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J.D. Thomas

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03.13.18 "Leadership Healthcare in D.C.: Regulations, opioids, consolidation and more," authored by J.D. Thomas, Waller Healthcare Blog
02.08.18 "Why two new DOJ memos could signal a new era in civil enforcement cases," co-authored by J.D. Thomas and Bill Athanas, Waller Healthcare Blog
01.26.18 "False Claims Act fallout continues with $350 million reversal in Florida," co-authored by J.D. Thomas and Kaitlyn Dunn, Waller Healthcare Blog
11.15.17 "DOJ Drops ManorCare Lawsuit over disgraced expert," authored by J.D. Thomas, Waller Healthcare Blog
01.19.17J.D. Thomas Posts, "Healthcare Industry on Pins and Needles: The Repeal of the ACA and What Comes Next" on Waller Healthcare Blog
01.19.17"Healthcare Industry on Pins and Needles: The Repeal of the ACA and What Comes Next," authored by J.D. Thomas, Waller Healthcare Blog
06.17.16Rich Westling and JD Thomas Posts, "The Supreme Court Upholds the Implied Certification Theory of Liability in False Claims Act Cases, Raises New Questions" on Waller Healthcare Blog
04.11.16J.D. Thomas and Jeff Parrish Posts, "DOJ Announces Elder Justice Task Force Locations, Including Nashville and Middle Tennessee" on Waller Healthcare Blog
04.07.16J.D. Thomas Posts, "Recent Developments in Hospice Fraud and Abuse" on Waller Healthcare Blog
03.16.16J.D. Thomas Posts, "Election Year Politics and Ongoing Transformation of Healthcare: A Recap of the LHC Delegation to D.C." on Waller Healthcare Blog
02.24.16J.D. Thomas Post, "Speakers Address Key Issues for Long Term Care Providers at AHLA Event" on Waller Healthcare Blog
02.15.16J.D. Thomas Post, "Sixth Circuit Severely Narrows Available Damages Under the False Claims Act" on Waller Healthcare Blog
02.10.16J.D. Thomas Post "Hospitals Celebrate Small Victory in Fight Related to RAC Appeals Backlog" on Waller Healthcare Blog
12.18.15J.D. Thomas Posts, "Supreme Court Evaluating Implied Certification in FCA Cases" on Waller Healthcare Blog
12.08.15J.D. Thomas Posts, "Hospitals Hit Hard in 2015 False Claims Act Enforcement" on Waller Healthcare Blog
10.01.15J.D. Thomas and Meredith Toole Post "Thoughts from the 2015 AHLA Fraud and Compliance Forum" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.28.15J.D. Thomas and Meredith Toole Post "AHLA’s Fraud and Compliance Forum Kicks Off with Keynote Speech from Joyce Branda, Deputy Assistant Attorney General" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.23.15J.D. Thomas Post "Stark Settlement Dominoes Beginning to Fall in the Aftermath of Tuomey" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.14.15J.D. Thomas and Jennifer Weaver Post "Zero to Sixty: The Overpayments Clock Is Ticking and the Courts Are Keeping Time" in Waller Healthcare Blog
07.27.15J.D. Thomas Posts "Senator Grassley Takes Notice of OIG Reports Alleging Fraud in Pediatric Dental Practices" in Waller Healthcare Blog
07.17.15Fletcher H. Brown and J.D. Thomas Posts "CMS Prepared to Modify Controversial Two-Midnight Rule" in Waller Healthcare Blog
7.16.15J.D. Thomas and Meredith L. Toole Posts "Tuomey Decision Signals Concerns About Stark Law" in Waller Healthcare Blog
6.30.15J.D. Thomas Posts "Tom Scully Highlights Need for Post-Acute Care Reform at Leadership Health Care" in Waller Healthcare Blog
6.16.15J.D. Thomas Posts "Long Sentences in Healthcare Fraud...Make for a Potentially Explosive Combination" in Waller Healthcare Blog
05.27.15J.D. Thomas Posts "OIG Issues Latest Report Targeting Dental Providers" in Waller Healthcare Blog
05.15.15J.D. Thomas Posts "What Hospitals Can Learn from Recent Florida Settlements over Ambulance Rides" in Waller Healthcare Blog
04.01.15JD Thomas talks "What's Past is Prologue: Health Care Fraud Enforcement and What's Ahead for 2015" in the  Journal of Health Care Compliance
03.13.15J.D. Thomas Posts "An Update from Leadership Health Care’s Delegation to D.C." in Waller Healthcare Blog
02.09.15J.D. Thomas Posts "Healthcare Fraud Enforcement and the DOJ’s Greatest Hits" in Waller Healthcare Blog
  • J.D., University of Virginia School of Law, 2004
    • Editorial Board, Virginia Journal of Environmental Law
    • Editorial Board, Virginia Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law
    • Vice President, Student Bar Association
  • B.A., Vassar College, Political Science, 1998
Bar Admissions
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • District of Columbia
Court Admissions
  • District of Columbia
  • U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Virginia
  • U.S. District Court, Middle District of Tennessee
  • U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit
  • All State Courts Tennessee
  • All State Courts Virginia
  • All Courts District of Columbia


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