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Software Licensing/IT Outsourcing


For more than 40 years, Waller lawyers have helped a broad spectrum of businesses throughout the United States to navigate the complexities of information technology, intellectual property and evolving federal regulations.  In today’s business climate, all businesses are faced with increasingly complex privacy and security regulations related to information systems licensing, information communications technology and outsourcing relationships. 

Manufacturers and service providers, including financial institutions and three of the six largest investor-owned hospital systems in the United States, rely on Waller for representation in information technology, information communications technology and intellectual property matters.  Our attorneys have assisted clients with development and implementation of strategies for deployment and management of complex information systems and technology transactions with values ranging up to two billion dollars.  We also represent clients in matters that may not have direct financial impact but are nevertheless critical components of their business plans.  The depth and breadth of our experience provides clients with a critical advantage when evaluating the technology components of their strategic plans and in negotiating agreements between licensors, licensees, buyers, sellers and third-party hardware, software and service providers.

Clients also rely on our intellectual property and information technology experience for due diligence in M&A matters.  We offer depth of experience and practical insight to the tasks of evaluating complex transactions involving the transfer of critical intellectual property rights, including seller’s proprietary rights, rights licensed-in from third parties; ongoing technology development projects, ongoing outsourcing agreements and compliance with privacy and data security requirements.

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