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Wage and Hour (FLSA)


When wage and hour issues escalate into government investigations or employee lawsuits, Waller is there to help protect employers in virtually every industry.
Our seasoned attorneys:

  • Provide counsel during Department of Labor audits and investigations
  • Have a long history of defending lawsuits in state and federal courts over allegations of unpaid overtime, off-the-clock work, and other Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) violations
  • Successfully argue against certification of several collective actions and obtain favorable resolutions in nationwide collective actions

Waller also provides comprehensive wage and hour audits that review compliance with both federal and state laws, including:

  • Helping with management decisions on assigning specific duties and tasks to ensure exempt and non-exempt status 
  • Proper classification of exempt and non-exempt employees
  • Refining job descriptions

To further assist clients, we develop customized training programs on wage and hour compliance issues, and conduct employee handbook reviews to help ensure that payroll practices are compliant with federal and state law.

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ServicesWage and Hour (FLSA)
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