Nashville International Airport to serve alcoholic beverages before normal service hours

Nashville's International Airport includes many restaurants and vendors who sell alcoholic beverages throughout the building.

Waller assisted the airport in conceptualizing, drafting, advocating and implementing new administrative rules that allows the airport to serve alcoholic beverages hours before normal alcohol service hours. Waller previously lead successful legislation and licensing of retail bottle sales of Tennessee spirits, wine and beer to-go to travelers, and licensed expansion of alcohol service to allow patrons to carry alcoholic beverages to gates and other public spaces.

Will's Related Experience

Retailer's new design gallery serves beer and wine throughout the facility

Led the licensing efforts to allow the retailer to serve wine and beer to customers throughout its design gallery.

Liquor licensing obtained for indoor luxury hotel water park

Assisted Gaylord Opryland in obtaining liquor licensing for the four acre, $90 million dollar indoor luxury water park at the hotel.