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E-Discovery and Data Management

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Attorneys and clients with complex litigation matters rely on Waller's e-discovery team to assess the costs and risks associated with e-discovery and data management.  

Data management capabilities:

  • Design customized records management and retention policies based upon industry standards and governmental statutes and regulations
  • Assist with implementation of systems and policies and train management and employees on best practices
  • Audit systems to identify potential weaknesses and non-compliance
  • Design customized litigation readiness and response plan based on specific needs and litigation profile

E-discovery services provided:

  • Manage document preservation, collection, review and production in litigation and government investigations
  • Identify relevant custodians, draft litigation hold, and implement hold
  • Conduct Rule 26(f) conferences related to e-discovery and customize plan to avoid surprises and costs
  • Assess needs and customize e-discovery plan including search and review procedures based on costs and risks
  • Identify and assist in evaluating available technologies to manage time and cost
  • Prepare and respond to motions to compel and for sanctions
  • Address data privacy concerns including counseling on cross-border discovery issues such as the EU Data Protection Directive

Waller's e-discovery chair and legal technology director are participating members of the Sedona Conference Working Group on E-discovery and The Electronic Discovery Reference Model Working Group.

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ServicesE-Discovery and Data Management
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