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Products Liability


Faced with the challenges of an increasingly litigious marketplace, pharmaceutical, medical device, and other similar companies—as well as manufacturers, suppliers and retailers—routinely rely on Waller attorneys to resolve product liability disputes and minimize business disruption and exposure.

Because successful representation of products liability matters begins with two key components—comprehensive knowledge of the product and a clear understanding of our client's goals—our attorneys work to develop a detailed knowledge of the product, as well as its underlying science and technology, from the outset. By recognizing what clients consider most important, and understanding their risk tolerance, we provide early analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the case, and then recommend the most efficient and cost-effective strategy for achieving resolution.

While clients benefit from Waller's leading-edge competency in the healthcare field, they also appreciate our personal approach and easy-going manner as we untangle any challenge thrown at us.

Nationally recognized, our attorneys serve in national, regional, and local counsel roles in both individual and mass tort actions. We are active in organizations such as the DRI, IADC, and the American College of Trial Lawyers.

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