Government Relations

Every day, legislative and regulatory changes occur that directly impact the course of business for most entities. Capitalizing on the strong track record of our attorneys and policy advisors to effect change, Waller represents the interests of our clients before federal, state and local decision-makers. We support clients through administrative and legislative advocacy, and also represent many of the most significant companies relocating to or expanding within Tennessee. We are personally invested in client outcomes

Clients choose Waller for our:

  • Previous experience in key government positions
  • Relationships with federal, state and local government staff, other lobbyists, legislators and executive branch officials
  • Multi-disciplinary approach, ensuring a high level of client representation on cross-practice area matters
  • Awareness of the economic factors that influence local, regional, and national real estate markets for companies wishing to relocate
  • Track record of positive results

Waller attorneys are:

  • A strong lobbying force before the Tennessee General Assembly, the executive branch of the Tennessee state government, and local governments and agencies
  • Known for our in-depth work in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services, information technology, and telecommunications


Administrative and Legislative Advocacy

Waller's government relations team supports clients through lobbying, monitoring of legislation and compliance counseling. Those efforts include:


  • Promote, oppose or amend specific legislation for clients
  • Legislative drafting services
  • Represent clients at legislative committee meetings and hearings
  • Provide public testimony
  • Attend one-on-one meetings to advocate our clients' interests


  • Track federal, state or local legislation of interest to clients
  • Review proposed legislation to identify bills and proposed laws that may impact clients
  • Daily review of status changes on selected bills
  • Weekly reports to clients
  • Attendance at committee hearings and public hearings and debates

Compliance issues

  • Provide counsel on compliance issues related to Political Action Committees (PACs) and election finance including:
  • PAC contributions and limits
  • Governance and compliance with federal and state campaign finance laws
  • Review proposed state and local political contributions
  • Advise corporations or PACs on potential ramifications of contributions


Relocating and Expanding Business - Economic Development and Incentives

Because Tennessee has been an especially popular state for companies seeking to relocate or expand their businesses, Waller attorneys have significant experience facilitating those deals.

We are known for our:

  • Representation of many of the most significant companies relocating to, or expanding within, Tennessee
  • Interdisciplinary team of attorneys skilled in the many nuances of relocation, expansion and incentives programs
  • Ability to assist clients with both discretionary incentives available to relocating or expanding businesses negotiated on a case-by-case basis, and those established by statute
  • Nationally recognized state taxation practice essential to an understanding of potential business cost savings of a proposed move or expansion, and the maximization of relocation and expansion incentives
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