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Nashville, Tenn. – Thirty-one attorneys from Waller, Nashville’s oldest and largest law firm, have been recognized as “Leaders in the Field” in the 2013 edition of Chambers USA, an annual publication that ranks the leading firms and lawyers in an extensive range of practice areas throughout America. The number of Waller attorneys recognized is up from 24 in 2012. These rankings are driven by independent interviews with clients and members of the legal community at outside law firms.

“This is a great achievement for our attorneys,” said John Tishler, chairman of Waller. “When you look at the various practice groups featured—litigation, healthcare, financial services, environment, real estate, labor & employment, media—and offices—Nashville, Austin and Birmingham—it illustrates the depth and breadth of legal expertise at Waller.”

The following Waller attorneys were selected:

Banking & Finance

  • Robert L. Harris, Partner
  • Gerald F. Mace, Partner


  • Matthew R. Burnstein, Partner
  • J. Chase Cole, Partner


  • Edward M. Callaway, Partner
  • Michael Stagg, Partner
  • James M. Weaver, Partner


  • George W. Bishop III, Partner
  • Brian R. Browder, Partner
  • Fletcher H. Brown, Partner (Austin)
  • J. Reginald Hill, Partner
  • Amanda K. Jester, Partner (Austin)
  • Patricia O. Powers, Counsel
  • G. Scott Rayson, Partner
  • Elizabeth N. Rogers, Partner (Austin)

Healthcare: Government Investigations & Fraud

  • Sheila Sawyer, Partner
  • Richard Westling, Partner

Healthcare Regulatory

  • Nora L. Liggett, Partner

Labor & Employment

  • Marcus M. Crider, Partner
  • Waverly D. Crenshaw, Jr., Partner
  • Stanley E. Graham, Partner

Litigation: General Commercial

  • Robert E. Boston, Partner
  • Larry Childs, Partner (Birmingham)
  • Paul S. Davidson, Partner
  • James M. Doran, Partner
  • Joseph A. Woodruff, Partner

Media & Entertainment

  • Robb S. Harvey, Partner
  • E. Andrew Norwood, Partner

Real Estate

  • Jeffrey A. Calk, Partner
  • Robert R. Campbell, Jr., Partner
  • Matthew T. Harris, Partner



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