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In today's environmentally sensitive world, there is opposition to almost any new project. The many public participation requirements for permit approvals often result in impediments to projects, and costly delays. Waller works closely with clients to anticipate such controversies, and to develop proactive strategies designed to meet the critical time frames for obtaining permits and regulatory approvals.

Waller's environmental attorneys help clients secure the required permits and other regulatory authorizations necessary for their operations, and to develop, negotiate, and defend permits and regulatory approvals under all major statutory programs.

We recognize that the permitting process often involves both "technical" and "political" discussions, and we work closely with our clients to develop a successful permitting strategy to address both. Finally, we work to ensure that the terms and conditions imposed in the permits do not unduly burden the future operations of the client's business.

From greenfield manufacturing plants, to large commercial or residential developments, to pipeline projects extending hundreds of miles, as well as landfills and hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities—once the permits are in place, we partner with clients to ensure mechanisms exist to ensure ongoing compliance with minimal disruption to operations.

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