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Logistics company wins non-compete agreement dispute

A logistics company hired an employee at the management level for its entertainment logistics business. After gaining access to key confidential customer and other information, that employee left the company and went to a competing company in the same industry. The employee also began poaching customers and other employees from the logistics company, all in violation of a non-compete agreement he had signed.

Waller filed suit in state court on a very short timeline on behalf of the logistics company and obtained a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) prohibiting the employee from, among other things, working for his new company and continuing to solicit employees and customers of the logistics company. Waller also successfully convinced the employee’s new employer to terminate his employment and not become involved in the litigation. Waller successfully converted the TRO to a Temporary Injunction and resolved the case to the client’s complete satisfaction.


Taylor Askew
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