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Tax Litigation


Waller attorneys feel a deep sense of partnership with, and dedication to, local and state businesses. With multiple state and local tax suits currently pending, Waller's attorneys are at the forefront of virtually every breaking state and local tax issue faced by Tennessee's business community. Our experience with state and local tax litigation extends to other business matters for our clients as well, including the proper tax treatment of mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, and additional transactions.

We have helped taxpayers prevail dozens of state tax cases in the Tennessee Appellate Courts. Our representative major corporate taxpayer suits against taxing authorities include cases to recover:

  • business taxes
  • excise taxes
  • franchise taxes
  • fuel taxes
  • income taxes
  • liquor taxes
  • property taxes
  • sales and use taxes

Because we strive to reduce any disruption to our clients' businesses, in many instances, litigation is unnecessary. Our attorneys attempt to resolve issues at the audit level, at informal conferences with Department of Revenue hearing officers, or through informal settlement discussions. Through these discussions, we stay abreast of evolving Departmental positions and are often in position to pass on timely planning advice to our tax clients.

In addition, Waller represents taxpayers in a wide range of property tax disputes before local assessors and the Tennessee State Board of Equalization.

Waller's team of Tax Litigation attorneys includes a former Tennessee Commissioner of Revenue.

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