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Lincoln Health System partners with Huntsville Hospital system

Lincoln Health System, a public hospital system in Lincoln County, Tennessee, which opened its doors in 1917, integrated with Huntsville Hospital system, an out-of-state not-for-profit with eight existing facilities in Alabama. Pursuant to the terms of the deal, Huntsville Hospital committed to significant capital investments for the hospital system and to maintaining access to critical healthcare services in the community for decades to come. The County Commission unanimously approved the transaction. The Tennessee Attorney General closely scrutinized hospital transactions involving public benefit hospitals, and the transfer to an out-of-state hospital system has complicated political, legal, and economic factors that are assessed before approval is granted.

Waller was engaged by Lincoln Health System to evaluate its structure, operations, and market opportunities in order to help it maintain access to healthcare in the community. Waller advised the hospital Board and the Lincoln County Commission with regard to strategic options, and ultimately guided it through the transaction with Huntsville Hospital. Waller also secured regulatory approval for the transaction.

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