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08.21.152015 Southeastern Banking Seminar
07.30.15Fletcher Brown to speak at the Texas Healthcare Trustees’ Healthcare Governance Conference July 30, 2015
07.21.15Healthcare & Big Data Series: A panel discussion on Healthcare Data Breaches, Security and Privacy
06.17.15“Freestanding Emergency Centers and States Considering Options,” Presented by Fletcher Brown and Colin Luke, National Freestanding Emergency Center 2015 Annual Conference, Dallas
06.08.15Eric Fugett to speak at Life Science Tennessee Mentor Network: Ask the Experts Panel "Advice on Academic Partners, IP and Regulatory Hurdles for Life Science Start-Ups"
Summer 2015Fletcher Brown to speak at Mitchell County Hospital District Board of Directors Strategic Retreat
05.15.15"Claim Amendments During AIA Review," Presented by Nate Bailey, Tennessee Intellectual Property Law Association, Spring 2015 CLE Seminar
05.12.15Leigh Griffith to address Tennessee Revenue Modernization Act at TSCPA Knoxville event May 12, 2015
05.04.15TICUA/Waller Post Legislative Session Briefing
04.29.15Jester to Speak at UT Law's 27th Annual Health Law Conference
04.23.15Waller's 2015 Corporate Counsel Conference
04.14.15“Misunderstood Commercial Lines Issues,” Presented by Mark M. Bell, Middle Tennessee CPCU Society Annual I-Day
04.17.15Pitfalls to Avoid in AIA Precedings, Presenter at Southern Illinois University Law School
03.31.15Healthcare & Big Data Series: A panel discussion on investments in healthcare IT
03.21.15Don Moody, Neil Krugman and Cory Brown to discuss CLO Legal during the Association of Dental Support Organizations Annual Meeting
03.20.15Don Moody and Neil Krugman present at the Association of Dental Support Organizations Annual Meeting
03.04.15Fletcher Brown speaks at Hospital Alliance of Tennessee, DSRIP Program Overview
02.27.15“Sticks and “Bricks Program," Mark Bell, Site Coordinator and Presenter, ABA Forum on Construction Law
02.27.15The Year in Review: Key Developments in the Law Impacting Employers
02.26.15Eighth Annual Nonprofit Seminar
02.20.15Insurance Issues in Construction Law," Chris Dunn and Mark Bell, Presenters, Middle Tennessee Chapter of the AGC
02.19.15"The Benefits and Pitfalls of 401(k) Automatic Enrollment," Presented by Sean Sullivan, Avoiding Common 401(k) Mistakes
02.04.2015 - 02.06.2015Spoke at National Restaurant Association Conference in Scottsdale, AZ February 4-6: Current Labor and Employment Issues in the Restaurant Business
01.29.15“My Favorite Mistakes: What Doesn’t Bankrupt You Makes You Stronger,” Mark Bell, Session Coordinator, ABA Forum on Construction Law
01.27.2015 - 01.28.2015Tennessee Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence Summit
12.05.14Waller Launches Healthcare and Big Data Series
11.12.14Waller 2014 CLE Program
10.23.142014 Employment Law Roadshow Series
10.23.14"A Tale of Two Municipalities," David E. Lemke, Panelist at Turnaround Management Association Chapter 9 Seminar
10.09.14"Hospital/Physician Integration in a New Health Care World," Kim Harvey Looney, Co-Presenter, Tennessee Bar Association Health Law Section 26th Annual Health Law Forum
Fall 2014Fletcher Brown speaks, "The Tangled Web of Hospital Operations and Relations - A Day in the Life of the C-Suite" at Texas Hospital Association, Texas Health Law Conference
09.26.14"Laws You Need to Know but Didn't Know to Ask," presented by Denise D. Burke and Angela C. Youngberg, Tennessee Orthopaedic Society 2014 Annual Conference
09.17.14In TUNE with ESOPs Fall Conference
09.09.14"Urgent Care Centers and Free-Standing Emergency Rooms," Kim Harvey Looney, Co-Presenter, Nashville Council of Health Care Attorneys
08.20.14“The Nuts and Bolts of Leases,” Co-presented by Nick Mann, ABA Real Property Section Conference Call
08.15.142014 Southeastern Banking Seminar
08.15.14"Collateral Considerations in Healthcare Asset-Based Lending," Robert L. Harris and Lindsey R. Arnold, Presenters at 2014 Southeastern Banking Seminar.”
07.22.14“Share the Road:  Driving EHR Contracts to Good Compromises,” presented by Steve Blumenthal, HIStalkU webinar
07.15.142014 Hospitality & Tourism Law Symposium
07.09.14SaVE Act Webinar: Meeting the Challenge: A Compliance Guide to the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 [TICUA]
07.08.14Supreme Court Review 2014
07.2014Fletcher Brown speaks at Northwest Texas Hospital Association Physician Employment
06.30.14"The New Frontier: Physician Integration from the Trenches," Kim Harvey Looney, Co-presenter at AHLA Annual Meeting
06.18.14Practical Strategies for Handling Government Investigations & FCA Litigation
06.05.14Healthcare Real Estate 20/20: The New and Changing Delivery of Healthcare and its Impact on Current and Future Investment, Development & Financing Strategies
05.16.14Corporate Counsel Conference 2014
05.12.14"Construction Issues for Real Estate Lawyers," Chris Dunn and Mark Bell, Presenters, Real Estate Essentials 2014, Tennessee Bar Association
May 2014DRI - Retail & Hospitality Litigation & Claims Management Seminar, "Navigating the True Complex Waters of Immigration and the Effect on Your Workforce"
May 2014DRI - Employment and Labor Law Seminar, "Immigration Law for the Employment Lawyer"
May 20142014 Blue National Summit, 48th Annual Lawyer's Conference
04.30.14Ignorance is Bliss...Except when Serving on a Tax-Exempt, Nonprofit Board of Directors
04.30.14Fiduciary Responsibility of Trustees Webinar [TICUA]
04.24.14Practical Strategies for Successfully Handling Government Investigations & False Claims Act Litigation
04.24.14White Collar Briefing
04.17.14Shine the Light NPT Screening
04.11.14"Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Texas," Michelle D. Apodaca, Panelist, University of Texas School of Law 26th Annual Health Law Conference
04.04.14"Introduction to Construction Insurance Issues," Chris Dunn and Mark Bell, Presenters, Middle Tennessee Chapter of the AGC
04.04.14"ACA Delivery Reforms - The Impact on Texas Physicians," Michelle D. Apodaca, Presenter, Park Plaza Hospital Medical Staff Meeting
04.03.14State of the Region: How the ADL is Addressing Hate and Bigotry in the Southeast
04.02.1412-Step Program to Better Compliance: A Practical Approach
02.27.14"A Mid-Course Report Card on Healthcare Reform," Michelle D. Apodaca, Panelist, American Bar Association Health Law Section 15th Annual Conference on Emerging Issues in Healthcare Law
02.20.147th Annual Nonprofit Seminar
02.05.14Implementing A Corporate Legal Hold Program
02.05.14"Urgent Care Centers and Free Standing Emergency Rooms: A Necessary Alternative under the ACA," Kim Harvey Looney, Co-Presenter, AHLA Physicians & Hospitals Law Institute
02.03.14“The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Home Care and Hospice Financial Markets: Buying, Selling and Valuation,” Moderator at 2014 Home Care 100
01.27.2014 - 01.28.2014Tennessee Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence Summit
01.23.142014 Local Government Seminar
01.23.142014 ABA Section of Taxation Mid-year Meeting, Leigh Griffith, Chair of LLCs and LLPs Subcommittee of Partnerships (Phoenix, AZ)
01.23.14"Municipalities in Distress," Ryan Cochran, Presenter, Waller's 2014 Local Government Seminar (Nashville, TN)
01.16.14The Legacy: It's Our Turn - Waller's 4th Annual Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King
2014Fletcher Brown speaks at Mitchell County Hospital District Board of Directors Strategic Retreat
2014Fletcher Brown speaks, "Beyond the Basics: Top 10 Practical Lessons Learned in the Trenches" at Memorial Hermann Healthcare Regulatory Presentation
2014Fletcher Brown speaks at Northwest Texas Hospital Association Physician Employment
2013Healthcare Briefing Series
12.12.13"Top Questions We Get at VLPA, Part 2: Copyright and Fair Use," Heather Hubbard, Co-Presenter, Nashville's Art Crawl CLE Program
12.12.13"Series LLCs - December 2013 Update on Recent State Legislative and Taxation Developments," Leigh Griffith, Co-Presenter, Bloomberg BNA's Tax Advisory Board Meeting
12.05.13Financial Management and Payroll Systems Wage and Hour Basics: Employee v. Independent Contractor
11.26.13“Cost of Smokers and Wellness Program Guidance for Firms and Clients,” Susie Bilbro, Presenter, TennBarU Webcast
11.21.13"Real Estate Tax Incentives," Leigh Griffith, Moderator, 2013 Tennessee Federal Tax Conference
11.21.13"336(e) - Expanded Opportunity for Basis Step-Up and More in Corporate Acquisitions," Leigh Griffith, Presenter, 2013 Tennessee Federal Tax Conference
11.15.13"Valuation Methods and Strategies for More Tax-Effective Physician Practice Acquisition Transactions," Leigh Griffith, Co-Presenter, AICPA 2013 National Healthcare Conference (New Orleans)
11.14.13Corporate Counsel Conference 2013
11.08.13"Advanced Investigation Techniques," John Park, Panel Chair, 2013 NAPABA Convention (Kansas City)
11.05.13Changes, Challenges, and What to Expect [Employment Law Roadshow Series 2013-2014]
10.29.13Changes, Challenges, and What to Expect [Employment Law Roadshow Series 2013-2014]
10.28.13How the Affordable Care Act Affects Colleges and Universities [TICUA]
10.27.13“Qui Tam and False Claims Actions,” Jennifer Weaver and Alberto Gonzales, Presenters at the BlueCross BlueShield Association’s 47th Annual Lawyers’ Conference (Phoenix, AZ)
10.22.13"Representing Defendants in Federal White Collar Sentencing Proceedings," Bill Athanas, Co-Presenter to the Alabama State Bar White Collar Crime Committee
10.21.13"ACOs and Other Models of Care: From Formation to Operation-Tax Considerations and More," by Don Stuart, AHLA, Tax Issues for Health Care Organizations, October 20 – 22, 2013, Arlington, VA
October 2013"Lessons Learned from Recent Municipal Defaults," Ryan Cochran, Gerald Mace, and Dave Lemke, Presenters, 2013 Regions Bank Corporate Trust University (Birmingham, AL)
October 2013"Eight Construction Insurance Traps Every Project Owner Should Avoid," Ryan Cochran and Chris Dunn, Presenters IMLA 2103 Annual Conference (San Francisco, CA)
10.14.13“Getting Paid for HOW You Do: Navigating This New Era of Alternative Provider Payments,” Michelle Apodaca, Counsel, Co-Presenter, 2013 Texas Health Law Conference
10.13.13"Stark Infested Waters and Other Compliance Challenges When the Government Knocks on Your Door," Fletcher Brown, attorney, co-presenter 2013 Texas Health Law Conference
Fall 2013Fletcher Brown speaks, "Stark-Infested Waters and Other Compliance Challenges When the Government Knocks on Your Door" at the Texas Hospital Association Texas Health Law Conference
09.29.13"Construction Contract Drafting Initiative (CCDI) – Recommended Modifications to the A-201 Contract," Ryan Cochran, Chris Dunn, and Mark Bell, Presenters at IMLA 2013 Annual Conference (San Francisco, CA)
09.24.13Succession Planning: Wealth Management and Benefits for the Growing Business
09.19.132013 ABA Section of Taxation Joint Fall CLE Meeting, Leigh Griffith, Chair of LLCs and LLPs Subcommittee of Partnerships (San Francisco, CA)
09.15.13"2013 Employment Law Update: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly," Marcus Crider and Marti Downey, Presenters at the 2013 Tennessee SHRM Annual Conference and Expo
09.10.13"Stern v. Marshall, A Primer on Application, Interpretation, and Solutions," Ryan Cochran and Courtney Rogers, Presenters, 2013 In-House Presentation (Nashville, TN)
08.23.13“A Discussion on Recent ATM Lawsuits,” Derek Edwards presenting to Tennessee Banker’s Association Membership Conference Call
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