMS Proposes Stage 2 Meaningful Use Requirements
02.21.12HIPAA Notice of Health Information Breaches Must Be Submitted by February 29, 2012
02.17.12CMS Proposes Regulation Implementing the ACA's 60-Day Overpayment Report and Return Provision
01.09.12Can Participation by a Nonprofit Hospital in an ACO Trigger Unexpected Bond Consequences?
12.20.11Banking and Financial Services Update, Vol. 11, Winter 2011
11.17.11Signal Mountain: Judge Rejects Use of "Value in Use" Standard
11.09.11CMS Adopts Final Rule Clarifying Home Health Agency 36 Month Rule
10.26.11A Closer Look at the Final ACO Rule
10.20.11ACO Final Rules Released
10.04.11Banking and Financial Services Update, Vol. 10, Fall 2011
09.30.11False Claims Act Summary Judgment Issued by Tennessee Federal District Court Against Imaging Company for Failure to Follow Medicare Rules
09.20.11Relief for Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene Victims
08.12.11Proposed Rules Released for Affordable Insurance Exchanges while Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals Court Rules Individual Mandate Unconstitutional
07.21.11Banking and Financial Services Update, Vol. 9, Summer 2011
07.15.11Home Health Agencies Will Feel the Pinch in 2012
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