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Banking & Financial Services Update


Dear Readers,

What happened to the Banking and Financial Services Update?

As we hope you know, Waller launched its financial services blog, The Banking Law Connection, at the end of 2012. The blog allows us to deliver to you relevant, stream-lined, authoritative, and interesting news about the financial services industry in a more timely fashion. Each quarter, in place of the old Banking and Financial Services Update newsletter, we will circulate a summary of what’s been happening on the blog.

Here’s what’s been posted on The Banking Law Connection this quarter:

ATM Regulations under the ADA Replace Fee Disclosure Decals as the New Trend in Lawsuits Against Financial Institutions by Derek Edwards on March 19, 2013

The CFPB’s New Regulations and the Law of Unintended Consequences by Woody Woodruff on March 4, 2013

Supreme Court Rejects Discovery Rule for SEC Enforcement Actions by Chris Driskill and Bill Athanas on March 1, 2013

CFPB Bulletin Warns Mortgage Servicers to Transfer Mortgages Carefully by Brian Malcom on February 13, 2013

UPDATE: Reactions to Canning Decision by Michael T. Harmon on February 11, 2013

Prepaid Debit Cards Fuel Beiber Fever by Marlee Mitchell on February 6, 2013

CFPB Considers Regulation of Retirement Savings Accounts and More by Brian Malcom and Heath Fite on February 5, 2013

Canning Puts CFPB’s Powers in Doubt by Chris Driskill on January 28, 2013

DC Circuit Strikes a Blow for the Rule of Law: Canning v. NLRB by Woody Woodruff on January 28, 2013

SEC Complaint Demonstrates Continuing Viability of ALLL Manipulation as Basis for Enforcement Actions by Bill Athanas and Chris Driskill on January 21, 2013

ABA Applauds Reconsideration of Ability-to-Repay Credit Card Regulations by Heath Fite on January 7, 2013

Senate Passes Bill (H.R. 4367) to End ATM Fee Decal Cases by Chris Driskill and Derek Edwards on December 20, 2012

Will Regulators Give Banks and Lenders Protections from Lawsuits? by Brian Malcom on December 18, 2012

Former IndyMac Executives Must Pay $169 Million for Negligent Loans by Brian Malcom on December 10, 2012

November News in SEC Enforcement Actions by Brian Malcom on December 3, 2012

You can subscribe to the blog and receive an email with each new posting. We also welcome and encourage you to submit article suggestions or even a guest post. Let us and our readership read what’s on your mind!


Waller’s Financial Services Group

For more information about this Bulletin, please contact Brian Malcom or any member of the Financial Services team.



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