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Litigation & Dispute Resolution


When conflicts arise, clients turn to Waller because their objectives are our first concern. Whether the goal is to quietly resolve a dispute with as little disruption as possible, or to mount a full-scale pursuit or response, our attorneys work with clients to quickly define the best course of action to obtain results with minimal disruption and financial impact on the business.

Experienced in the courtroom, Waller's litigation team can handle any adversarial situation, whether at trial, arbitration, or on appeal. Harnessing our collectively broad and diverse talent, vast experience, multi-disciplinary approach and dedication to achieving success as defined by our clients, Waller attorneys are tenacious advocates, and what's more, our clients enjoy working with us.

Clients choose Waller for:

  • Subject matter and industry knowledge
  • Thoughtful strategy preparation
  • Direct, candid approach
  • Frequent, ongoing communication
  • Thorough understanding of each clients’ business
  • Staffing matters for the client’s needs, not ours

Although we seek to resolve differences expediently, sometimes going to court is the best solution. Whether displaying our formidable courtroom presence and willingness to do battle, or guiding clients through the dispute resolution process, we bring an impressive track record to every dispute.

Service Highlights

  • Over 100 years of experience representing clients and resolving disputes
  • National recognition in more than 10 core industries, including:
    • Antitrust
    • Financial services
    • Class actions
    • Commercial litigation
    • Environmental and toxic torts
    • Healthcare
    • Intellectual property
    • Securities
  • Regularly represent clients in contested matters and investigations before federal and state governmental agencies
  • Active in the DRI, IADC and the American College of Trial Lawyers

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Recognizing that mediation and mandatory arbitration contractual provisions have become common and that a courtroom is not always where clients can best resolve matters, Waller's litigators routinely and adeptly handle all forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Not only are clients served by our attorneys' comfort in ADR settings, several of Waller's seasoned litigators are listed by the Tennessee Supreme Court as Rule 31 general civil mediators, the American College of Civil Trial Mediators and AAA arbitrators. These respected attorneys bring candor, empathy, and integrity to their role as mediator and are regularly sought after by parties to highly complex business disputes.

Appellate Practice

Whether the appellant or appellee, clients are assured that Waller has a successful track record in the appellate courts. Bolstering our experience, the litigation team includes a specially appointed Chief Justice of the Tennessee Supreme Court and former appellate judges, federal prosecutors, and judicial clerks.



Chambers USA (Alabama and Tennessee) recognizes Waller’s Litigation group, noting one client’s statement, “They're exceptional. They're strong communicators with clients and judges, and they offer outstanding research and writing skills."

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