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Policy Advisor/Attorney
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Former Waller Board Member
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Immediate Past Chair, Healthcare Department
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Former Waller Board Member
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Co-Practice Group Leader, Litigation and Dispute Resolution
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Co-Practice Group Leader, Corporate
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Co-Practice Group Leader, Real Estate
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Practice Group Leader, Finance & Restructuring
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Senior Policy Advisor
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Retail / Hospitality Department Chair
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Group Leader, Healthcare Litigation
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Past Chairman of Firm
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Practice Group Co-Leader, Intellectual Property
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Financial Services Industry Team Chair
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Former Waller Board Member
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Member of Board of Directors
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Co-Practice Group Leader, Real Estate
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Practice Group Leader, Healthcare Compliance and Operations
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Board of Drectors, Healthcare Department Chair
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Board of Directors
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Board of Directors, Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice Co-leader
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Practice Group Leader, Labor & Employment
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Coordinator, Firm-wide Attorney Development, Co-Practice Group Leader, Corporate
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Chief Business Development Officer
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Past Practice Group Leader, Corporate
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Policy Advisor/Attorney
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Executive Director, Financial Services Department
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Board of Directors
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Practice Group Leader, Tax
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Practice Group Co-Leader, Intellectual Property
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Trustee Bulletin, a publication of Texas Health Care Trustees, Fletcher Brown, partner, regular contributing author on ethics topics
"OIG Finally Issues Advisory Opinion on Co-Management Arrangements", by Cory A. Brown, Memphis Medical News
"New Pain Clinic Laws May Affect More Than Just Pain Clinics", by Cory A. Brown, Memphis Medical News
"Tennessee Prescription Safety Act of 2012 Creates New Administrative Tasks for Physicians," by Cory A. Brown, Memphis Medical News
"Some Key Terms of Hospital-Physician Employment Contracts," by Cory A. Brown, Memphis Medical News
"The Federal Physician Self-Referral Prohibitions: Stark Reality in Transition," co-authored by Mark Folk, Fraud and Abuse Compliance Manual
"Qui Tam Plaintiffs Abound," Co-authored by Mark Folk, National Legal Journal
"Financing American Health Security: The Securitization of Healthcare Receivables," Co-authored by Mark Folk, 50 Business Law 47
"Asphalt - Paving the Way to LEED Certification," by Lauran M. Sturm
February 2011"The Prenup as Estate Planning Tool or Trap?", by John B. Burns, The Family Advocate, Section of Family Law, American Bar Association, February 2011
Summer 2007"ANR Pipeline: Beware of the Relief Sought," by John B. Burns, The Tax Lawyer, Section of Taxation, American Bar Association, Summer 2007
Contributing Author, AHLA Representing Physicians Handbook, Third Edition
Contributing Author, AHLA Corporate Practice of Medicine: A Fifty State Survey
“Real World Virtual Marketing,” by Nate Bailey, IEEE-USA Today’s Engineer
“Meat! It’s What You Don’t Know that Hurts You: Why the FDA Should Reevaluate the Use of Carbon Monoxide in Modified Atmospheric Meat Packaging,” by Nate Bailey, Food and Drug Law Journal
2014“Two Years Later and Counting: The Implications of the Supreme Court’s Taxing Power Decision on the Goals of the Affordable Care Act,” by Donald B. Stuart, Journal of Health Care Law & Policy
08.26.11“Fifth Circuit Expands Documents Applicable to Determining Claim Preservation,” The Legal Intelligencer
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05.06.17"The Advantages of a Receivership - When Your Collateral is in Jeopardy," Co-authored by Ryan Cochran and Blake Roth, ABL Advisor
04.26.17This white-collar crime map will have you clutching your 401ks a little tighter when you see a finance guy on the street
04.24.17Sessions Puts White-Collar Focus on Individual Prosecution
04.18.17Resource Alert: Searchable real time disclosures of FCPA-related investigations
04.11.17"A Case for Tennessee PFTCs," Co-authored by Richard A. Johnson and G. Michael Yopp, Trusts & Estates
April 2017"Court Rules That Professional Fees May Not Be Capped by Standard Carve-Out Provisions" John Tishler and Tyler Layne in Law Journal Newsletters' The Bankruptcy Strategist
03.31.17"Series LLCs Part 2 - Current Status, Multi-State Issues and Potential Uniform Limited Liability Company Protected Series Act," By J. Leigh Griffith and Alberto R. Gonzales, Taxes - The Tax Magazine
03.28.17Bias in Law Enforcement: Cybersecurity and White Collar Crime
03.22.17"Bundled Payments on the Back Burner" by Colin Luke on the Waller Healthcare Blog
03.06.17"Enforcement Trends: Five Lessons from Recent OCR Resolution Agreements and Other Enforcement Risks" by Beth Pitman on the Waller Healthcare Blog
03.02.17"Healthcare Providers Must Stay Current with State Legislative Developments" by Denise Burke, Jeff Parrish, Cati Lane Bailey on the Waller Healthcare Blog
02.27.17"Proposed Rule from HHS Changes Standards for ACA Individual and Small Group Marketplaces" by Neil Krugman on the Waller Healthcare Blog
02.23.17"How to De-stress a Distressed Senior Living Company," co-authored by Jeffery D. Parrish and John C. Tishler
02.22.17The FCPA is unlikely to vanish under President Trump
02.15.17"Medical Necessity Claims Fail to Satisfy FCA Falsity Standard" by David Bridgers, Drew Warth, Wells Trompeter on the Waller Healthcare Blog
02.14.17"Membership Substitution Transactions – Why Are They So Misunderstood?" Ken Marlow in Bond Buyer
02.12.17Rare Basis for False Claims Act Settlement
02.06.17Healthcare Service Provider to Pay $60 Million to Settle Medicare and Medicaid False Claims Act Allegations
02.03.17The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977
01.30.17"Q&A: Waller partner talks websites and ADA," by Derek Edwards, Nashville Post
01.19.17J.D. Thomas Posts, "Healthcare Industry on Pins and Needles: The Repeal of the ACA and What Comes Next" on Waller Healthcare Blog
01.05.17White Collar Cases To Watch In 2017
01.03.17"Blockchain Technology and Applications for Healthcare" Kristen Johns on the Nashville Medical News blog
12.23.16US Accelerates Pursuit Of Companies For FCPA Violations
12.22.16"Private Family Trust Companies Find New Homes in Tennessee," by Richard A. Johnson, Family Office Elite Magazine
12.14.16The Psychology of White-Collar Criminals
12.14.16Justice Department Recovers Over $4.7 Billion From False Claims Act Cases in Fiscal Year 2016
12.06.16"Watering Down the Risk of Data Breaches," by Steve Blumenthal, Nashville Business Journal
12.01.16Bankruptcy Discharge of False Claims Act Debt
11.17.16False Claims Act - Understand and Comply with this Law
11.16.16How to take a proactive approach to new overtime regulations
10.31.16"Nashville's Lawyers Fight Domestic Violence," by Matthew Burnstein, The Tennessean
10.25.16Ashleigh VanLandingham and Amanda K. Jester Posts, "Anesthesiologists and the Enforcement of Non-Competes: Is Reform on the Way?" on Waller Healthcare Blog
10.25.16Freeing the False Claims Act
10.19.16"Watering Down the Risk of Data Breaches," by Steve Blumenthal, Nashville Business Journal
10.15.16"Night of the Living Trademark: Zombie Trademarks in the United States," by Robert P. Felber, Jr. and Julian L. Bibb IV, INTA Bulletin
10.11.16"IRS taking harder look at non-profit hospitals" Don Stuart quoted in FierceHealthcare
10.03.06"What Anesthesiologists Need to Know About Enforcement of Non-Compete Agreements," by Amanda K. Jester and Ashleigh VanLandingham, Anesthesia Communique
10.03.16"Provisional Patent Applications: A Cost-Effective Approach for Protecting Innovation," by Nate Bailey, TICUA/Waller Legal Notes
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09.01.16Southeastern White Collar Crime Institute
08.03.16"Passthrough Partner: Personal Goodwill and Passthrough Entities" by J. Leigh Griffith, Taxes - The Tax Magazine
07.19.16False Claims Act Penalties Double as of August 1, 2016
07.15.16Brent Bowman Posts, "Oncology Providers Beware: Possible Implications of CMS’ Proposed Rule on Off-Campus Provider-Based Departments " on Waller Healthcare Blog
07.11.16Alex Mills Posts, "Many Questions Left Unanswered in the Wake of Long-awaited CMS Proposed Rule Regarding Off-Campus Provider-Based Departments" on Waller Healthcare Blog
06.30.16Alex Mills Posts, "More Belt-Tightening for Home Health Providers as CMS Proposes Update to Prospective Payment System" on Waller Healthcare Blog
06.28.16Mark Peters Posts, "Supreme Court Declines Case Challenging DOL Home Care Wage and Hour Rule" on Waller Healthcare Blog
06.28.16Mark Peters Posts, "Department of Labor “Persuader Rule” Put on Hold " on Waller Healthcare Blog
06.17.16Rich Westling and JD Thomas Posts, "The Supreme Court Upholds the Implied Certification Theory of Liability in False Claims Act Cases, Raises New Questions" on Waller Healthcare Blog
06.13.16"What Middle Tennessee Companies Need to Know About A New Law Governing Trade Secrets" Nate Bailey and Charlie Walker in Nashville Business Journal
06.01.16"Passthrough Partner: Cancellation of a Nonlapse Restriction Compensation Surprise?" by J. Leigh Griffith, Taxes - The Tax Magazine
05.26.16"Vodafone Variance: The Commissioner's Power to Override the Rules" by J. Leigh Griffith, Tennessee CPA Journal
05.23.16Roundtable Discussion Provides Insights on State of Data Interoperability in Healthcare
05.18.16Beth Pitman Posts, "HHS Issues Proposed Rule for MACRA Quality Payment Program" on Waller Healthcare Blog
05.10.16Matthew Cox Posts, "International Trade Commission Rules Against Imported Dental Implants" on Waller Healthcare Blog
04.28.16Steve Blumenthal Posts, "InfraGard Incident Response Briefing Focuses on Proactive Cybersecurity Efforts" on Waller Healthcare Blog
04.22.16Caitlyn Whitney, J.D. Thomas Posts, "Guilt by Affiliation? Proposed Rule Would Expand CMS Program Integrity Authority" on Waller Healthcare Blog
04.21.16Beth Vessel, Ashleigh VanLandingham Posts, "Flurry of Activity Signals FTC’s Ongoing Interest in Healthcare Transactions" on Waller Healthcare Blog
04.18.16Ken Marlow and Lanta Wang co-author AHLA Connections "Defending the Deal: The Attorney General Review Process in Nonprofit Hospital Conversions"
04.11.16J.D. Thomas and Jeff Parrish Posts, "DOJ Announces Elder Justice Task Force Locations, Including Nashville and Middle Tennessee" on Waller Healthcare Blog
04.07.16J.D. Thomas Posts, "Recent Developments in Hospice Fraud and Abuse" on Waller Healthcare Blog
03.31.16Waller co-authors  Health:Further Quarterly Intelligence Report on Telehealth
03.25.16Kevin Page Posts, "OCR Announces Phase 2 HIPAA Audit Program" on Waller Healthcare Blog
03.22.16Caitlyn Whitney Posts, "CMS Releases 2016 Value-Based Payment Modifier Program Results for Physicians" on Waller Healthcare Blog
03.16.16J.D. Thomas Posts, "Election Year Politics and Ongoing Transformation of Healthcare: A Recap of the LHC Delegation to D.C." on Waller Healthcare Blog
03.15.16Attorneys Mark Peters and Kim Looney Author Chapters in  AHLA'S Representing Physicians Handbook
03.11.16 Brandon Schirg and Casey Dunlap Posts, "CMS Commences Cycle 2 of the Medicare Provider and Supplier Revalidation Process" on Waller Healthcare Blog
03.07.16Steve Blumenthal Posts, "Push for Interoperability Grows with a Series of Recent Announcements" on Waller Healthcare Blog
03.03.16Beth Pitman Posts, "From Measuring “Clicks” to Measuring Performance" on Waller Healthcare Blog
March 2016"Eminent Domain and Natural Gas Pipeline Easements: Valuation and Right To Take Issues," By Tommy Peebles, The Practical Real Estate Lawyer
02.24.16J.D. Thomas Post, "Speakers Address Key Issues for Long Term Care Providers at AHLA Event" on Waller Healthcare Blog
02.22.16Richard Westling Post, "Justice Department Enforcement Efforts Continue to Focus on Home Health" on Waller Healthcare Blog
02.15.16J.D. Thomas Post, "Sixth Circuit Severely Narrows Available Damages Under the False Claims Act" on Waller Healthcare Blog
02.12.16Richard Westling, Daniel Patten Post, "CMS Finalizes Rule Implementing the ACA’s 60-Day Report and Return Provision for Self-Identified Overpayments" on Waller Healthcare Blog
02.11.16"FTC Administrative Actions and Comments Indicate Shifting Landscape for Hospitals and Other Providers," By Beth Vessel and Ashleigh VanLandingham, Health eSource, ABA Health Law Section
02.11.16Kristen Johns Posts, "FDA Takes On 2016’s Ubiquitous Issue: Cybersecurity" on Waller Healthcare Blog
02.10.16J.D. Thomas Post "Hospitals Celebrate Small Victory in Fight Related to RAC Appeals Backlog" on Waller Healthcare Blog
02.09.16Colin Luke Post "Bundled Payments: Are They Finally Here?" on Waller Healthcare Blog
02.04.06"Depositions May Not Be Take-Home Examinations, but Opposing Parties Must Carry Their Evidentiary Burdens," By Julian L. Bibb IV, INTA Bulletin
02.01.16Mark Peters Posts, "DOL Final Rule Impacts Home Health “Companionship Services” Exemption" on Waller Healthcare Blog
01.28.16"Passthrough Partner: New Partnership Audit and Collection Rules," by Leigh Griffith, Taxes - The Tax Magazine
01.15.16"Trademark Applicant Runs Into False Association Claim," By Robert P. Felber, Jr. INTA Bulletin
01.11.2016"New Partnership Future Audit and Collection Rules Require Review and Revision of Partnership (and LLC) Agreements,"  by J. Leigh Griffith, Tennessee CPA Journal
01.01.16Waller Co-Authors The Hospital Joint Venture Handbook
2016Contributing Author, THE CLEAN AIR ACT HANDBOOK, published by the ABA Press in 1997, 2004, 2011, and 2016
12.18.15J.D. Thomas Posts, "Supreme Court Evaluating Implied Certification in FCA Cases" on Waller Healthcare Blog
12.15.15“Tennessee Supreme Court Reverses Course and Jettisons Unworkable Summary Judgment Standard,” By Jeffrey C. Smith, The Memphis Medical Society Quarterly
12.09.15Beth Vessel Posts, "FTC Continues Focus on Healthcare Transactions with Penn State Hershey Merger" on Waller Healthcare Blog
12.08.15J.D. Thomas Posts, "Hospitals Hit Hard in 2015 False Claims Act Enforcement" on Waller Healthcare Blog
12.03.15Sean Sullivan Posts, "Supreme Court Weighs ERISA Preemption and Health Data Collection" on Waller Healthcare Blog
12.01.15Vinh Duong and  Nora Katz  Posts, "Recruiting and Employing International Medical Graduates Post Medical Training " on Waller Healthcare Blog
12.01.15"Report on the Financial, Operational and Legal Status of Government-Owned Community Hospitals," Co-authored by Ryan K. Cochran,
11.24.15"Passthrough Partner: S Corporation or Not? Transactions and Questionable S Corps," by Leigh Griffith, Taxes - The Tax Magazine
11.18.15“Legal Update: Is Your Pain Practice Appealing to Investors,” Co-authored by Amanda Jester, Outpatient Surgery Magazine
11.16.15Richard Westling Posts, "Deputy Attorney General Yates Elaborates on Individual Accountability for Corporate Wrongdoing " on Waller Healthcare Blog
11.13.15Beth Vessel Posts, "Recent FTC Administrative Decisions and Comments Indicate Shifting Landscape For Hospitals " on Waller Healthcare Blog
11.13.15Don Stuart Posts, "Community Health Needs Assessments and Implementation: The Board’s Ongoing Responsibility" on Waller Healthcare Blog
11.11.15Colin Luke Posts, "Clinical Co-Management Agreements Offer Opportunity for Physician Alignment" on Waller Healthcare Blog
11.02.2015“New Guidance from the Department of Education on Managing Student Medical Records Creates More Questions Than Answers, by Aron Karabel, TICUA/Waller Legal Notes
11.01.15“TTAB Ruling Highlights Importance of Getting One’s Story Straight before Filing,” International Trademark Association (INTA) Bulletin, November 1, 2015  Vol. 70
10.30.15Brandon Schirg and Michael Staley Posts, "Doctors and Hospitals Face Cuts in the Proposed Budget Deal" on Waller Healthcare Blog
10.27.15Jeffrey A. Calk Posts, "Real Estate as a Tool for Improving Physician Alignment" on Waller Healthcare Blog
10.13.15"ASARCO and Unsecured Trade Creditors: Boon or Bain?," by Blake D. Roth, Unsecured Trade Creditors – An ABI Committee Newsletter
10.12.15"When Your Hospital Becomes The Patient," by Brian Browder and John Tishler, Health Care Law Monthly
10.09.15Beth Pitman Post "Relief for 2015 Meaningful Use Reporting but Stage 3 Final Rule Future is Uncertain" in Waller Healthcare Blog
10.08.15Jeff Parrish Post "OIG Takes Aim at Skilled Nursing Therapy Billing" in Waller Healthcare Blog
10.05.15Leigh Griffith authors "Passthrough Partner: Disguised Payment for Services in a Capacity Other Than That of a Partner" on Taxes The Tax Magazine
10.01.15Beth Pitman Post "OIG Recommends Strengthening OCR Oversight of HIPAA Privacy and Breach Follow-up" in Waller Healthcare Blog
10.01.15J.D. Thomas and Meredith Toole Post "Thoughts from the 2015 AHLA Fraud and Compliance Forum" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.29.15Matthew C. Cox and Charlie Walker Post "Healthcare Data Analytics Patent Subject to “CBM” Review at USPTO" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.28.15Kristen Johns Post "Extension of Public Comment Period Speaks to Impact of NIST’s Healthcare-Focused Cybersecurity Guide" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.28.15J.D. Thomas and Meredith Toole Post "AHLA’s Fraud and Compliance Forum Kicks Off with Keynote Speech from Joyce Branda, Deputy Assistant Attorney General" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.28.15"Extension of Public Comment Period Speaks to Impact of NIST’s Healthcare-Focused Cybersecurity Guide" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.23.15J.D. Thomas Post "Stark Settlement Dominoes Beginning to Fall in the Aftermath of Tuomey" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.22.15Zachary Trotter  talks "DOJ’s Continuing Focus on Stark Whistleblower Cases Leads to Large Settlements " on the Birmingham Medical News Blog
09.15.15John Arnold Post "HRSA: At long last, 'mega-guidance' on 340B program" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.15.15"Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?," by Robert P. Felber, Jr., INTA Bulletin
09.14.15J.D. Thomas and Jennifer Weaver Post "Zero to Sixty: The Overpayments Clock Is Ticking and the Courts Are Keeping Time" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.10.15Beth Pitman Post "Meaningful Use Rules Under Review by the OMB" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.04.15Mark Peters Post "DOL Asks D.C. Circ. For Quick Approval Of Home Care Rule" in Waller Healthcare Blog
09.2015Donald Stuart authors "Community Health Needs Assessments and Implementation: The Board’s Ongoing Responsibility" on the Governance Institute E-Briefings-Vol 12, No. 5
09.01.15"Board Leaves Applicant Singing the Blues," by Robert P. Felber, Jr., INTA Bulletin
9.01.2015“The NLRB Takes a Pass on the Unionization of Student-Athletes, at Least for Now,” by Aron Karabel, TICUA/Waller Legal Notes
08.27.15“Who Gets Paid? Section 365(n) Royalty Payments Under ‘Zombie Licenses’ After a Sale of IP,” By Christopher G. Bradley, Bankruptcy Litigation
Kristen Johns’ article in Advance Healthcare gives helpful pointers on developing and commercializing innovations
08.20.15Beth Vessel Posts "FTC Releases Guidelines Regarding Unfair Methods of Competition" in Waller Healthcare Blog
08.18.15Expanded Horizons: Formal Dual-Degree Programs Extend Beyond the Practice of Law
08.05.15Fletcher Brown Post "Hospital Board Members and Trustees Can be an Effective Ally for the CEO" in Waller Healthcare Blog
08.04.15Kristen A. Larremore Posts "CMS Issues Proposed Stark Law Modifications" in Waller Healthcare Blog
08.03.15Donald B. Stuart Posts "New Jersey Case Wakes Up the Nonprofit Hospital Industry - What the Morristown Case Means for Hospital Property Tax Exemptions" in Waller Healthcare Blog
8.03.2015“Get Ready - New Overtime Regulations Mean More Campus Employees will be Eligible for Overtime,” by Jeb Gerth and Aron Karabel, TICUA/Waller Legal Notes
07.27.15J.D. Thomas Posts "Senator Grassley Takes Notice of OIG Reports Alleging Fraud in Pediatric Dental Practices" in Waller Healthcare Blog
07.23.15"Title IX Enforcement is Still a Top Priority - OCR's Renewed Focus on Title IX Coordinators" TICUA/Waller Legal Notes
07.23.15"Insulating Your Institution from IRS Attack on Reasonableness of Executive Compensation" TICUA/Waller Legal Notes
07.22.15Steve Blumenthal Posts, "A Healthy Dose of Data Security Awareness" on Waller Healthcare Blog
07.17.15Fletcher H. Brown and J.D. Thomas Posts "CMS Prepared to Modify Controversial Two-Midnight Rule" in Waller Healthcare Blog
7.16.15J.D. Thomas and Meredith L. Toole Posts "Tuomey Decision Signals Concerns About Stark Law" in Waller Healthcare Blog
07.15.15Michael Staley posts, "Better medicine on the way" in Congress Blog, The Hill’s Forum for Lawmakers and Policy Professionals
07.15.15Kristen Larremore talks "CMS Issues Proposed Stark Law Modifications" on the Birmingham Medical News Blog
7.15.15"What CMS’ Proposed Bundled Payment Rule for Elective Hip and Knee Replacements Could Mean for Providers" from the Waller Healthcare Blog
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10.20.14FAQs on Employee Discipline
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Waller Expands Into Austin, Texas
The Employer, A Newsletter Prepared By Waller's Labor and Employment Group (Vol. 2, Issue 1)
04.26.2017Trump’s Principles for Tax Reform
03.29.2017Supreme Court Reverses Lower Court Decision on Structured Dismissal of Bankruptcy Case
03.07.17Immigration Alert Redux: Executive Order Brings Back Travel Ban
02.10.17Immigration Alert: Ninth Circuit Upholds Lower Court Ruling Blocking Travel Ban
01.30.17Immigration Alert: How Does President Trump’s Immigration Executive Order Impact You?  
12.22.16Immigration Alert: New Year, New Fees
11.23.16Practical Options in Response to Nationwide Order Temporarily Blocking DOL Pay Rule
11.18.16Immigration Alert: USCIS Releases Revised Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification
11.11.16Governor Bill Haslam Announces Revenue Commissioner Richard Roberts Stepping Down
10.13.16D.C. Circuit Declares CFPB Structure Unconstitutional, Wipes Out $109 Million Penalty
08.29.16Immigration Alert: Changes to Employment Verification Requirements for Tennessee Employers
08.03.16The Door Isn’t Closed, But It’s Closing: New IRS Regulations Will Restrict Valuation Discounts
07.19.16Recent Cases Offer Increased Prospects for Mergers by Competing Hospitals
06.20.16Tennessee Department of Revenue Proposes Economic Nexus Regulation for Sales and Use Tax
04.25.16Tennessee Legislature Approves Gradual Repeal of Tennessee Hall Income Tax
03.31.16New Tennessee Law Mandates Notification of Data Breaches Involving Encrypted Data
03.11.16DHS Issues New Rule Extending STEM OPT Employment Authorization
01.19.16Tennessee Businesses that Prohibit Firearms Could Become Liable for the Safety of Handgun Permit Holders
12.10.15Proposed Metro Ordinance Would Create New Traffic Management Requirements for Construction Projects
09.01.15"Board Leaves Applicant Singing the Blues," by Robert P. Felber, Jr., INTA Bulletin
08.21.15SEC Adopts Dodd-Frank Pay Ratio Disclosure Rules
08.03.15New Jersey Case Wakes Up the Nonprofit Hospital Industry - What the Morristown Case Means for Hospital Property Tax Exemptions
07.29.15SEC Releases Proposed Rules in Connection with Dodd-Frank
06.08.15The Interoperability Requirements of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015
06.03.15Tennessee Directors Benefit from Recent TBCA Change, Contrary to Observers: Recent Amendment to the Tennessee Business Corporation Act Is Not the Sea Change Some Fear for Director Liability
06.03.15Regulation A+ Final Rules Facilitate Capital Raising
05.06.15Tennessee Adopts Sweeping Tax Changes via Revenue Modernization Act
03.16.15Waller is Leading the Effort to Continue Medical Malpractice Reform in Tennessee with Proposed Legislation to Help Protect Healthcare Providers
02.25.15Immigration Alert: Employment Authorization for Certain H-4 Dependent Spouses
02.18.15Tennessee Seeks to Adopt Sweeping Tax Changes via Revenue Modernization Act
02.11.15Tennessee Seeks to Adopt Triple Weighted Sales Factor for Apportionment Purposes
02.05.15In Surprise Move, DOJ Drops Prosecution of Tennessee Oncologist Accused of Using Misbranded Drugs
01.22.15Revised HSR "Size of Transaction" Thresholds Announced
01.19.15President Obama to Propose Significant Changes to How Capital Gains and Investment Income Are Taxed Both During Life and at Death
12.23.14Management Company May Achieve Tax Savings by Consolidating PC Into Income Tax Return
12.22.14Proposed Metro Ordinance Would Dramatically Impact Nashville Real Estate Development Projects
11.24.14 Immigration Alert: President Obama Takes Executive Action on Immigration    
Updated - November 2014On Being a Private Trust Company Attorney, an Interview with Richard Johnson
11.04.14Waller Launches Comprehensive Ebola Legal Resource Site for Employers
11.04.14IRS Announces Federal Income Tax Developments Related to the West African Ebola Outbreak
10.27.14Participate in an ACO? Are Your Hospital's Bonds Still Tax Exempt?           
10.24.14Waller Updates Ebola Legal Resource Website
10.22.14Waller Launches Comprehensive Ebola Legal Resource Website
09.12.14Days Late and $2.6 Million Short:  The Failure to File Timely Ownership Reports Is Costly
09.04.14September 22 Deadline Looms: Less than Three Weeks Remain to Update Business Associate Agreements Under Final HIPAA Omnibus Rule
08.26.1412 Years After SOX, The SEC Has Not Become Complacent About Compliance
07.23.14Opposition to Corporate Inversions Growing on Capitol Hill
06.16.14Supreme Court Ruling Puts Inherited IRAs at Risk in Bankruptcy Proceedings
04.08.14Proposed Rule Could Increase Federal Oversight of Development Projects
03.20.14The Employer, A Newsletter Prepared By Waller's Labor and Employment Group (Vol. 3, Issue 1)
03.12.14Alabama Creates Independent Tax Tribunal
02.21.14What You Need to Know About Texas Sunset Advisory Commission Review
02.17.14A Closer Look at the Two Midnight Rule as CMS Delays Enforcement Again Amid Legislative and Judicial Challenges
02.03.14Precedent-Setting Defeat of Americans with Disabilities Act Lawsuit Against Bank's ATM Operations
02.03.14CMS Halts Enrollment of New Home Health Agencies in Large Swaths of Texas, Florida and Michigan
01.27.14Idaho Hospital's Physician Practice Acquisition Violated Antitrust Laws, According to Court Ruling
01.06.14Health Information Exchange in Texas: A Year-End Status Report
12.09.13Are Physician Non-Competition Agreements in Texas in Danger?
11.18.13Texas Medical Board Adopts Rules Required by SB 406 to Ease Supervision of PAs and APRNs
09.26.13New Application Deadline of Nov. 30, 2013 for Texas Physician Education Loan Repayment Program
05.17.132013 Texas Legislative Session Update
05.17.13Alabama Department of Revenue Proposes Sweeping Changes to Regulations Addressing Local Sales and Use Tax Nexus
05.15.13An In-Depth Look at the Fraud Charges Against Vitas Hospice Services    
05.13.13Jury Finds Tuomey Healthcare System Guilty of Stark and False Claims Act Violations Pursuant to Physician Employment Agreements
05.08.13OIG Issues Updated Special Advisory Opinion Today regarding the Recommended Scope and Frequency of Exclusion Checks
04.05.13Sixth Circuit Reverses $11.1 Million FCA Judgment Against MedQuest
04.03.13Banking & Financial Services Update
03.28.13New OIG Compliance Podcast Offers Practical Suggestions to Healthcare Boards
03.19.13ATM Regulations under the ADA Replace Fee Disclosure Decals as the New Trend in Lawsuits Against Financial Institutions
03.13.13U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services Releases New Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification
03.04.13Qui Tam Lawsuit Could Signal New Era of Scrutiny for Ambulatory Surgery Centers
03.01.13The Employer, A Newsletter Prepared By Waller's Labor and Employment Group (Vol. 2, Issue 1)
02.15.13The Tax and Spending Perils of Pauline Continue - The Benefits of Investing May Diminish Further
02.11.13New Opportunity Under Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Hospital Mortgage Insurance Program
01.24.13Five Reasons Healthcare Will Be the Topic to Watch This Session of the Texas Legislature
01.18.13HHS/Office of Civil Rights Once More Into the Breach
01.14.13HHS OCR Settles First HIPAA Breach Involving Fewer than 500 Individuals
01.10.13Ruling on Standard Valuation of Tangible Personal Property Results in Increased Tax Exposure for Tennessee Taxpayers
01.08.13H-1B Filing Date for Cap Subject Petitions: What Employers and Employees Need to Know
01.02.13Out of the Fiscal Ditch, but Still on the Cliff -  the Tax Provisions of the Fiscal Cliff Legislation Passed by the House and Senate on January 1, 2013
11.20.12IRS and SEC Bond Initiatives Aimed at Tax-Exempt Hospitals and Other 501(c)(3) Organizations
11.19.12Personal Care Services Under Scrutiny
11.14.12New OIG Report Cites $1.5 Billion in Inappropriate Medicare Payments to Skilled Nursing Facilities
09.28.12Banking & Financial Services Update - Vol. 14, Fall 2012
08.09.12Antitrust Enforcement Update: FTC Agrees to Settlement with Renown Health Over Acquisitions of Cardiology Practices in Reno
06.27.12Federal Appeals Court Upholds EPA's Greenhouse Gas Regulations
06.22.12Banking & Financial Services Update - Vol. 13, Summer 2012
06.21.12The Employer, A Newsletter Prepared By Waller's Labor and Employment Group (Vol. 1, Issue 3)
06.19.12Waller Expands Into Austin, Texas
05.24.12Tennessee Gift Tax Repeal and Tennessee Inheritance Tax Phase Out Signed Into Law By Governor
05.22.12Trial Lawyers Target Debit Card Overdraft Fees
05.21.12Revenue Sharing and Investment Policy Statements: What is a Fiduciary to do?
04.26.12The Employer, A Newsletter Prepared By Waller's Labor and Employment Group (Vol. 1, Issue 2)
Apr. 2012The JOBS Act
03.22.12Relief for Tennessee Storm Victims, March 22, 2012
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02.29.12CMS Proposes Stage 2 Meaningful Use Requirements
02.21.12HIPAA Notice of Health Information Breaches Must Be Submitted by February 29, 2012
02.17.12CMS Proposes Regulation Implementing the ACA's 60-Day Overpayment Report and Return Provision
01.09.12Can Participation by a Nonprofit Hospital in an ACO Trigger Unexpected Bond Consequences?
12.20.11Banking and Financial Services Update, Vol. 11, Winter 2011
11.17.11Signal Mountain: Judge Rejects Use of "Value in Use" Standard
11.09.11CMS Adopts Final Rule Clarifying Home Health Agency 36 Month Rule
10.26.11A Closer Look at the Final ACO Rule
10.20.11ACO Final Rules Released
10.04.11Banking and Financial Services Update, Vol. 10, Fall 2011
09.30.11False Claims Act Summary Judgment Issued by Tennessee Federal District Court Against Imaging Company for Failure to Follow Medicare Rules
09.20.11Relief for Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene Victims
08.12.11Proposed Rules Released for Affordable Insurance Exchanges while Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals Court Rules Individual Mandate Unconstitutional
07.21.11Banking and Financial Services Update, Vol. 9, Summer 2011
07.15.11Home Health Agencies Will Feel the Pinch in 2012
07.13.11Hart-Scott-Rodino Update; Revised Premerger Notification and Report Firm Issued by FTC and DOJ
07.11.11Growing Patchwork of State Immigration Laws Add to Employer Compliance Burdens
06.30.11Sixth Circuit Upholds Individual Mandate in Healthcare Reform Law
06.09.11Localizing E-Verify: The Tennessee Lawful Employment Act of 2011
06.02.11OIG Keeps Short Leash on Patient Referral Services
06.02.11Tennessee Legislature Passes "Technical Corrections" and "Incentives" Bills and Other 2011 Tax Legislation
05.27.11Haro v. Sebelius: "Reeling in CMS's MSP Reimbursement Collection Practices"
05.19.11U.S. Supreme Court Adopts Revised Bankruptcy Rules; Amendments to Bankruptcy Rule 2019 Will Requires Extensive Disclosure
05.19.11Survey Shows Healthcare Providers Preparing for ACO Era as Government Announces New Incentives for Participation in Accountable Care Organizations
05.11.11Judge Acquits In-House Counsel of Obstruction Charges, Cites Need to Protect Attorney-Client Relationship
05.03.11Relief for Tennessee Storm/Tornado Victims
05.02.11Relief for Alabama Storm/Tornado Victims
05.02.11Relief for Mississippi Storm/Tornado Victims
04.13.11April 18th Deadline Approaching for Individual Flood Victims to Take Advantage of Expired Disaster Loss Provisions
04.06.11Additional Information about Accountable Care Organizations
04.05.11Estates of Decedents Passing in 2010 - Extension of Election to Opt Out of Estate Tax and Allocation of Basis to Assets
04.01.11Federal Government Addresses Accountable Care Organizations and Requests Comments
03.23.11New Alabama Regulations May Impact Your Business Privilege Tax Filing Obligations
03.23.11Planning Commission to Review Census Data
03.18.11Noted Healthcare/White Collar Defense Attorney Richard Westling Joins Waller Lansden
03.08.11Banking and Financial Services Update, Vol. 8, Winter 2011
02.22.11SEC Enacts "Say-On-Pay" Rules
02.07.11Court of Appeals Decision Clarifies Provisions of the Hospital Lien Act of Tennessee
01.28.11Record-Breaking Immigration Enforcement in Fiscal Year 2010
01.06.11Final Rule: Changes to Whole Hospital and Rural Provider Exceptions to the Physician Self-Referral Prohibition and Related Changes to Provider Agreement Regulations
12.17.10Estate and Gift Tax Provisions Contained in the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010
12.17.10Income Tax Provisions Contained in the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010
12.08.10Deemed Export Rule: Certification Regarding the Release of Controlled Technology or Technical Data to Foreign Nationals in the United States
12.02.10Congress Postpones Medicare Physician Reimbursement Rate Cuts
11.19.10Limited Liability Companies with Common Ownership Prohibited From Filing Combined Franchise Tax Return
11.19.10Getting to Know You: CMS Releases Final Regulations Regarding the Face-to-Face Encounter Requirements for Home Health Agencies
10.28.10Banking and Financial Services Update, Vol. 7, Fall 2010
10.22.10Flood Recovery Website Launched to Collect Community Ideas
10.18.10The Social Network: Do Online Privacy Settings Extend to Discovery Requests?
10.06.10CMS Publishes Healthcare Reform Fraud and Abuse Provisions
09.28.10Immigration Law Update: ICE Serves New I-9 Notices of Inspection, USCIS Announces Final Rule Adjusting Fee for Immigration Benefits
09.22.10NY Attorney General Investigates Healthcare Credit Cards
09.02.10FDA Issues Draft Guidance on New Nutrition Requirements for Restaurants and Vending Machine Operators [Withdrawn]
08.23.10Good Intentions Gone Wrong: CMS Proposes New Rule to Clarify Home Health Agency 36 Month Rule
08.11.10More than 100 Comments Available for Review on New Tax Exemption Requirements for Nonprofit Hospitals
08.06.10OIL SPILL LEGAL NEWS, Vol. 9, Assessing Damages to Natural Resources Caused by the Gulf Oil Spill
07.29.10Physician-Owned Enterprise Enters into $7.3 Million Civil Monetary Penalty Settlement with OIG
07.19.10CMS Issues Final "Meaningful Use" Regulations
07.16.10CMS Issues Proposed Rule on In-Office Ancillary Services Disclosure Requirement
07.15.10OIL SPILL LEGAL NEWS, Vol. 8, The Gulf Oil Spill's Impact on Coastal Businesses and Employment
07.14.10UPDATE: IRS Withdraws Tax Challenge Against Senior Living Operator
07.07.10OIL SPILL LEGAL NEWS, Vol. 7, Gulf Oil Spill Likely to Spur Energy Sector Consolidation
06.28.10OIL SPILL LEGAL NEWS, Vol. 6, IRS Provides Guidance to Gulf Oil Spill Victims and Sets Gulf Coast Assistance Day for July 17, 2010
06.24.10Senior Living Industry Rocked by IRS Tax Challenge
06.24.10OIL SPILL LEGAL NEWS, Vol. 5, The Gulf Oil Spill Impact on the Coastal Real Estate Market
06.17.10OIL SPILL LEGAL NEWS, Vol. 4, The Gulf Oil Spill's Impact on Lenders
06.15.10Tennessee Legislature Passes "Technical Corrections" Bill
06.10.10OIL SPILL LEGAL NEWS, Vol. 3, The Oil Spill Claims Process
06.10.10Tennessee Supreme Court Narrows Hospital Peer Review Privilege
06.07.10OIL SPILL LEGAL NEWS, Vol. 2, Companies with Ties to the Gulf Oil Spill Should Take Heed of Government's Recently Announced Criminal and Civil Investigations
06.03.10OIL SPILL LEGAL NEWS, Vol. 1, Widespread Legal Repercussions Expected from "Deepwater Horizon" Oil Spill
05.25.10Litigation Hold and Electronic Discovery Update
02.25.10"The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Select Tax and Fee Provisions," Healthcare Tax Bulletin
02.16.10CMS Mandates Accreditation for Imaging Providers; Accrediting Organizations Named
02.15.10Debt Ceiling Increase and Limited Statutory Pay Go Supplementing the Current Broader Non-Statutory Pay Go Rules
01.28.10EPA Proposes More Stringent Ozone Standards; More Areas of Country Will Not Meet National Standards
01.26.10The U.S. Supreme Court Issues a Revolutionary Decision in Campaign Finance Law
12.29.09The Carrot and the Stick - The Department of Justice Offers Incentives When Financial Institutions Self Disclose Violations of Criminal Law, Enhanced Punishment When They Don't
12.15.09Department of Justice Announces Plan to Target Pharmaceutical Industry in Latest Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Enforcement Initiative
11.24.09The Wait is Over: CMS Makes Downward Adjustments to Reimbursement Rates for Home Health Agencies and Restricts Transfers of Provider Agreements
09.10.09Regional Health Information Organizations and Tax-Exempt Status
06.22.09Tennessee Modifies the FONCE Exception to the Franchise and Excise Taxes and the Filing Requirements for Many Other Exemptions
12.01.08"EPA Region 4 Kickstarts Hospital Enforcement Initiative," Waller Environmental Alert
Jan. 2008Public Works Projects in Tennessee: The Distinction Between Statutory and Common Law Bonds
Aug. 2007Six Reasons Every Construction Owner Should Exercise Caution When Considering a "Mutual" Waiver of Consequential Damage Provisions
03.15.05"Equal Credit Opportunity Act Lawsuit Against Bank Dismissed," Waller Financial Services Bulletin
01.24.05Compensation Committees and the Stricter Standards of Independence Under SEC Rules and the Internal Revenue Code
Media Mentions
"Conversation with... Jeffrey C. Smith of Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis," Jeffrey Smith quoted in Memphis Business Journal
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03.30.17"Bundled Payment Models Here to Stay Despite CMS Program Delays," Colin Luke quoted on
03.20.17"Bundled Payment Initiatives Pushed Back Again," Colin Luke Quoted in Home Health Care News
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10.07.16"Bitcoin platform piques interest in how to transfer health care data" Kristen Johns quoted in the Tennessean
08.09.16Waller to handle work related to branding, financing and trademarking for Stanza Nashville
08.09.16"The Legal View of M&A," Ken Marlow quoted in Nashville Medical News
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07.11.16"Telemedicine in Tennessee," Colbey Reagan quoted in Nashville Medical News
06.30.16"Fraud, anti-kickback penalties to double," Jennifer Weaver Quoted in Modern Healthcare
06.30.16"Fraud, anti-kickback penalties to double," Jennifer Weaver Quoted in Modern Healthcare
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05.11.16"Senate Panel: Docs Owning Device Companies Have Conflict of Interest", Richard Westling quoted in Bloomberg BNA
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04.05.16"How Shelby wants to replace Dodd-Frank", Larry Childs quoted on Birmingham Business Journal
03.15.16Nashville Post Honors Waller Attorneys for 2016 In Charge List
03.09.16"Bundled Payment Models Need to Align Payer, Provider Incentives" Colin Luke quoted on
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12.08.15"Not-for-profit N.J. hospitals may soon be helping local municipalities' finances," Donald B. Stuart quoted in Modern Healthcare
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11.13.15“Ravaged by Red Tape," Neal Meinzer Quoted in the Austin Business Journal
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10.26.15James Weaver Named to the Nashville Business Journal’s Inaugural Power 100 List of the Most Influential People in Nashville Business
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10.15.15“340B Mega-Rule Yields Clarity—And Controversy,” John Arnold Quoted in Pharmacy Practice News
10.12.15Bo Campbell Named to the Nashville Business Journal’s Inaugural Power 100 List of the Most Influential People in Nashville Business
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08.28.15James Weaver quoted in Tennessean re:  "Buckingham Cos. plans Gulch’s tallest building"
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06.25.15Shannon Goff Kukulka quoted in the Tennessean re: "King vs. Burwell: Supreme Court affirms Obamacare subsidies"
06.20.15Attorney Mark Folk talks physician practices in latest Modern Healthcare article  "No hangover: Doc buying binge rolls on as systems learn from past deals"
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04.14.15“Tennessee to provide lawmaker health cost records,” Robb Harvey quoted in The Tennessean
04.07.15“Legislators consider broader tax for online retailers,” Leigh Griffith quoted in The Tennessean
04.06.15Waller counsels Ventas in definitive agreement to acquire Ardent Health Services for $1.75 billion
03.31.15“You need money to raise money, and other health IT investment tips from Nashville pros” from Waller’s Healthcare and Big Data Series
03.28.15Steve Blumenthal discusses malpractice concerns with wearable technologies in The Memphis Daily News
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03.21.15"They're making money on fee-for-service," Kim Looney talks ACOs in Modern Healthcare
03.14.15FBI raid at a Williamson County construction office as part of an ongoing investigation into nine Tennessee Department of Transportation and two Metro Nashville Airport Authority contracts in The Tennessean
03.11.15Attorney Bryan Echols named a 2015 winner of the Williamson County Impact Awards
03.07.15“Lifesavers or kickbacks? Critics say patient-assistance programs help keep drug prices high,” Don Stuart quoted in Modern Healthcare
02.22.15"Bill would let businesses opt out of workers' compensation," Jeffery Parrish quoted in The Tennessean
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02.09.15“Atlanta's new sports stadiums will help raise your rent in Nashville” Chris Dunn quoted in The Nashville Business Journal
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01.21.15“Politics Versus Economics and the Enduring Mystery of Medicaid Expansion,” Fletcher Brown quoted in The Huffington Post
01.13.15"Wharton Addresses Early MLK Event," Waller's The Legacy:  A Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. Spotlighted
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01.07.15"Your Hand in Marriage - The Second Time Around," John Burns quoted in NewsMax MaxLife
12.31.14InCharge Healthcare 2015: Eight Waller Attorneys Recognized by Nashville Medical News
12.31.14InCharge Healthcare 2015: Denise Burke Recognized by Memphis Medical News
12.28.14“ACA faces key court test over its future,” Shannon Goff Kukulka quoted in The Tennessean
12.26.14“Providers keep borrowing while the borrowing’s good, fearing higher rates,” Robert L. Harris quoted in Modern Healthcare
12.12.14"Division 7 Member Spotlight," Mark Bell Profiled in ABA Forum on Construction Division 7 Newsletter
11.28.14Waller chairman Matt Burnstein has completed more than half of his 50-state marathon quest
11.25.14“Identifying trends in False Claims Act enforcement,” Jennifer Weaver quoted in Becker’s Hospital Review
10.29.14“New Member Spotlight,” Brian A. Pierce featured in DRI – The Voice of the Defense Bar
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12.27.13"Nothing's sleepy about M&A in the anesthesia sector," Amanda Jester quoted in The Deal Pipeline
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07.22.13“Amanda K. Jester Joins Waller as Partner"
07.08.13"Avoid NPP-doctor supervision violations for diagnostic tests," Kim Harvey Looney quoted in Medical Practice Compliance Alert
07.05.13"Industry reacts to employer mandate delay," Shannon Goff Kukulka quoted in Employee Benefit News
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06.13.13"2 Problems = Zero Money: The Anti-Concurrent Causation Clause," Mark Bell quoted by FoxBusiness
06.11.13"Agency asks Tennessee newspaper to pay $35,000 for records on deaths and near deaths," Robb Harvey quoted by Reporters Committee for the Freedom of the Press (RCFP)
06.10.13Digest of Selected Articles, Mark Bell’s article “A Concurrent Mess and a Call for Clarity in First-Party Property Insurance Coverage Analysis” favorably discussed in the Real Estate Law Journal, 42 Real Est. L.J. 109 (Summer 2013)
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04.29.13"Girl Scouts ask Congress for a do-over on pension plan exemption," James B. Bristol quoted in Pensions & Investments
04.26.13Bob Boston, Robb Harvey, Chase Cole and George Bishop Named to NBJ's "Best of the Bar"
04.26.13"Court Settlement Results in $40 Million Payout to Benefit Tennessee Nonprofits," by Wall Street Journal, Publication
04.17.13"State Ordered to Release Information on 50 Child Deaths," Robb Harvey pictured and quoted in The Tennessean
04.07.13"Girl Scouts' Financial and Leadership Woes Threaten 100-Year-Old Group," Ames Davis quoted on
03.05.13"TN Reduces Fee for Providing DCS Files to Media to $34,225," Robb Harvey quoted in Tennessean
03.05.13"Developing a "Best-in-Class" Internal Investigation Policy," William C. Athanas and John Park quoted in Health Care Law Roundtable
02.28.13“Tennessee Human Rights Commission honors Waverly Crenshaw as ‘Human Rights Advocate," The Tennessean
02.25.13"Empowered by ACA, old fraud law puts new scrutiny on doctors," Kim Harvey Looney quoted in American Medical News
02.15.13"Court Battle Heats up over Piedmont Pipeline," Tommy Peebles quoted in The Tennessean
02.14.13"Lawyer Takes Law Outside Courtroom," Tera Rica Murdock profiled in Green Hills News
02.13.13"Strategies to Deal with Higher Taxes (Sometimes It's Better to Pay)," Leigh Griffith quoted and pictured in the New York Times
02.11.13"The 1040 Blues," Leigh Griffith quoted in the New York Times
02.06.13John Claybrook, Partner, co-Author of "The 36M Mistake: Why Hospitals and Health Systems Need to be Aware of Real Estate Risks", featured in Becker's Hospital Review
02.04.13"ACOs, Bundled Payments, Quality & Access," Kim Harvey Looney quoted in Nashville Medical News
01.28.13Rich Westling, Partner, Quoted, “Worried that Hospital Is Getting Off Too Easy, Judge Refuses to OK Settlement”
01.23.13“Judge Orders DCS to Provide Child Death Records,” Robb Harvey quoted in The Tennessean
01.18.13“Nashville’s Civil Rights Heroes Return to Tell their Stories,” Waller’s Annual Event highlighted in The Tennessean
01.14.13"Consoling Clients Who Have 'Gifting Remorse,'" Leigh Griffith quoted in Reuters UK
01.11.13“Explanations and Advice for Those Hit Hardest by New Tax Increases,” Leigh Griffith quoted in The New York Times
01.06.13“Law-Firm Partners Face Layoffs,” John Tishler quoted in the Wall Street Journal
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12.02.12“DCS Withholds Files on Child Deaths,” Robb Harvey quoted in The Tennessean
11.29.12"$550M Powerball Jackpot Entices Tennesseans to Play,” Leigh Griffith consulted by WKRN, News Channel 2 (Nashville)
10.31.12“To Be or Not To Be Independent: 5 Considerations for Community Hospitals,” Brian R. Browder quoted in Becker’s Hospital Review
10.18.12“Cigar Start-Up Fights Back Against National Group In Trademark Case,” Robb Harvey and Todd Hambidge mentioned in The Nashville Post
09.25.12“U-Haul vs. Johnson City,” Tommy Peebles quoted in The Johnson City Express
09.10.12“Camden Landfill Suit Motions Heard,” Michael Stagg quoted in Jackson Sun
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08.06.12“Drawing Attention: Whistle-blowers Follow Spotlight to Nashville,” Jennifer Weaver quoted in Modern Healthcare
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06.25.12Waller mentioned in HEALTHCARE FINANCE NEWS, "Waller expands into Austin, Texas"
06.22.12Bill Athanas quoted in the BIRMINGHAM BUSINESS JOURNAL, "Lawsuit claims fraud at bankrupt Adams Produce in Birmingham"
06.19.12Waller mentioned in NASHVILLE POST, "Waller opens in Texas"
06.19.12Waller mentioned in NASHVILLE BUSINESS JOURNAL, "Waller opens new office in Austin"
06.19.12Waller mentioned in THE TENNESSEAN, "Waller law firm expands to Texas"
06.15.12Amy Roland in NASHVILLE BUSINESS JOURNAL, "Waller attorney: Vendor, expense key in electronic health records"
06.13.12"Is Your Hospital Considering a Transaction? 4 Legal Areas You Must Address," Brian R. Browder quoted in Becker's Hospital Review
06.04.12Robb Harvey mentioned in THE NATIONAL LAW JOURNAL, "Soul Survivor"
05.31.12Larry Childs quoted by INSIDE COUNSEL, "Shareholders sue over exclusive-forum bylaws"
05.28.12Robb Harvey in THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, "How the Weinsteins Beat 'Soul Man' Singer Sam Moore in an Important Lawsuit"
05.24.12Steve Baker interviewed in THE CITY PAPER, "Brian Baker Back Among the World's Best Tennis Players"
05.01.12"An Overview of Recent Challenges to Hospital Transactions: Is the FTC Really More Aggressive?," Brian R. Browder quoted in Becker's Hospital Review
03.27.12Katie Stenberg in NASHVILLE POST, "Allen Printing Emerges from Chapter 11 to Produce Record Sales"
03.26.12Brian Browder Included in 2012 Healthcare Heroes Award Winners, Nashville Business Journal
03.23.12Jay Nixon in THE NON-PROFIT TIMES, "Blackbaud/Convio Deal Still Not Closed"
03.06.12Waller Lansden Named 2011 Employer of the Year by Middle Tennessee Paralegal Association
01.06.12"Schools Respond to Shifts in Legal Landscape" ABA Student Lawyer Magazine, January 2012
01.04.12Charlie Trost recognized in THE NASHVILLE LEDGER, "Waller Lansden's Trost named top tax lawyer"
01.02.12Tera Rica Murdock selected as one of twenty of the Nashville Post’s Law Leaders Rising
12.19.11NASHVILLE BAR ASSOCIATION Awards Waller the 2011 Pro Bono Leadership Award
12.05.11Charlie Trost recognized by STATE TAX NOTES ( as one of its Top Ten Tax Attorneys in 2011
11.29.11Robb Harvey quoted in TIMES FREE PRESS, "Judge rules Russian adoption case will be open to the public"
11.22.11James Bristol quoted in THE NASHVILLE POST, "Fall of a Nonprofit?"
10.21.11“Dell to appeal discrimination verdict,” Paul Matula Quoted in the Austin Business Journal
10.17.11Interview with a Newsmaker: Leigh Griffth, Birmingham Business Journal
10.12.11Waller Lansden Attorneys Named 2012 Lawyers of the Year by Best Lawyers, marketwire
10.04.11Waller Lansden passes on West End, opts to stay downtown, Nashville Business Journal
10.04.11Wallers Hiring Move, Updating Our Headlines From a Year Ago, Nashville Business Journal
09.16.11Waller Lansden Named Among Largest Healthcare Law Firms
08.24.11Executive Profile: John Tishler, Nashville Business Journal
07.18.11BECKER'S HOSPITAL REVIEW, "8 Legal Considerations for Establishing or Expanding a Hospital Radiation Oncology Program"
07.05.11"From the Front Lines of ACA Implementation: Don Stuart, Esquire," Community Benefit Briefing
06.08.11Tennessee Justice Center Names Waller Pro Bono Firm of the Year
04.26.11Richard Westling interviewed by FOX NEWS, "Government Threatens to Not Work With Forest Labs CEO"
04.26.11Richard Westling quoted in WSJ ONLINE, "U.S. Effort to Remove Drug CEO Jolts Firms"
12.03.10Chris Phillips quoted in TRANSACTION TRENDS, "Slow Thaw for M&A"
08.19.10Robb Harvey quoted in CHICAGO TRIBUNE, "ACLU Challenges Illinois Eavesdropping Act"
08.15.10Robb Harvey quoted in NASHVILLE BIZ JOURNAL, "Mouthing Off Online Can Bring Lawsuits"
06.28.10Walter Neilsen quoted by AMERICAN MEDICAL NEWS ONLINE, "Rental Brokers One Option for Help Finding Office Space"
06.23.10Robb Harvey quoted by POYNTER ONLINE, "What to Do When Police Tell You to Stop Taking Photos, Video"
06.01.10Robb Harvey quoted in REPORTERS COMMITTEE FOR FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, "States Applying Wiretap Statutes to Personal Videos"
05.19.10DRI's THE VOICE, "And the Defense Wins"
01.21.10"Investors Watch Health Care in Wake of G.O.P. Win," Robert L. Harris quoted in the New York Times
12.09.09"Investors Say 'Yes' on Pay at TARP Firms," Wall Street Journal, September 2, 2009
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05.31.07Robb Harvey interviewed in POYNTER (, "Assessing Legal Risks and Guidelines for User Comments"
May 2004Chris Dunn quoted in ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION & MAINTENANCE (EC&M), "Leverage When It Counts"
Fletcher Brown, Speaker, Northwest Texas Hospital Association (Annual Meeting)
Fletcher Brown, Speaker, Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals (Annual)
Fletcher Brown, Organizer/Principal Speaker, Texas Healthcare Trustees Spring Forum, Hospital Trustee Orientation and Refresher, Annual
2005"Physician Joint Venture Opportunities", Fletcher Brown, Speaker, Texas Health Law Conference, Houston, Texas
Fletcher Brown, Organizer/Principal Speaker, Texas Healthcare Trustee Summer Forum, Public Hospital Trustee Orientation and Refresher Texas Health Care Trustees, an affiliate of the Texas Hospital Association
Fletcher Brown, University of Texas Fall Health Law CLE, Joint Speaker on "Health 101" Panel
Medicaid Managed Care, Michelle Apodaca, Speaker
Mental Health Parity, Michelle Apodaca, Speaker
Ethics in Managed Care, Michelle Apodaca, Speaker
Legislative Updates on Healthcare Issues in Texas and the Impact of the ACA in Texas, Michelle Apodaca, Speaker
"Affordable Care Act for General Practitioners: 13 Months and Counting," Cory A. Brown, Presenter at the Tennessee Bar Association CLE
"New Governmental Focuses on Fraud and Abuse Enforcement," Cory A. Brown, Panelist for ACHE Chapter
"HIPAA Update," Cory A. Brown, Co-Presenter for the West Tennessee Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration
"Wall Street Options: Financing and Re-financing Options for Subacute Providers," Mark Folk, Co-Presenter at National Subacute Care Association/Bill Committee, Annual Conference and Exposition
"Bankruptcies of Health Care Providers," Mark Folk, Co-Presenter, NHLA/AAHA Seventeenth Annual Institute on Medicare and Medicaid Payment Issues
“ACO Formation and Implementation,” Kim Harvey Looney, Panelist at AHLA Physician Organizations Practice Group and Accountable Care Organization Task Force  Webinar
2013Changing Landscape of Title IX, HR, and FERPA, TICUA 2013
2013How to Prepare for Unemployment Hearing, MT-SHRM 2013
2013Union Training Session, Tennessee Hospitality Association 2013
2013CFO Conference, TICUA 2013
2013Court Square Series, Tennessee Bar Association  2013
2013Statewide Fall Healthcare Conference  2013
May 2014“Tennessee Tax Update,” presented by John B. Burns, Tennessee Bar Association Tax Seminar, May 2014
December 2013"The Probate Process from Start to Finish," presented by John B. Burns, National Business Institute, December 2013
2012"Tennessee Tax Update," presented by John B. Burns, Chattanooga Tax Practitioners, 2012
2012"Tax Exempt Organizations from Start to Finish," presented by John B. Burns, National Business Institute, 2012
November 2010"A New Era for Business Taxes," presented by John B. Burns, Tennessee Society of CPAs State Tax Conference, November 2010
October 2010"Property Tax Developments and Litigation Update," presented by John B. Burns, Council on State Taxation’s 41st Annual Meeting, October 2010
20142014 TICUA Conference, "Hiring the Best and the Brightest: Immigration Options in Higher Ed"
Texas Insurance Institute 2013 Conference, 2013 Legislative Update
2012-2016 Waller CLE Program, program co-host and co-organizer
09.10.172017 Governance Institute September Leadership Conference
06.08.17Austin CLE Program 2017
05.18.17Ryan Cochran joins Turnaround Management Association Tennessee Chapter panel for "How Do You Know What is REALLY Going On? A practical guide for evaluating and advising distressed healthcare facilities"
05.13.17"The New Partnership Tax Audit and Collection Regime: The Partnership Representative," Presented by J. Leigh Griffith, ABA Secton of Taxation LLP/LLC Subcommittee
04.27.172017 Corporate Counsel Conference
04.07.17Kristen Johns presenting "The Winding Legal Road to Building a Blockchain Application" at Blockchain in Law Conference
03.22.17Ron Snitker joins panel for "Shifting the Culture for LGBT Inclusion in the Workplace" at MT|SHRM March Diversity & Inclusion Lunch and Learn
03.21.17"Online Marketing: Legal Pitfalls and Best Practices," Presented by Kevin Brown, American Marketing Association-Austin Chapter
03.16.17Turnaround Management Association Tennessee Chapter Event "de-risk: How Traditional Banks Are Teaming with Non-Bank Lenders"
03.02.17Nonprofit Board Member SummitNPS-Logo
02.27.172017 HCCA Board Audit Committee Compliance Conference
02.23.17John Tishler presents "De-Stressing Your Stressed SNF: Dissecting Lessons Learned from a Successful Turnaround" at American Health Lawyers Association's Long Term Care and the Law Conference
01.25.17"Explore the Alternatives in Ownership Transition" seminar featuring James Bristol
12.02.162016 CLE Program
12.01.162016 Mid-South Commercial Law Conference
11.09.16"Looking Ahead at Potential Changes in 2017 AIA Contract Documents," Chris Dunn and Mark Bell, Presenters, 2016 IRMI Construction Risk Conference
11.04.16Alabama Bar Association Healthcare Law Conference
11.04.16ACHE Chapter Panel Discussion - Listening to Employers: How Health Systems Can Support Population Health Management
11.03.16Shine the Light Screeningtemp_img
10.28.16"We Can Do That . . . Can’t We? Avoiding Legal Pitfalls When Branding & Rebranding in the Digital Age," Kevin Brown, Speaker, Hit Refresh! Marketing Conference
10.21.16"The Art of Self Disclosure: When, Where, How," Co-presented by Kaitlyn L. Dunn, 28th Annual TBA Health Law Forum
10.05.16"Fraud and Abuse and Managed Care," Co-presented by J.D. Thomas, 2016 AHLA Fraud and Compliance Forum
10.03.16"Empowering Consumers" Kristen Johns - Panelist, Distributed Health: The Inaugural Blockchain Conference for the Healthcare Industry
09.27.16TICUA Event Schedule
09.27.16Vanderbilt (Entrepreneurial) Pre-Flight Program
09.20.16"Tools of Risk Transfer: Additional Insured Endorsements, Indemnification Agreements, and Waivers of Subrogation," Chris Dunn and Mark Bell, Presenters, 2016 CPCU Society Annual Meeting
09.17.2016“Additional Insured Endorsements, Indemnification Agreements, Waivers of Subrogation, and Understanding Risk Transfer Tools,” Mark Bell, Presenter, 2016 CPCU Society Annual Meeting, Honolulu
09.15.162016 Retail Law Symposiumretail-law-symposium-infographic
08.24.16How to Get Sued (Ethically)
08.19.162016 Southeastern Banking Seminarsebs_img
06.24.16“Fraudulent and Other Avoidable Transfers/Claims,” Mark C. Taylor, Co-Presenter, 2016 State Bar of Texas Advanced Business Bankruptcy Conference
06.23.16James Bristol, Sean Sullivan, and Jennifer Faucett Cote presenting "409A Jeopardy" at National Association of Stock Plan Professionals - Nashville Chapter meeting
06.08.16Healthcare Government Investigations Panel
05.17.16"Form Follows Function: Buyer and Seller Joint Ventures," Ken Marlow Panelist, 2016 AHLA Healthcare Transactions Conference
05.06.16Athletes and the Right of Publicity, Kevin Brown, Presenter, TIPLA Spring CLE
04.28.16Celebrating Executive Nashville Launch
04.27.16FBI RSA Incident Response Briefing
04.26.16“The Future of Texas’ Rural Hospitals: What the Data Tells Us and New Models for Preserving Access to Care,” Presented by Ryan Cochran, Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals 2016 Annual Conference
04.21.16Corporate Counsel Conference
04.21.16"Compliance Update," Co-presented by J.D. Thomas, 2016 ADSO Summit
04.20.16Shine the Light Series
04.15.2016“No, You’re Out of Order! The Written (and Unwritten) Rules of Contempt,”  Presented by Cleve Burke, Travis County Bench Bar Conference
04.12.16WIPO Delegation Reception at Waller20160408 WIPO
04.01.16"Patentability Trends with Section 101 Since Alice,” Presented by Nate Bailey, Third Annual Southern Illinois University School of Law Intellectual Property Conference
03.18.16Construction in Government Contracts, Chris Dunn and Mark Bell, Presenters, Tennessee Bar Association
03.04.2016“False Advertising: Understanding the Legal Issues in 2016,” Kevin Brown, Presenter, The Knowledge Group - Live Webcast
03.03.16Nonprofit Board Member Summit
02.29.162016 HCCA Board Audit Committee Compliance Conference
02.25.2016“Legal Issues for Photographers,” Kevin Brown, Presenter, Association of Texas Photography Instructors 2016 Winter Conference
02.24.16“Alternative Dispute Resolution in Patent Cases,” Presented by Nate Bailey, Vanderbilt Law School IP Society
02.23.16“Health Law 101: A Backgrounder for Hospital Boards and Leadership,” Fletcher Brown, Presenter, The Governance Institute
01.31.16"The Intersection Between Fraud & Abuse and Managed Care—A Crash Course on Compliance," Co-presented by J.D. Thomas, 2016 HCCA Managed Care Conference
01.30.16“Legal Duties of Hospital Board Members and Regulatory Update,” Fletcher Brown, Presenter, Mitchell County Hospital District Board Retreat
01.29.16"What Am I? Dual Status as Partner and Employee," Presented by J. Leigh Griffith, ABA Tax Section Partnership Committee
01.19.16“Healthcare Compliance: Protecting and Preparing for Success,” Fletcher Brown, Presenter, The Governance Institute
01.12.16Sixth Annual Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
12.08.15"Self-Disclosure: Why, When, Where and How," Co-presented by Kaitlyn L. Dunn, ABA Washington Health Law Summit
12.04.15“No, You're Out of Order! The Written (& Unwritten) Rules of Contempt,” presented at the Austin Bar Association Holiday Ethics CLE
12.04.2015“No, You’re Out of Order! The Written (and Unwritten) Rules of Contempt,”  Presented by Cleve Burke, Austin Bar Association Holiday Ethics CLE
11.30.15"Healthcare M&A Update," Brian R. Browder, Presenter, Tennessee Society of CPAs 2015 Health Care Conference
11.19.15"Understanding Contractual Risk Transfer Tools," Chris Dunn and Mark Bell, Presenters, International Risk Management Institute (IRMI)
11.18.2015"Emerging Wage and Hour Issues," Presented by Aron Karabel, Tennessee Association of School Business Officials 2015 Annual Meeting
11.12.15“Exemptions (Including Homesteads)—Developments, Open Issues, and Best Practices,” 34th Annual Jay L. Westbrook Bankruptcy Conference
11.05.15Healthcare & Big Data Series: Preparing for and mitigating the impact of data breaches
11.03.15"Regulatory Roundtable Discussion," Denise D. Burke, Panelist, Musculoskeletal New Ventures Conference
10.30.15Introduction to Tennessee Mechanics’ and Materialmen’s Lien Act," Christopher S. Dunn and Joseph L. Watson, Presenters, 2015 Tennessee Real Estate Law Conference
10.30.2015"Legal Update," Presented by Aron Karabel, TICUA CFO Retreat
10.27.15"Trustee: Honor or Risk," Tera Rica Murdock, Co-Presenter at Family Office Exchange Senior Management Council Meeting
10.14.15Richard Hills and Katie Roth speak at KraftCPAs' Bankers Brew on 2015 Legal and Regulatory Developments in the Banking Industry
10.14.2015"Labor and Employment Update," Presented by Aron Karabel, Tennessee Employment Relations Research Association 17th Annual Conference
10.08.15"Hospital Physician Integration in a New Health Care World," Kim Harvey Looney, Co-Presenter, Tennessee Bar Association 27th Annual Health Law Forum
10.07.15"Overview of Fraud and Abuse Laws," Co-presented by J.D. Thomas, 15th Annual TBA Health Law Primer
09.30.15“Asset Management - 3” Co-presented by Nick Mann, National Retail Tenant Association, 2015 Annual Conference
09.28.15"Health Care Lawyers Beware: Legal Ethics and Managing the Risks of Corporate Representation," Kim Harvey Looney, Co-Presenter, AHLA Fraud and Compliance Forum
09.01.15Waller Test Eventtemp_img
08.21.152015 Southeastern Banking Seminar
07.30.15Fletcher Brown speaks at the Texas Healthcare Trustees’ Healthcare Governance Conference July 30, 2015
07.21.15Healthcare & Big Data Series: A panel discussion on Healthcare Data Breaches, Security and Privacy
7.09.2015Supreme Court Review 2015
06.30.15"Telemedicine, Telehealth, and Mobile Health: The Future is Today," Kim Harvey Looney, Co-Presenter, AHLA Annual Meeting
06.17.15“Freestanding Emergency Centers and States Considering Options,” Presented by Fletcher Brown and Colin Luke, National Freestanding Emergency Center 2015 Annual Conference, Dallas
06.08.15Eric Fugett to speak at Life Science Tennessee Mentor Network: Ask the Experts Panel "Advice on Academic Partners, IP and Regulatory Hurdles for Life Science Start-Ups"
Summer 2015Fletcher Brown speaks at Mitchell County Hospital District Board of Directors Strategic Retreat
05.15.15"Claim Amendments During AIA Review," Presented by Nate Bailey, Tennessee Intellectual Property Law Association, Spring 2015 CLE Seminar
05.13.15"Forming Urgent Care Centers: Addressing Complex Legal Challenges," Kim Harvey Looney, Co-Presenter, Strafford Webinar
05.12.15Leigh Griffith to address Tennessee Revenue Modernization Act at TSCPA Knoxville event May 12, 2015
05.04.15TICUA/Waller Post Legislative Session Briefing
04.29.15Jester to Speak at UT Law's 27th Annual Health Law Conference
04.23.15Waller's 2015 Corporate Counsel Conference
04.14.15“Misunderstood Commercial Lines Issues,” Presented by Mark M. Bell, Middle Tennessee CPCU Society Annual I-Day
04.07.15"Urgent Care Centers and Free-Standing Emergency Rooms: A Necessary Alternative Under the ACA," Kim Harvey Looney, Co-Presenter, AHLA Webinar
04.17.15Pitfalls to Avoid in AIA Precedings, Presenter at Southern Illinois University Law School
04.01.15National Rural Health Association
03.31.15Healthcare & Big Data Series: A panel discussion on investments in healthcare IT
03.21.15Don Moody, Neil Krugman and Cory Brown to discuss CLO Legal during the Association of Dental Support Organizations Annual Meeting
03.20.15Don Moody and Neil Krugman present at the Association of Dental Support Organizations Annual Meeting
03.04.15Fletcher Brown speaks at Hospital Alliance of Tennessee, DSRIP Program Overview
02.27.15The Year in Review: Key Developments in the Law Impacting Employers
02.27.15“Sticks and Bricks Program," Mark Bell, Site Coordinator and Presenter, ABA Forum on Construction Law
02.26.15Eighth Annual Nonprofit Seminar
02.20.15Insurance Issues in Construction Law," Chris Dunn and Mark Bell, Presenters, Middle Tennessee Chapter of the AGC
02.19.15"The Benefits and Pitfalls of 401(k) Automatic Enrollment," Presented by Sean Sullivan, Avoiding Common 401(k) Mistakes
02.19.15"Litigation Holds In Healthcare," Paul Davidson and Tera Rica Murdock, Presenters, Strafford Publications, Inc. CLE Webinar
02.04.2015 - 02.06.2015Spoke at National Restaurant Association Conference in Scottsdale, AZ February 4-6: Current Labor and Employment Issues in the Restaurant Business
02.02.15"Hospital Physician Integration in a New Health Care World: Advice from the Trenches," Kim Harvey Looney, Co-Presenter, AHLA Hospitals and Physician Organizations Law Institute
01.29.15“My Favorite Mistakes: What Doesn’t Bankrupt You Makes You Stronger,” Mark Bell, Session Coordinator, ABA Forum on Construction Law
01.27.2015 - 01.28.2015Tennessee Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence Summit
12.11.14“Physician Compliance Programs Fundamentals,” Co-presented by Kaitlyn L. Dunn, American Bar Association CLE Webinar
12.05.14Waller Launches Healthcare and Big Data Series
11.12.14Waller 2014 CLE Program
11.07.14“Inter Partes Review – Two Years Later,” Nate Bailey, Presenter at the Tennessee Intellectual Property Law Association, Fall 2014 CLE Seminar
10.23.142014 Employment Law Roadshow Series
10.23.14"A Tale of Two Municipalities," David E. Lemke, Panelist at Turnaround Management Association Chapter 9 Seminar
10.09.14"Hospital/Physician Integration in a New Health Care World," Kim Harvey Looney, Co-Presenter, Tennessee Bar Association Health Law Section 26th Annual Health Law Forum
10.09.14"Ethics and Legal Holds: A Review of Recent Decisions," Tera Rica Murdock, Presenter, Women in Ediscovery - Nashville Chapter
10.09.14"Government Perspectives on Healthcare Fraud and Enforcement," Moderated by J.D. Thomas, 26th Annual TBA Health Law Forum
10.08.14"Fraud and Abuse Laws: Examining a Hypothetical Physician Practice Acquisition," Co-presented by J.D. Thomas, 14th Annual TBA Health Law Primer
Fall 2014Fletcher Brown speaks, "The Tangled Web of Hospital Operations and Relations - A Day in the Life of the C-Suite" at Texas Hospital Association, Texas Health Law Conference
09.26.14"Laws You Need to Know but Didn't Know to Ask," presented by Denise D. Burke and Angela C. Youngberg, Tennessee Orthopaedic Society 2014 Annual Conference
09.23.14 “Drafting ADR Clauses,” Beth Evans Vessel and Tera Rica Murdock, Presenters, Nashville Bar Association CLE Program
09.18.14“Current Developments in Bankruptcy Law," Mark C. Taylor, Co-Presenter, 2014 University of Texas Mortgage Lending Institute
09.17.14In TUNE with ESOPs Fall Conference
09.09.14"Urgent Care Centers and Free-Standing Emergency Rooms," Kim Harvey Looney, Co-Presenter, Nashville Council of Health Care Attorneys
08.20.14“The Nuts and Bolts of Leases,” Co-presented by Nick Mann, ABA Real Property Section Conference Call
08.19.14“Current Developments in Bankruptcy Law," Christopher G. Bradley, Co-Presenter, 2014 University of Texas Mortgage Lending Institute
08.15.14"Collateral Considerations in Healthcare Asset-Based Lending," Robert L. Harris and Lindsey R. Arnold, Presenters at 2014 Southeastern Banking Seminar.”
08.15.142014 Southeastern Banking Seminar
07.22.14“Share the Road:  Driving EHR Contracts to Good Compromises,” presented by Steve Blumenthal, HIStalkU webinar
07.15.142014 Hospitality & Tourism Law Symposium
07.09.14SaVE Act Webinar: Meeting the Challenge: A Compliance Guide to the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 [TICUA]
07.08.14Supreme Court Review 2014
07.20.14Fletcher Brown speaks at Northwest Texas Hospital Association Physician Employment
06.30.14"The New Frontier: Physician Integration from the Trenches," Kim Harvey Looney, Co-presenter at AHLA Annual Meeting
06.18.14Practical Strategies for Handling Government Investigations & FCA Litigation
06.12.14“363 Sales & Credit Bidding," Christopher G. Bradley, Co-Presenter, Bankruptcy Bench Bar Conference, Western District of Texas
06.05.14Healthcare Real Estate 20/20: The New and Changing Delivery of Healthcare and its Impact on Current and Future Investment, Development & Financing Strategies
05.28.14“Overview of Post Grant Review Proceedings at the USPTO,” Nate Bailey, Presenter at the  Nashville Bar Association Intellectual Property Committee
05.16.14Corporate Counsel Conference 2014
05.12.14"Construction Issues for Real Estate Lawyers," Chris Dunn and Mark Bell, Presenters, Real Estate Essentials 2014, Tennessee Bar Association
May 20142014 Blue National Summit, 48th Annual Lawyer's Conference
May 2014DRI - Employment and Labor Law Seminar, "Immigration Law for the Employment Lawyer"
May 2014DRI - Retail & Hospitality Litigation & Claims Management Seminar, "Navigating the True Complex Waters of Immigration and the Effect on Your Workforce"
04.30.14Ignorance is Bliss...Except when Serving on a Tax-Exempt, Nonprofit Board of Directors
04.30.14Fiduciary Responsibility of Trustees Webinar [TICUA]
04.24.14White Collar Briefing
04.24.14Practical Strategies for Successfully Handling Government Investigations & False Claims Act Litigation
04.17.14Shine the Light NPT Screening
04.12.14“The PTAB and Inter Partes Review,” Nate Bailey, Presenter at Southern Illinois University School of Law
04.11.14"Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Texas," Michelle D. Apodaca, Panelist, University of Texas School of Law 26th Annual Health Law Conference
04.04.14"Introduction to Construction Insurance Issues," Chris Dunn and Mark Bell, Presenters, Middle Tennessee Chapter of the AGC
04.04.14"ACA Delivery Reforms - The Impact on Texas Physicians," Michelle D. Apodaca, Presenter, Park Plaza Hospital Medical Staff Meeting
04.04.14“Issues Arising in Sales Under 11 U.S.C. §363," Mark C. Taylor, Presenter, Austin Bankruptcy Lawyers Association
04.03.14State of the Region: How the ADL is Addressing Hate and Bigotry in the Southeast
04.02.1412-Step Program to Better Compliance: A Practical Approach
03.12.2014“Patent Law Update for the Life Science Industry,” Presented by Nate Bailey, Life Sciences Tennessee Meeting at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, sponsored by Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
02.27.14"A Mid-Course Report Card on Healthcare Reform," Michelle D. Apodaca, Panelist, American Bar Association Health Law Section 15th Annual Conference on Emerging Issues in Healthcare Law
02.20.147th Annual Nonprofit Seminar
02.05.14Implementing A Corporate Legal Hold Program
02.05.14"Urgent Care Centers and Free Standing Emergency Rooms: A Necessary Alternative under the ACA," Kim Harvey Looney, Co-Presenter, AHLA Physicians & Hospitals Law Institute
02.03.14“The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Home Care and Hospice Financial Markets: Buying, Selling and Valuation,” Moderator at 2014 Home Care 100
01.27.2014 - 01.28.2014Tennessee Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence Summit
01.23.142014 Local Government Seminar
01.23.142014 ABA Section of Taxation Mid-year Meeting, Leigh Griffith, Chair of LLCs and LLPs Subcommittee of Partnerships (Phoenix, AZ)
01.23.14"Municipalities in Distress," Ryan Cochran, Presenter, Waller's 2014 Local Government Seminar (Nashville, TN)
01.16.14The Legacy: It's Our Turn - Waller's 4th Annual Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King
2014Fletcher Brown speaks at Northwest Texas Hospital Association Physician Employment
2014Fletcher Brown speaks at Mitchell County Hospital District Board of Directors Strategic Retreat
2014Fletcher Brown presents "Beyond the Basics: Top 10 Practical Lessons Learned in the Trenches" at Memorial Hermann Healthcare Regulatory Presentation
2013Healthcare Briefing Series
12.12.13"Top Questions We Get at VLPA, Part 2: Copyright and Fair Use," Heather Hubbard, Co-Presenter, Nashville's Art Crawl CLE Program
12.12.13"Series LLCs - December 2013 Update on Recent State Legislative and Taxation Developments," Leigh Griffith, Co-Presenter, Bloomberg BNA's Tax Advisory Board Meeting
12.09.13“Key ACO Facts from the People Who Shaped the Medicare Shared Savings Program,” Michelle Apodaca, Moderator at the 11th Annual Washington Health Law Summit presented by the ABA Health Law Section
12.09.13"Wellness Programs Under Health Reform,” Shannon Goff Kukulka, Panelist at the 11th Annual Washington Health Law Summit presented by the ABA Health Law Section
12.05.13Financial Management and Payroll Systems Wage and Hour Basics: Employee v. Independent Contractor
11.26.13“Cost of Smokers and Wellness Program Guidance for Firms and Clients,” Susie Bilbro, Presenter, TennBarU Webcast
11.21.13"Real Estate Tax Incentives," Leigh Griffith, Moderator, 2013 Tennessee Federal Tax Conference
11.21.13"336(e) - Expanded Opportunity for Basis Step-Up and More in Corporate Acquisitions," Leigh Griffith, Presenter, 2013 Tennessee Federal Tax Conference
11.15.13"Valuation Methods and Strategies for More Tax-Effective Physician Practice Acquisition Transactions," Leigh Griffith, Co-Presenter, AICPA 2013 National Healthcare Conference (New Orleans)
11.14.13Corporate Counsel Conference 2013
11.08.13"Advanced Investigation Techniques," John Park, Panel Chair, 2013 NAPABA Convention (Kansas City)
11.05.13Changes, Challenges, and What to Expect [Employment Law Roadshow Series 2013-2014]
10.29.13Changes, Challenges, and What to Expect [Employment Law Roadshow Series 2013-2014]
10.28.13How the Affordable Care Act Affects Colleges and Universities [TICUA]
10.27.13“Qui Tam and False Claims Actions,” Jennifer Weaver and Alberto Gonzales, Presenters at the BlueCross BlueShield Association’s 47th Annual Lawyers’ Conference (Phoenix, AZ)
10.22.13"Representing Defendants in Federal White Collar Sentencing Proceedings," Bill Athanas, Co-Presenter to the Alabama State Bar White Collar Crime Committee
10.21.13"ACOs and Other Models of Care: From Formation to Operation-Tax Considerations and More," by Don Stuart, AHLA, Tax Issues for Health Care Organizations, October 20 – 22, 2013, Arlington, VA
October 2013"Lessons Learned from Recent Municipal Defaults," Ryan Cochran, Gerald Mace, and Dave Lemke, Presenters, 2013 Regions Bank Corporate Trust University (Birmingham, AL)
October 2013"Eight Construction Insurance Traps Every Project Owner Should Avoid," Ryan Cochran and Chris Dunn, Presenters IMLA 2103 Annual Conference (San Francisco, CA)
10.14.13“Getting Paid for HOW You Do: Navigating This New Era of Alternative Provider Payments,” Michelle Apodaca, Counsel, Co-Presenter, 2013 Texas Health Law Conference
10.13.13"Stark Infested Waters and Other Compliance Challenges When the Government Knocks on Your Door," Fletcher Brown, attorney, co-presenter 2013 Texas Health Law Conference
09.29.13"Construction Contract Drafting Initiative (CCDI) – Recommended Modifications to the A-201 Contract," Ryan Cochran, Chris Dunn, and Mark Bell, Presenters at IMLA 2013 Annual Conference (San Francisco, CA)
09.24.13Succession Planning: Wealth Management and Benefits for the Growing Business
09.19.132013 ABA Section of Taxation Joint Fall CLE Meeting, Leigh Griffith, Chair of LLCs and LLPs Subcommittee of Partnerships (San Francisco, CA)
09.15.13"2013 Employment Law Update: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly," Marcus Crider and Marti Downey, Presenters at the 2013 Tennessee SHRM Annual Conference and Expo
09.10.13"Stern v. Marshall, A Primer on Application, Interpretation, and Solutions," Ryan Cochran and Courtney Rogers, Presenters, 2013 In-House Presentation (Nashville, TN)
08.23.13“A Discussion on Recent ATM Lawsuits,” Derek Edwards presenting to Tennessee Banker’s Association Membership Conference Call
08.22.13"Leveraging Final Sect. 336(e) Regulation Benefits in Acquisitions and Corporate Spin-Offs," Leigh Griffith, Co-Presenter in a live teleconference sponsored by Strafford
08.22.13"Healthcare Fraud Update," Patricia O. Powers, Jennifer Weaver, and Richard W. Westling, Presenters at 2013 Healthcare Briefing Series
08.20.13"83rd Texas Legislative Update - From a Hospital Provider Perspective,"Michelle Apodaca and Fletcher Brown, Presenters at Healthcare Financial Management Association
08.16.13"Introduction to Construction Law," Chris Dunn and Mark Bell, Presenters, Tennessee Bar Association
08.16.13“The Nuts and Bolts of Healthcare Lending,” Robert L. Harris, Presenter at 2013 Southeastern Banking Seminar
08.15.132013 Southeastern Banking Seminar
07.26.13"Rapport and Realities: Enhancing the leadership and management relationship CEO and trustee panel discussion," Fletcher Brown, panelist, 2013 Texas Healthcare Trustee Annual Conference, Fort Worth, Texas
07.25.13"Healthcare Governance Foundations - Board Member Orientation," Fletcher Brown, co-presenter, 2013 Texas Healthcare Trustee Annual Conference, Fort Worth, Texas
07.18.13“Integration in Medical Staff,” Kim Harvey Looney, Panelist at AHLA Physician Organizations Bootcamp Webinar and Roundtable Discussion Series: The Anatomy of Physician Integration, Part VI
07.17.13"E-Discovery for the Corporate Market Conferences: 'The Exchange'," Heather Hubbard, Roundtable Participant, Today's General Counsel Executive Institute (New York, NY)
7/9/13 - 7/10/132nd Annual Tennessee Hospitality Law Symposium
07.09.13"Trade Names, Trademarks and Branding for Healthcare Providers," Robert P. Felber, Jr., Presenter at Nashville Council of Health Care Attorneys
07.09.13Legal Briefing on Firearms Legislation [TICUA]
06.20.13The Policy and Political Ramifications of Canning vs. NLRB: "This Will Not Do" - Online Course presented by West LegalEdcenter
06.13.13Shine the Light Series
06.06.13"The Future of Flow: Federal and State Initiatives to Regulate Streamflow," Rebecca Pritchett, Co-presenter, ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources, 31st Annual Water Law Conference
06.06.13"National False Claims Act and Qui Tam Trial Institute," Jennifer L. Weaver, Faculty Member, American Bar Association Center for Professional Development
06.06.13Accessing Capital: SBA Loans and Local State and Federal Third Party Certifications - DBE, MBE, LGBT
06.04.13"Legal Hold Principles Revisited," Heather Hubbard, Co-Presenter, eDiscovery Journal (eDJ) Boot Camp (Atlanta, GA)
05.22.13"Health Care Reform: Traps for the Unwary," Kim Looney and Shannon Goff Kukulka, Presenters at the Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants 2013 Controller's Conference
05.17.13“Where Healthcare Reform Meets Wellness: Legal Questions for Employers,” Shannon Goff Kukulka and Susie Bilbro, Presenters at the 2013 TN SHRM Benefits Conference
05.17.13“E-Compliance: Evaluating E-Strategies for Your Organization,” Shannon Goff Kukulka and Jennifer Faucett, Presenters at the 2013 TN SHRM Benefits Conference
05.11.13"Update on the State Survey in Regard to the Proposed Series LLC Regulations," Leigh Griffith, co-Presenter, ABA Section of Taxation, LLC and LLP Subcommittee of Partnerships and LLC Committee, 2013 Meeting
05.10.13"Current Developments: Series LLCs and Task Force Report," Leigh Griffith, Co-Presenter, ABA Section of Taxation, State and Local Committee, 2013 Meeting
05.09.13"Something's Rotten in the State of Tennessee, a Shakespearean CLE in Three Acts," Woody Woodruff presents at the Historic Williamson County Courthouse, Downtown Franklin, TN
05.09.132013 ABA Section of Taxation May Meeting, Leigh Griffith, Chair of LLCs and LLPs Subcommittee of Partnerships (Washington DC)
05.02.13International Business: Import/Export Considerations and Immigration Basics
04.26.13"Federal Tax Classification of Series LLCs," Leigh Griffith, Presenter, Lorman Audio Webcast
04.26.13"National Security in the Internet Age," Alberto Gonzales, Speaker at Google's Big Tent (Washington, D.C.)
04.25.13"The ABC's of BFPP's: Applicable Basics and Current Developments in CERCLA's Bona Fide Prospective Purchaser Defense, Ed Callaway, Presenter, 2013 Environmental Show of the South
04.24.13"The Role of Professionals in Hazardous Waste Management," Ed Callaway, Presenter, 2013 Environmental Show of the South
04.22.13"Leading Perspectives for Corporate Compliance: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)," Alberto Gonzales, Speaker at the Dow Jones Global Compliance Symposium
04.12.13“Labor & Employment Year in Review,” Stan Graham, Presenter at Tennessee Bar Association’s 17th Annual Labor & Employment Forum
04.12.13“FLSA Roundtable,” Bob Boston, Presenter at Tennessee Bar Association’s Annual Labor & Employment Forum
04.09.13"Mitigating the Risk of Health Care Data Breaches: A Practical Guide for the Industry," Robb Harvey, Panelist for Live Webcast for The Knowledge Group
04.01.13"Comment to the Civil Rules Advisory Committee re: FRCP 37(e)," Jim Doran and Tera Rica Murdock, Collaborators with the Lawyers for Civil Justice Federal Rules Effort
04.2013“Patent Prosecution Disclaimer,” Presented by Matthew C. Cox, Tennessee Bar Association IP Spring Institute, April 2013
03.07.13"Stark Law: A Roadmap to Real Estate Compliance," John Claybrook and Walter Neilsen, presenters, Medical Office Today webcast
02.28.13"E-Discovery Tales from the Federal Courthouse: A Real World Case Study and Roundtable Discussion of the Benefits of Cooperation and Challenges of Proportionality," Travis Parham and Tera Rica Murdock, Panel Discussion, The Prometheus Project
02.27.13"It's More than Just Time and a Half: A Practical Approach to Wage & Hour," Jeb Gerth and Stan Graham, Presenters, Association of Corporate Counsel (TN Chapter)
02.22.13"Recent Trends in Academic Medical Center Acquisitions and Affiliations," Brian Browder, Panelist at the American Bar Association, Emerging Issues Conference
02.22.13"Eight Construction Insurance Traps Every Project Owner Should Avoid," Ryan Cochran and Chris Dunn, Presenters, Tennessee Municipal Attorneys Association 2013 Seminar (Nashville, TN)
02.21.136th Annual Nonprofit Seminar2013-nonprofit-seminar-web
02.21.13"Regulatory Issues in Healthcare Real Estate Transactions – A Review of Stark and the Anti-Kickback Statute," Walter Neilsen, Panel on Webinar for AHLA Real Estate Affinity Group of the Hospitals and Health Systems Group
February 2013"Mineral Resource Extraction Issues Are Not Just for Energy Practitioners," Rebecca W. Pritchett, Moderator, ABA Section of Environment, Energy and Resources, Key Environmental Issues in U.S. EPA Region 4
02.07.13"Update on Public Records Ruling Involving News Media's Lawsuit against the Department of Children's Services," Lauran Sturm presents to the Associated Press-Tennessee Press Association
02.07.13"Defensible Deletion," Heather Hubbard, Co-Leader and Presenter, eDiscovery Journal (eDJ) Peer Group
02.2013"Consumer Financial Protection Bureau" There's a New Sheriff in Town," Presented by Richard T. Hills, Georgia Institute of Continuing Legal Education, Banking & Finance Law, February 2013
01.29.13"Financial Market Forecast - 2013," Robert L. Harris, Moderator at 2013 Home Care 100
01.23.13“2012 American Taxpayer Relief Act Webcast,” Leigh Griffith presenting for the Tennessee Society of CPAs (TSCPA)
01.17.13"It's Our Turn", Waller's Annual Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.MLK-2013-News-Image
01.16.13"The Taxpayer Relieft Act of 2012 and Selected TN Tax Update," Leigh Griffith, Presenter, Chattanooga Tax Practitioners
01.16.13"Update on Entity Matters and Surprises (not Necessarily Pleasant)," Leigh Griffith, Presenter, Tax Practitioner's Meeting
January 2013"Sustainable Development on Brownfield Sites," Rebecca W. Pritchett, Presenter at BirminghamCREW
2013Fletcher Brown speaks at the Texas Healthcare Trustees’ New Board Member Orientation
2013Fletcher Brown speaks at Fisher County Hospital District Board of Directors Retreat
12.16.12"Survey of Municipal Bankruptcy Issues," Ryan Cochran, Presenter, Waller's 2012 Local Government Seminar (Nashvlle, TN)
12.06.12Local Government Seminar
11.29.12Directions in Healthcare 2012
11.29.12BDO's "Memphis Year-End Tax and Accounting Update," Leigh Griffith, Speaker
11.29.12"Compliance Issues through the Eyes of the Board of Directors," Patricia O. Powers and Richard W. Westling, Panelists at Directions in Healthcare 2012
11.28.12BDO's "Nashville Year-End Tax and Accounting Update," Leigh Griffith, Speaker
11.14.12"LLC Profits Interest - Benefits and Pitfalls," Leigh Griffith, Presenter, TSCPA Tennessee Federal Tax Conference
11.08.12“Individual and Small Business Chapter 11s,” Mark C. Taylor, Co-Presenter, University of Texas School of Law 31st Annual Jay L. Westbrook Bankruptcy Conference
11.01.12“Federal Practice,” Tera Rica Murdock, Moderator, Nashville Bar Association CLE Program
10.29.12Legal Issues in Tennessee That Affect You: A CLE Program Specifically Designed for In-House and Outside Counsel.
10.24.12“Urgent Care Centers: Key Legal Considerations,” Kim Harvey Looney and Matt Burnstein, Panelists at Strafford webinar/teleconference
10.19.122012 Healthcare Briefing Series, Part 8, "Tales from the Dark Side: The Plaintiff's Bar and How Healthcare Providers Can Avoid Litigation"
October 2012"Owner’s Damages Arising from Defective Construction," Ryan Cochran and Chris Dunn, Presenters, IMLA 2012 Annual Conference (Austin, TX)
10.12.12“Representing Physicians: Potential Perils & Pitfalls – Life Cycle of a Physician-Practice,” Kim Harvey Looney, Panelist at American Health Lawyers Association Fundamentals of Health Law
10.09.12"Election 2012 and the Future of Health Care," Alberto Gonzales, Panelist, Nashville Healthcare Council
10.04.122012 Optimum Solutions Users Conference-Nashville, Bahar Azhdari, John Park, Vinh Duong, Marti Downey, Presenters
10.04.12“Hospital-Physician Integration Models,” Kim Harvey Looney, Panelist at Tennessee Bar Association 24th Annual Health Law Forum
10.02.12Legal Aid Society – Assisted Pro Se Divorce Clinic staffed by Waller attorneys
09.27.12“Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know about HR, but …,” Marcus M. Crider, Panelist at the Freestanding Ambulatory Surgery Center Association of Tennessee 2012 Fall Conference
09.14.122012 Healthcare Briefing Series, Part 7, "Crisis Management and the Interplay between Public Relations and Legal Counsel"
09.12.12AHLA Fair Market Value Bootcamp Webinar and Roundtable
08.30.12"Federal Wage and Hour Litigation: A View from the Plaintiff's and Defense Counsel," Bob Boston, Co-Presenter at 2012 Memphis/Mid-South Chapter of the Federal Bar Association's Jackson Seminar
08.28.12"2012 Fair Labor Standards Act in Tennessee", Andy Naylor, Marti Downey, Stephanie Roth, and Brian Clifford, Presenters at Lorman Seminar-Nashville
08.27.12"Contractor State Tax Developments with a Multi-State Twist," Leigh Griffith, Presenter, TSCPA Construction Conference
08.23.12"Healthcare Fraud Enforcement Update," Jennifer Weaver, Patricia O. Powers, and Richard Westling, Presenters at 2012 Healthcare Briefing Series
08.22.12HRA 2012 Legal Workshop
08.21.12"Why it Matters to Follow Best Administrative Practices," General Paul Summers, Presenter at First Annual Administrative Training Seminar for Judicial District Drug Task Forces
08.17.12Stan Graham, Presenter, TENN BAR U, General Practice Bootcamp 2012 - Nashville, "Issues in Employment and Labor Law"
08.17.122012 Southeastern Banking Seminar
08.16.12"Where Do We Go From Here? What the Recent Setbacks in FCPA Enforcement Efforts Mean for Companies Doing Business Internationally," Alberto Gonzales and Bill Athanas, Presenters at West LegalEd Center
8/8/2012"Recent Trends in Legal Financing Terms," Robert L. Harris, Presenter at Cressey & Company CFO Conference (August 2012)
08.02.122012 Labor and Employment Workshops - Nashville, "Employment Law Issues and Trends: Get it Right Before the Fight"
07.31.12“ACOs Are Here to Stay-What To Do Now?,” Kim Harvey Looney, Panelist at LeadingAge Tennessee 2012 Annual Conference
07.26.12"Current Issues in Establishing and Defending FMV Compensation," Patricia O. Powers and Kim Harvey Looney, Presenters
07.17.12Tennessee Area Idea Exchange and Networking Lunch: A Tenant's Guide to Title and Survey Review
July 2012"Environmental Law for General Practitioners," Rebecca W. Pritchett, Presenter at the Alabama State Bar Annual Meeting
07.12.12Tennessee Hospitality Law Symposium
06.28.12"Corrections Policies," Alberto Gonzales, Presenter to Corrections Corporation of America
06.24.12Chris Wilson, Presenter, INSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONALS IN TAXATION, "35th Annual Conference"
06.21.122012 Healthcare Briefing Series, Part 4 - "Overpayments and Disclosures: Is Self-Reporting Still Voluntary?"
05.22.12Lorman Sales and Use Tax Seminar
05.18.122012 Healthcare Briefing Series, Part 3 - "Immigration Considerations in Healthcare Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring"
05.16.12Waller Paralegals Helping the Nashville Homeless Community
05.16.12ABA 4th Annual National Institute on Internal Corporate Investigations and Forum for In-House Counsel
05.09.12ABA 22nd Annual National Institute on Health Care Fraud
05.09.12“Hiring and Firing – Laying the Bricks to Effectively Support Employment Decisions,” Marcus M. Crider, Presenter at the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association 2012 Annual Meeting
05.04.12"In Pursuit of Justice: FCPA Compliance," Alberto Gonzales, Speaker at Lawyers for Civil Justice Annual Meeting, Washington D.C.
05.03.12“Compliance and Transactions,” Kim Harvey Looney, Panelist at American Health Lawyers Association Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Bootcamp Webinar Series, Part V
04.20.122012 Healthcare Briefing Series, Part 2 - "Paradigm Shift: Bundled Payments and the Future of Reimbursement"
04.19.12"Former Attorneys General Roundtable Discussion," Alberto Gonzales, Panelist, ABA Section of Litigation Annual Conference
03.27.12"NRDC v. Dickson County: Legacy Landfills May Present Significant Liabilities Requiring Creative Solutions," Ed Callaway, Co-Presenter, Tennessee Volunteer Chapter, Solid Waste Association of North America
03.21.12"LLCs and Compensatory Interests," Leigh Griffith, Presenter, Chattanooga Tax Practitioners
03.08.12“Social Media: Friend or Enemy? What We’ve Learned after Several Years in the Age of Social Media,” Marcus M. Crider, Presenter at the American Forest & Paper Association 2012 Employee Relations Conference
03.02.122012 Healthcare Briefing Series, Part 1 - "Compliance and Conflict: Effectively Enforcing Corporate Compliance Programs Without Turning Violators Into Whistleblowers"
02.27.12“ACOs Are Here to Stay-What To Do Now?,” Kim Harvey Looney, Panelist at American Health Lawyers Association Long Term Care and the Law Program
02.16.125th Annual Non Profit Seminar5th_Annual_Non_Profit_Seminar_Logo
February 2012"Environmental Law Update," Rebecca W. Pritchett, Presenter, Alabama Forestry Association Mid-Winter Meeting
Feb 2012"Review of Factors to Consider When Determining Who Should Engage the Geotechnical Consultant," Chris Dunn, Co-Presenter, ABA Forum on the Construction Industry Midwinter Meeting  (Houston, TX)
02.09.12“Careful Drafting: How Stark Has Changed The Risk Calculus.” Kim Harvey Looney, Panelist at AHLA Physicians and Physician Organizations Law Institute/ Hospitals And Health Systems Law Institute
02.03.12“Hold It Right There!  Now, Move Your Hand, Real Slow-Like: Valuation Challenges in the Current Economic Times," Eric J. Taube, Panelist, 29th Annual Advanced Business Bankruptcy Course
02.2012"Negotiating the Bank M&A Transaction in the Post Meltdown Environment," Presented by Richard T. Hills, Georgia Institute of Continuing Legal Education, Banking & Finance Law, February 2012
2011Financial Institution Fraud Detection & Prevention, "From One Big House to Another: Fraud Detection Lessons Learned from the Community Bank Prosecutions"
1.2012"Investigations in the Life Sciences, Healthcare & Pharma Industries: Lessons Learned and their Applicability to Other Industries," Richard Westling, Panelist, ABA 4th Annual National Institute on Internal Corporate Investigations and Forum
12.15.11“A Closer Look at Medicare ACOs,” Kim Harvey Looney, Panelist at Modern Healthcare Webinar
12.09.112011 Alabama Banking Seminar
12.08.11Automotive Industry Legal Seminar: Ethics & Legal Developments
11.07.11Directions in Healthcare 2011Directions_In_Healthcare_2011_Logo
11.07.11"Collaboration and Cooperation between Not-for-Profit and Investor-Owned Providers," Brian R. Browder, Moderator at Directions in Healthcare 2011
"Financing the Future: Options and Outlook for Not-for-Profit and Investor-Owned Providers," Robert L. Harris, Moderator at Directions in Healthcare 2011
11.06.11"Deal Making in Healthcare," Brian R. Browder, Moderator at Leadership in Healthcare - Argyle Executive Forum
11.2011“Protection of Product Shape via 3-D Trademarks and Design Patents,” Presented by Matthew C. Cox, Tennessee Intellectual Property Law Association Fall Meeting, November 2011
10.27.11“Overview of the Medicare Shared Savings Program Final Regulations, Part II,” Kim Harvey Looney, Moderator at AHLA Accountable Care Organization Task Force Webinar
10.27.11 “Note Purchase and Sale Agreements,” Eric J. Taube, Co-Presenter, State Bar of Texas 4th Annual Advanced Real Estate Strategies Course
10.12.11“Physician Contracting Issues,” Kim Harvey Looney, Panelist at Tennessee Bar Association’s 2012 Health Law Primer
10.12.11“Latest and Greatest about ACOs,” Kim Harvey Looney, Panelist at Tennessee Bar Association 23rd Annual Health Law Forum
10.06.11FLSA Wage and Hour Seminar
10.06.11Time is Money: Advanced Strategies to Reduce Wage/Hour Risk
9/23/2011"Recent Trends in Healthcare Financing," Robert L. Harris, Moderator at Leadership Health Care
09.21.11Alumni Appreciation Event
09.13.11Employment Law In-House Roundtable
09.11.11"Your Construction Project is at Death's Door! Practical Strategies to Avoid a Date with the Devil," Ryan Cochran and Chris Dunn, Presenters, IMLA 2011 Annual Conference (Chicago, IL)
09.2011“Practical Considerations in Initiating Intellectual Property Litigation,” Presented by Matthew C. Cox, Tennessee Bar Association, TennBarU CLE, September 2011
08.23.11Healthcare Fraud Enforcement Briefing
08.19.112011 Southeastern Banking Seminar
08.05.11Healthcare Fraud Enforcement Briefing
05.19.11BDO's "Mid-Year Accounting and Tax Update Seminar", Leigh Griffith, Speaker
05.13.11Healthcare Law
05.10.11The ACO Era Begins: An Overview of Accountable Care Organizations Including Results from a New Survey on ACOs
04.27.11"RCRA Exclusions and Exemptions: A View from Three Perspectives," Ed Callaway, Presenter, 2011 Environmental Show of the South
4/1/2011"Financing Physician Practices: A Shifting Landscape," Robert L. Harris, Presenter at Yale Healthcare Conference
04.2011"Impact of Dodd-Frank on Technology Companies," Presented by Richard T. Hills, Virginia Technology Council, General Counsel Committee, April 2011
2/23/2011"Lockbox Remedies: Enforceability of Court Orders Directing Medicare and Medicaid Payments to Secured Lenders," Robert L. Harris, Presenter at Client Healthcare Team Retreat
February 2011"Secrets from the Experts: How to Close Troubled Assets," Rebecca W. Pritchett, Presenter, BirminghamCREW
02.02.11Selling a Business: Getting What You Need and Using Employee Stock Ownership Plans for the Sale
11.18.10What to Expect: 2010-2020
11.18.10"Economic Substance / No Fault Penalty: IRC Sections 7701(o), 6662(b)(6)(i), 6664(c)(2), and 6676(c)," Leigh Griffith, Presenter, TN Federal Tax Conference
November 2010"Environmental Issues in Real Estate Transactions," Rebecca W. Pritchett, Presenter,National Business Institute, Alabama Real Estate Law: Advanced Issues and Answers
11.10.10"Economic Substance / No Fault Penalty," Leigh Griffith, Presenter, No Name Tax Club
11.05.10"Tennessee Franchise & Excise Tax Developments," Leigh Griffith, Presenter, TSCPA State Tax Conference
2010“The Greening of Commercial Office Leases,” Christy L. Pennington, Presenter, Landlord-Tenant Law in Texas
10.21.10"Recurrent and Developing Issues Encountered in Sales Pursuant to Section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code," Eric J. Taube, Presenter, State Bar of Texas 4th Annual Advanced Real Estate Strategies Course
October 2010"Making Your Network Work for You: An Intermediate Networking Workshop" Rebecca W. Pritchett, Presenter, BirminghamCREW
10.07.10“ACOs and Other Integration Models,” Kim Harvey Looney, Panelist at Tennessee Bar Association 22nd Annual Health Law Forum
2010“Tip-Toeing Through the Mitigation Minefield - Lease Termination,” Christy L. Pennington, Presenter Advanced Real Estate Strategies
09.30.10"Hospital Systems' Perspectives on the Market," Brian R. Browder, Moderator at Healthcare Deal Making Summit
09.29.10Healthcare Deal Making Summit
09.16.10"Tax Practice 2010 not 2020," Leigh Griffith, Presenter, Chattanooga Tax Practitioners
Sep 2010Courtney Rogers, Presenter, Tribune Bankruptcy, The Royal Bank of Scotland Distressed Debt Conference
08.25.10Honing the HR Skills that Help You Stay Out of Legal Hot Water (and Save You Money)
July 2010"Natural Resource Damage Assessments and the Gulf Coast Oil Spill," Rebecca W. Pritchett, Presenter, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana State Bars, Deepwater Horizon: Legal Challenges & Environmental Consequences
July 2010"Hazardous Waste Regulation," Rebecca W. Pritchett, Presenter, National Business Institute, Environmental Law from A to Z
July 2010"Major Issues in Water Use and Pollution," Rebecca W. Pritchett, Presenter, National Business Institute, Environmental Law from A to Z
07.15.10"Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Small Employer Medical Insurance Tax Credit," Leigh Griffith, Presenter at SBA-TN Procurement Summit
06.03.10“Commercial Real Estate,” Eric J. Taube, Moderator, 28th Annual Advanced Business Bankruptcy Course
05.29.10"Defining Solid Waste: Reactions and Responses to the New Rule," Ed Callaway, Moderator, ABA Section of Environment, Energy and Resources, 2010 Key Environmental Issues in U.S. EPA Region 4
04.05.10“A Moving Target: How to Hit the Mark on CRE Valuations in a Distressed Market,” Eric J. Taube, Moderator, Five Star Institute Commercial Default 360°
03.25.10Distressed Healthcare Opportunities Symposium
03.04.10Sustainability Breakfast Series
02.25.10Knowing Your Fiduciary Responsibilities and Keeping Up-to-Date with Changes in Employee Benefits Law
02.18.10Nonprofit Seminar
02.18.10"Fiduciary Duties, Conflicts of Interest and Private Gain in a Nonprofit World." Paul S. Davidson, Panelist at 2010 Waller Nonprofit Conference
02.15.10"Due Diligence in Healthcare M&A Transactions," Brian R. Browder, Presenter at Vanderbilt Healthcare Business Association
01.29.10Roth Conversion Seminar
01.11.10Nonprofit Seminar
01.11.10Sustainability Breakfast Series
01.11.102010 Southeastern Banking Seminar
01.04.102010 Sustainability Breakfast Series
12.16.092010 Sustainability Breakfast Series
2009Legislative Update – Real Estate Law,” Christy L. Pennington, Presenter, Webinar
11.19.09"Cancellation of Debt --Section 108(i) Deferral, Tax Rules, But More Importantly, Processes to Avoid Your Client Being Sued," Leigh Griffith, Presenter, TSCPA Federal Tax Conference
Nov 2009"Fundamentals of Construction Law," Chris Dunn, Presenter, ABA Forum on the Construction Industry Regional Meeting (Nashville, TN)
2009“Show Your True Colors: The Greening of Commercial Office Leases,” Christy L. Pennington, Presenter, Advanced Real Estate Strategies
2009“Legislative Update – Real Estate,” Christy L. Pennington, Presenter, State Bar Annual Meeting, State Bar of Texas
09.21.09Healthcare Dealmaking Summit
09.21.09"Deal Execution from a Legal Perspective," Brian R. Browder, Presenter at Crafting the Deal in Healthcare M&A
09.16.09"2009 Technical Corrections Bill: FONCE and Related Provisions," Leigh Griffith, Presenter, Chattanooga Tax Practitioners
September 2009"Environmental Issues on Foreclosed Properties: Avoiding the Landmines," Rebecca W. Pritchett, Presenter, BirminghamCREW
08.28.09Healthcare Owner's Construction Law Series
08.25.09Do you know what the current market has done to  the value of your business?
08.25.09The 2009 Tennessee Technical Corrections Bill: How will changes affect your business?
08.21.092009 Southeastern Banking Seminar
08.20.09"Obama Tax Changes: Are You Stimulated?," Leigh Griffith, Presenter, TSCPA Tax Accounting Show
07.30.09Healthcare Reform Update
06.26.09Waller Lansden Bankruptcy and Restructuring Attorney Bobby Guy to Moderate Panel at American Bankruptcy Institute Conference
06.17.09“Chapter 11 Statistics and Other Highly Relevant Information,” Eric J. Taube, Presenter, Bankruptcy Law Section of the State Bar of Texas 2009 Bench/Bar Conference
June 2009"New Owner Discovery of an Environmental Problem--What Do We Do Now?," Rebecca W. Pritchett, Presenter, Alabama State Bar Environmental Section, 18th Annual Beach & Bar Symposium
May 2009"What's New in Water Law?," Rebecca W. Pritchett, Moderator, American Bar Association, Recent Developments in U.S. EPA Region 4
05.13.09Rethinking Everything Roundtable: HR Strategies in a Crisis Economy
05.06.09Change Has Come: Navigating Post-Election Changes to the Employment Law Landscape
04.24.09“Overview of Representation of Creditors in Bankruptcy Proceedings,” Eric J. Taube, Presenter, 32nd Annual General Practice Institute, Baylor Law School
04.23.09The HITECH ACT-- What's on the Horizon for Electronic Medical Records, HIPAA and Data Security
04.22.09"2008 Definition of Solid Waste: Background and Legal Issues," Ed Callaway, Presenter, 2009 Environmental Show of the South
Apr 2009"Forum Experience Program," Chris Dunn, Presenter, ABA Forum on Construction Industry Annual Meeting (New Orleans, LA)
04.06.092009 In-House Counsel Conference
04.06.09"What to Expect and How to Manage Litigation Costs in 2009," Paul S. Davidson, Presenter at 2009 In-House Counsel Conference
02.19.09Distressed Healthcare Opportunities Symposium
02.19.09What Every Nonprofit Board Member Needs to Know
02.04.09"Health Law Enforcement Update," Jennifer L. Weaver, Sheila Sawyer, and Patricia O. Powers, Presenters at Breakfast Briefing
November 2008"Recycling Contaminated Property for Fun and Profit," Rebecca W. Pritchett, Presenter, City of Birmingham, Economic Development Summit
Sep 2008"Sharp Edges: The Owner/Developers Guide to the 2007 AIA and ConsensusDOCS Form Contract Documents," Chris Dunn, Presenter, ABA Forum on the Construction Industry Fall Meeting (Newport, RI)
09.15.08"How Much Diligence Is Due: What to Watch for in Healthcare Deals," Brian R. Browder, Presenter at Healthcare Deals: Looking Ahead
07.14.08Healthcare Breakfast Briefing: The Intersection of Quality and Compliance
07.09.08"Knowledge Is Power: Staying on top of recent changes in employment law."
07.09.08“Enforcement of Judgment, Creditor and Landlord Remedies and Bankruptcy Issues in Texas,” Mark C. Taylor, Presenter, 2008 Sterling Education “Landlord-Tenant Law in Texas” seminar
07.07.08Private Equity Forum (Ninth Annual - Live Webcast)
06.26.08“Professional Fee Awards in Bankruptcy Cases,” Mark C. Taylor, Presenter, 2008 State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting
2008"Environmental Regulations Affecting Development," Ed Callaway, Presenter, Strafford Seminars
2008"Environmental Crimes," Ed Callaway, Presenter, Tennessee Bar Association CLE Program
06.11.082008 Southeastern Banking Seminar
04.29.08"Real Estate Litigation in Tennessee," Chris Dunn, Co-Presenter, Real Estate Law Seminar (Nashville, TN)
04.24.08"Anatomy of a Hazardous Waste Enforcement Case," Ed Callaway, Presenter, 2008 Environmental Show of the South
04.23.08"Legal Issues in Obtaining a Natural Bioattenuation ROD," Ed Callaway, Presenter, 2008 Environmental Show of the South
04.09.08Healthcare Deal Making Summit
March 2008"Making Brownfields Transactions Work," Rebecca W. Pritchett, Presenter, BirminghamCREW
03.11.08Breakfast Briefing: The Prognosis for Physician Joint Ventures
02.07.08"Managing E-Discovery: The Newest Chapter," Paul S. Davidson, Presenter at Trial and Appellate Roundtable Discussion
01.03.08What Every Nonprofit Board Member Wants to Know But is Afraid to Ask
2007“Legislative Update – Real Estate,” Christy L. Pennington, State Bar College “Summer School,” State Bar of Texas
Apr 2007"Project Drawings--If you Pay for It, Do You Own It?," Chris Dunn, Presenter, ABA Forum on the Construction Industry Annual Meeting (Puerto Rico)
2007“Legislative Update,” Christy L. Pennington, Presenter, Real Estate Law Conference, South Texas College of Law
02.22.07“Bankruptcy Issues in Developed Real Estate,” Mark C. Taylor, Presenter, 2007 State Bar of Texas Advanced Business Bankruptcy Seminar
04.26.06"Emerging AAI Issues," Ed Callaway, Presenter, 2006 Environmental Show of the South
2004"Environmental Due Diligence: A Case Study and Lessons Learned," Ed Callaway, Presenter, 2004 Wal-Mart SuperConference
Press Releases
05.26.1735 Waller Attorneys Recognized in Chambers USA
05.24.17Nashville Business Journal Names Eight Waller Attorneys Best of the Bar
05.18.17Waller Goes on Board as Legal Sponsor for Newly Formed Tennessee Center for Family Business
03.27.17Waller Attorneys Recognized in Nashville Post’s 2017 In Charge List
03.22.17Waller Elects Two Partners to Board of Directors, Names New Chief Business Development Officer
02.02.17Waller Elects Twelve New Partners
02.01.17Don Moody Recognized Among Most Influential  in Dental Industry  as Waller Expands its Dental and DSO Legal Practice
01.17.17Waller Attorneys Named to Ambulatory M&A Advisor Leading Lawyers List
11.08.16Waller Strengthens Government Relations Practice  with New Hire Catie Lane Bailey
10.21.16Best Lawyers in America© 2017 Recognizes 62 Waller Attorneys
10.21.16Former Waller Associate Gilbert Dickey Selected for Supreme Court Clerkship
06.28.16Waller Earns “AHLA Top Honors” for the Tenth Consecutive Year
06.16.16Waller Adds New Partner, Four Associates
06.14.16 Waller Elects Three Partners to Board of Directors and Names Three New Practice Leaders
05.27.1632 Waller Attorneys Recognized in Chambers USA; Healthcare Practice Earns National Recognition
04.06.16Waller Expands Depth of Patent Team, Earns National Recognitions for Intellectual Property Group
02.01.16Waller Adds 13 Attorneys from Taube Summers in Austin
01.11.16Waller Elects Seven New Partners
2016Nashville Post Honors Waller Attorneys for 2016 In Charge List
12.23.15Waller Named to The American Bar Association's Health Law Top 10 List
11.30.15Lew Conner to Receive 2015 John C. Tune Public Service Award
11.10.15Veteran Attorneys Patsy Powers and Richard Westling Return to Waller’s Healthcare Compliance and Government Enforcement Defense Team
10.06.15Waller Announces New Leadership for its Financial Services Department
08.26.15Best Lawyers in America 2016 Recognizes 65 Waller Attorneys
06.30.15Waller Receives Top Honors From American Health Lawyers Association for 9th Consecutive Year
06.10.15Waller Attorneys Set To Speak at First-Ever National Conference for Freestanding Emergency Centers
05.27.15Waller Expands its Birmingham Office with 2 Additional Attorneys
05.21.15Waller Adds Six Attorneys in Nashville and Memphis
03.30.15Waller Adds Team for High-Profile Litigation
03.19.15Healthcare Attorney Elizabeth N. Pitman Joins Waller’s Birmingham Office
03.18.1528 Waller Attorneys Recognized in Chambers USA
03.9.15Waller Named to The American Bar Association's Health Law Top 10 List
02.26.15Waller Launches Healthcare Law Blog
02.04.15Waller Adds 11 Attorneys, Expands Several Core Practice Groups
01.20.15Waller Names 11 New Partners
01.07.15Renowned Intellectual Property Attorney Jack Waddey Joins Waller Along With Five More IP Attorneys
01.06.15Waller Strengthens Government Investigations and White Collar Practice With Hiring of Former Assistant United States Attorney J.D. Thomas
10.21.14Waller Launches Comprehensive Ebola Legal Resource Site
09.22.14Veteran Healthcare Information Technology Attorneys Steve Blumenthal and Kristen Johns Join Waller
07.17.14Waller Ranked Fifth Largest U.S. Healthcare Law Firm  by Modern Healthcare
07.10.14Waller Announces Completion of Healthcare IT Transactions
06.24.14Matt Burnstein Elected Chairman at Waller, Will Lead Firm’s Implementation of New Strategic Plan
06.17.14Waller Receives Top Honors from American Health Lawyers Association
06.12.14Five Waller Attorneys Named 2014 Alabama Super Lawyers
05.27.1432 Waller Attorneys Recognized in Chambers USA
05.13.14Waller Hires Morgan Ribeiro as Executive Director of Healthcare Department
04.23.14Waller Adds Five Healthcare Attorneys in Three Offices
04.16.14Katie Stenberg Elected to Waller's Board of Directors
04.02.14Alberto Gonzales Named Dean of Belmont University College of Law
03.18.14William Athanas and Rebecca Wright Pritchett  Named 2014 Top Attorneys by Birmingham Magazine
02.19.14Four Veteran Attorneys Join Waller as Firm Launches Memphis Office
01.03.14Community Leader Francis S. Guess to be Keynote Speaker at Waller’s MLK Tribute
10.28.13Noted Healthcare Attorney Colin Luke Joins Waller in Birmingham
09.05.13Waller Associate Named to American Health Lawyers Association Advisory Council on Diversity
09.05.13Waller Diversity Scholarship Awarded to UT College of Law Student
09.03.13Ken Marlow Named Chair of Waller Healthcare Department
07.22.13Amanda K. Jester Joins Waller as Partner
06.01.13Waller Receives Top Honors from American Health Lawyers Association
05.24.13Thirty-One Waller Attorneys Recognized as "Leaders in the Field: By Chambers USA
05.02.13Waller Signs Lease in Prominent Downtown Austin Location
04.17.13Waller Expands, Nashville's Largest Law Firm Adds 17 New Attorneys
03.25.13Waller's Heather Hubbard Named Fellow to Leadership Council on Legal Diversity
02.14.13Waller Adds Two Distinguished Healthcare Attorneys to Austin Office
02.05.13Waller's Murdock Receives Leadership Award from Nashville Bar
01.15.13Waller Attorney Announced within Nashville Emerging Leader's Class of 2013
12.20.12Civil Rights Leaders to Reunite in Nashville For Waller’s MLK Day Tribute  
12.19.12Waller Elects Five New Partners
10.05.12Waller Attorney Recognized as One Of Nashville's Top 30 Under 30
09.13.12Five Waller Attorneys Named Nashville's 2013 Lawyers of the Year by Best Lawyers
08.29.12Waller Awards Diversity Scholarship to UT College of Law Student
07.03.12Waller Receives AHLA Top Honors
06.19.12Waller Expands into Austin, Texas
05.23.12Waller Adds Esteemed Scientist, Patent Attorney to Intellectual Property Practice
04.17.12Waller Lansden Announces New Directors to Board
04.16.12Waller Lansden Announces New Practice Group Leaders
03.27.12Vinh Duong Named Fellow for Leadership Council on Legal Diversity Corporate Immigration Attorney Joins Prestigious National Leadership & Diversity Program
02.24.12Twenty-Four Waller Lansden Attorneys Recognized as "Leaders in the Field" by Chambers USA
02.10.12Napier-Looby Bar Association Names 2012 Slate of Officers, David Green of Waller Lansden Elected President, TBA Today
01.23.12Heather J. Hubbard selected to participate in the Tennessee Bar Association's 2012 Leadership Law Program
01.05.12Waller Lansden Announces Eight New Partners
10.14.11Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis Adds 19 Attorneys, Expands Several Core Practice Groups
10.05.11Former United States Attorney General Judge Alberto Gonzales Joins Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis
09.01.11Waller Lansden Diversity Scholarship Recipient Announced
07.21.11Waller Lansden Announces New National Healthcare Conference
04.05.11Waller Lansden Takes Home Top Honors at Prestigious National Legal Marketing Awards Program
03.18.11Noted Healthcare/White Collar Defense Attorney Richard Westling Joins Waller Lansden
01.26.11Three Waller Lansden Attorneys Named "Lawyer of the Year" by The Best Lawyers in America 2011; 45 Attorneys Recognized in 30 Practice Areas
09.10.10Waller Lansden's Innovative Recruiting Program Garners National Attention
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