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Intellectual Property


In the digital age, every company owns or licenses some type of intellectual property, whether it be in the form of software, trade secrets, copyrightable materials, brand names or technology.  Proper acquisition and maintenance of intellectual property rights is vital to the success and growth of a business whether it operates in the manufacturing, healthcare, franchise or retail industries.  From start-ups to publicly traded companies, clients rely on the knowledge and experience of Waller, a thought leader in the field of intellectual property.

Sharing our clients' spirit of entrepreneurship and invention, we closely align our strategy with that of our clients, providing direction to help them meet their goals. Waller draws from a multi-disciplinary team of attorneys to represent clients in the following areas:

Clients choose Waller for our:

  • Devotion to understanding the industry and needs of our clients
  • Responsiveness and personalized attention
  • Extensive experience 
  • Diligence in pursuing every project

No matter how complicated the issue may be, we bring the knowledge, experience and intensity necessary to succeed, while keeping our sense of humor and maintaining friendly relationships with our clients. 


Chambers USA (Tennessee) has recognized Waller’s Intellectual Property group as “A diverse, market-leading practice with particular strength in patent prosecution and trademarks. Frequently engaged in licensing work on behalf of prestigious healthcare clients.”



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