Carter-Haston Real Estate Services purchases seven properties

Carter-Haston Real Estate Services purchased seven properties across Texas, Florida, and North Carolina. The multi-family Real Estate Investment Trust, Bluerock Residential Holdings, sold the properties for $325 million. This was a multi-year, complex deal. The portfolio included over 1,800 units.

Waller represented Carter-Haston in the purchase of six of the properties from Bluerock Residential Holdings.

Lida's Related Experience

Carter-Haston Real Estate acquires luxury Missouri apartments

Assisted Carter-Haston Real Estate on the acquisition of The Barton, a luxury apartment complex in Clayton, Missouri, for $70 million.

Carter-Haston Real Estate Services acquires The Shay for $80 million

Represented Carter-Haston Real Estate Services in the $80 million acquisition of Nashville apartment building The Shay.

Luxury apartments seek development and financing advice

Coordinated the development, financing and disposition of Station 40, a project in West Nashville that included over 250 apartment units, plus cottage townhomes and 10,000 feet of retail space in a mixed-use development.

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