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Land Use / Zoning


With extensive experience before administrative, trial, and appellate courts in land use litigation, including condemnation, boundary and easement disputes, Waller has represented governmental entities and private entities with condemnation authority, as well as defendants in a multitude of land use, zoning, and eminent domain proceedings. Waller has particular experience in multi-party linear project condemnation proceedings associated with utility construction projects.

Our clients with complicated land use projects benefit from our comprehensive experience in zoning, environmental, local, state, and federal administrative law and government relations. For many years, wireless communication tower companies have relied on Waller for obtaining zoning approvals from county and municipal planning commissions and boards of zoning appeals throughout Tennessee as well as to coordinate and oversee local zoning counsel for out-of-state zoning and land use matters.

We offer our clients not only sound land use and zoning counsel, but also comprehensive assistance on the myriad issues that site development in the 21st century entails: environmental, growth planning, real estate acquisition and financing, tax and government relations. Our land use planning and zoning practice has involved numerous industry and commercial projects, including those related to regional shopping malls, significant single tenant developments, quarries, landfills, utility structures and wireless communications towers.

Clients turn to Waller for our:

  • Ability to interpret, apply, and comply with complex and changing local, state, and federal laws
  • In-depth knowledge of Tennessee's Smart Growth law—and the regulatory, administrative, and litigation options available
  • Extensive experience before administrative, trial and appellate courts in land use litigation
  • Comprehensive client support
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ServicesLand Use / Zoning
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