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09.10.172017 Governance Institute September Leadership Conference
05.18.17Ryan Cochran joins Turnaround Management Association Tennessee Chapter panel for "How Do You Know What is REALLY Going On? A practical guide for evaluating and advising distressed healthcare facilities"
04.27.172017 Corporate Counsel Conference
04.07.17Kristen Johns presenting "The Winding Legal Road to Building a Blockchain Application" at Blockchain in Law Conference
03.22.17Ron Snitker joins panel for "Shifting the Culture for LGBT Inclusion in the Workplace" at MT|SHRM March Diversity & Inclusion Lunch and Learn
03.21.17"Online Marketing: Legal Pitfalls and Best Practices," Presented by Kevin Brown, American Marketing Association-Austin Chapter
03.16.17Turnaround Management Association Tennessee Chapter Event "de-risk: How Traditional Banks Are Teaming with Non-Bank Lenders"
03.02.17Nonprofit Board Member SummitNPS-Logo
02.27.172017 HCCA Board Audit Committee Compliance Conference
02.23.17John Tishler presents "De-Stressing Your Stressed SNF: Dissecting Lessons Learned from a Successful Turnaround" at American Health Lawyers Association's Long Term Care and the Law Conference
01.25.17"Explore the Alternatives in Ownership Transition" seminar featuring James Bristol
12.02.162016 CLE Program
12.01.162016 Mid-South Commercial Law Conference
11.09.16"Looking Ahead at Potential Changes in 2017 AIA Contract Documents," Chris Dunn and Mark Bell, Presenters, 2016 IRMI Construction Risk Conference
11.04.16Alabama Bar Association Healthcare Law Conference
11.04.16ACHE Chapter Panel Discussion - Listening to Employers: How Health Systems Can Support Population Health Management
11.03.16Shine the Light Screeningtemp_img
10.28.16"We Can Do That . . . Can’t We? Avoiding Legal Pitfalls When Branding & Rebranding in the Digital Age," Kevin Brown, Speaker, Hit Refresh! Marketing Conference
10.21.16"The Art of Self Disclosure: When, Where, How," Co-presented by Kaitlyn L. Dunn, 28th Annual TBA Health Law Forum
10.05.16"Fraud and Abuse and Managed Care," Co-presented by J.D. Thomas, 2016 AHLA Fraud and Compliance Forum
10.03.16"Empowering Consumers" Kristen Johns - Panelist, Distributed Health: The Inaugural Blockchain Conference for the Healthcare Industry
09.27.16TICUA Event Schedule
09.27.16Vanderbilt (Entrepreneurial) Pre-Flight Program
09.20.16"Tools of Risk Transfer: Additional Insured Endorsements, Indemnification Agreements, and Waivers of Subrogation," Chris Dunn and Mark Bell, Presenters, 2016 CPCU Society Annual Meeting
09.17.2016“Additional Insured Endorsements, Indemnification Agreements, Waivers of Subrogation, and Understanding Risk Transfer Tools,” Mark Bell, Presenter, 2016 CPCU Society Annual Meeting, Honolulu
09.15.162016 Retail Law Symposiumretail-law-symposium-infographic
08.24.16How to Get Sued (Ethically)
08.19.162016 Southeastern Banking Seminarsebs_img
06.24.16“Fraudulent and Other Avoidable Transfers/Claims,” Mark C. Taylor, Co-Presenter, 2016 State Bar of Texas Advanced Business Bankruptcy Conference
06.23.16James Bristol, Sean Sullivan, and Jennifer Faucett Cote presenting "409A Jeopardy" at National Association of Stock Plan Professionals - Nashville Chapter meeting
06.08.16Healthcare Government Investigations Panel
05.17.16"Form Follows Function: Buyer and Seller Joint Ventures," Ken Marlow Panelist, 2016 AHLA Healthcare Transactions Conference
05.06.16Athletes and the Right of Publicity, Kevin Brown, Presenter, TIPLA Spring CLE
04.28.16Celebrating Executive Nashville Launch
04.27.16FBI RSA Incident Response Briefing
04.26.16“The Future of Texas’ Rural Hospitals: What the Data Tells Us and New Models for Preserving Access to Care,” Presented by Ryan Cochran, Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals 2016 Annual Conference
04.21.16Corporate Counsel Conference
04.21.16"Compliance Update," Co-presented by J.D. Thomas, 2016 ADSO Summit
04.20.16Shine the Light Series
04.15.2016“No, You’re Out of Order! The Written (and Unwritten) Rules of Contempt,”  Presented by Cleve Burke, Travis County Bench Bar Conference
04.12.16WIPO Delegation Reception at Waller20160408 WIPO
04.01.16"Patentability Trends with Section 101 Since Alice,” Presented by Nate Bailey, Third Annual Southern Illinois University School of Law Intellectual Property Conference
03.18.16Construction in Government Contracts, Chris Dunn and Mark Bell, Presenters, Tennessee Bar Association
03.04.2016“False Advertising: Understanding the Legal Issues in 2016,” Kevin Brown, Presenter, The Knowledge Group - Live Webcast
03.03.16Nonprofit Board Member Summit
02.29.162016 HCCA Board Audit Committee Compliance Conference
02.25.2016“Legal Issues for Photographers,” Kevin Brown, Presenter, Association of Texas Photography Instructors 2016 Winter Conference
02.24.16“Alternative Dispute Resolution in Patent Cases,” Presented by Nate Bailey, Vanderbilt Law School IP Society
02.23.16“Health Law 101: A Backgrounder for Hospital Boards and Leadership,” Fletcher Brown, Presenter, The Governance Institute
01.31.16"The Intersection Between Fraud & Abuse and Managed Care—A Crash Course on Compliance," Co-presented by J.D. Thomas, 2016 HCCA Managed Care Conference
01.30.16“Legal Duties of Hospital Board Members and Regulatory Update,” Fletcher Brown, Presenter, Mitchell County Hospital District Board Retreat
01.19.16“Healthcare Compliance: Protecting and Preparing for Success,” Fletcher Brown, Presenter, The Governance Institute
01.12.16Sixth Annual Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
12.08.15"Self-Disclosure: Why, When, Where and How," Co-presented by Kaitlyn L. Dunn, ABA Washington Health Law Summit
12.04.15“No, You're Out of Order! The Written (& Unwritten) Rules of Contempt,” presented at the Austin Bar Association Holiday Ethics CLE
12.04.2015“No, You’re Out of Order! The Written (and Unwritten) Rules of Contempt,”  Presented by Cleve Burke, Austin Bar Association Holiday Ethics CLE
11.30.15"Healthcare M&A Update," Brian R. Browder, Presenter, Tennessee Society of CPAs 2015 Health Care Conference
11.19.15"Understanding Contractual Risk Transfer Tools," Chris Dunn and Mark Bell, Presenters, International Risk Management Institute (IRMI)
11.18.2015"Emerging Wage and Hour Issues," Presented by Aron Karabel, Tennessee Association of School Business Officials 2015 Annual Meeting
11.12.15“Exemptions (Including Homesteads)—Developments, Open Issues, and Best Practices,” 34th Annual Jay L. Westbrook Bankruptcy Conference
11.05.15Healthcare & Big Data Series: Preparing for and mitigating the impact of data breaches
11.03.15"Regulatory Roundtable Discussion," Denise D. Burke, Panelist, Musculoskeletal New Ventures Conference
10.30.15Introduction to Tennessee Mechanics’ and Materialmen’s Lien Act," Christopher S. Dunn and Joseph L. Watson, Presenters, 2015 Tennessee Real Estate Law Conference
10.30.2015"Legal Update," Presented by Aron Karabel, TICUA CFO Retreat
10.27.15"Trustee: Honor or Risk," Tera Rica Murdock, Co-Presenter at Family Office Exchange Senior Management Council Meeting
10.14.15Richard Hills and Katie Roth speak at KraftCPAs' Bankers Brew on 2015 Legal and Regulatory Developments in the Banking Industry
10.14.2015"Labor and Employment Update," Presented by Aron Karabel, Tennessee Employment Relations Research Association 17th Annual Conference
10.08.15"Hospital Physician Integration in a New Health Care World," Kim Harvey Looney, Co-Presenter, Tennessee Bar Association 27th Annual Health Law Forum
10.07.15"Overview of Fraud and Abuse Laws," Co-presented by J.D. Thomas, 15th Annual TBA Health Law Primer
09.30.15“Asset Management - 3” Co-presented by Nick Mann, National Retail Tenant Association, 2015 Annual Conference
09.28.15"Health Care Lawyers Beware: Legal Ethics and Managing the Risks of Corporate Representation," Kim Harvey Looney, Co-Presenter, AHLA Fraud and Compliance Forum
09.01.15Waller Test Eventtemp_img
08.21.152015 Southeastern Banking Seminar
07.30.15Fletcher Brown speaks at the Texas Healthcare Trustees’ Healthcare Governance Conference July 30, 2015
07.21.15Healthcare & Big Data Series: A panel discussion on Healthcare Data Breaches, Security and Privacy
7.09.2015Supreme Court Review 2015
06.30.15"Telemedicine, Telehealth, and Mobile Health: The Future is Today," Kim Harvey Looney, Co-Presenter, AHLA Annual Meeting
06.17.15“Freestanding Emergency Centers and States Considering Options,” Presented by Fletcher Brown and Colin Luke, National Freestanding Emergency Center 2015 Annual Conference, Dallas
06.08.15Eric Fugett to speak at Life Science Tennessee Mentor Network: Ask the Experts Panel "Advice on Academic Partners, IP and Regulatory Hurdles for Life Science Start-Ups"
Summer 2015Fletcher Brown speaks at Mitchell County Hospital District Board of Directors Strategic Retreat
05.15.15"Claim Amendments During AIA Review," Presented by Nate Bailey, Tennessee Intellectual Property Law Association, Spring 2015 CLE Seminar
05.13.15"Forming Urgent Care Centers: Addressing Complex Legal Challenges," Kim Harvey Looney, Co-Presenter, Strafford Webinar
05.12.15Leigh Griffith to address Tennessee Revenue Modernization Act at TSCPA Knoxville event May 12, 2015
05.04.15TICUA/Waller Post Legislative Session Briefing
04.29.15Jester to Speak at UT Law's 27th Annual Health Law Conference
04.23.15Waller's 2015 Corporate Counsel Conference
04.14.15“Misunderstood Commercial Lines Issues,” Presented by Mark M. Bell, Middle Tennessee CPCU Society Annual I-Day
04.07.15"Urgent Care Centers and Free-Standing Emergency Rooms: A Necessary Alternative Under the ACA," Kim Harvey Looney, Co-Presenter, AHLA Webinar
04.17.15Pitfalls to Avoid in AIA Precedings, Presenter at Southern Illinois University Law School
04.01.15National Rural Health Association
03.31.15Healthcare & Big Data Series: A panel discussion on investments in healthcare IT
03.21.15Don Moody, Neil Krugman and Cory Brown to discuss CLO Legal during the Association of Dental Support Organizations Annual Meeting
03.20.15Don Moody and Neil Krugman present at the Association of Dental Support Organizations Annual Meeting
03.04.15Fletcher Brown speaks at Hospital Alliance of Tennessee, DSRIP Program Overview
02.27.15“Sticks and Bricks Program," Mark Bell, Site Coordinator and Presenter, ABA Forum on Construction Law
02.27.15The Year in Review: Key Developments in the Law Impacting Employers
02.26.15Eighth Annual Nonprofit Seminar
02.20.15Insurance Issues in Construction Law," Chris Dunn and Mark Bell, Presenters, Middle Tennessee Chapter of the AGC
02.19.15"The Benefits and Pitfalls of 401(k) Automatic Enrollment," Presented by Sean Sullivan, Avoiding Common 401(k) Mistakes
02.19.15"Litigation Holds In Healthcare," Paul Davidson and Tera Rica Murdock, Presenters, Strafford Publications, Inc. CLE Webinar
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