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Flood Recovery Website Launched to Collect Community Ideas

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To provide individuals who work or live in Nashville and Davidson County with the opportunity to submit suggestions for the community's long-range recovery planning efforts, the Mayor's Office of Flood Recovery has launched an interactive website.

The website features several topics for which ideas are requested, including:

  • Housing
  • Education and Social Services
  • Economic Development and Jobs
  • Neighborhoods
  • Sustainability

The potential impact of the suggestions could be very broad as the ideas submitted on the website will be combined with ideas received at public meetings and design workshops to help shape the Long Term Recovery Plan process in Nashville and Davidson County. The public meetings were held earlier in October, but individuals who want to submit their ideas can still do so through the website, and should do so promptly before October 26th.

An additional incentive is that for every idea submitted on the site, $5 will be donated to a local charity assisting in the recovery efforts.

For more information on flood recovery issues or the Flood Recovery website, please contact James Weaver, or any member of Waller's Environmental, Regulatory, and Compliance practice at 800-487-6380.

The opinions expressed in this bulletin are intended for general guidance only. They are not intended as recommendations for specific situations. As always, readers should consult a qualified attorney for specific legal guidance.



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