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If you are contacting Waller about the possibility of representation in a legal matter, please be aware that a check to ensure there are no conflicts must be undertaken prior to establishing a client relationship with you. Please do not include any detail at this time that you would expect to be protected by attorney-client privilege. That protection is granted only upon execution of a Letter of Engagement which will be provided to you by Waller after all potential conflicts have been cleared. Thank you.

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Nashville City Center
511 Union St, Suite 2700
Nashville, TN 37219
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100 Congress Ave, Suite 1800
Austin, TX 78701
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1901 Sixth Ave North, Suite 1400
Birmingham, AL 35203
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633 Chestnut St, Suite 1400
Chattanooga, TN 37450
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1715 Aaron Brenner Dr, Suite 300
Memphis, TN 38120
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