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Folks Fired Up for Wine in Tennessee Grocery Stores

Aug 25, 2015

Wine hits the shelves in grocery stores starting July 1, 2016.  Theoretically.

Trader Joe's captures the excitement in this sign, photographed Monday.

Trader Joe's











There is lots to be done behind the scenes before Kroger can sell Kendall-Jackson.  The Tennessee ABC has to implement a new application process, cities have to adopt new procedures for certificates of compliance and grocers have to obtain wine licenses and  certify employees to sell wine.

Which is why we caution that July 1, 2016 is hypothetical for wine in groceries.

Eddie Brickell & the New Bohemians is philosophy 101 for us:

Choke me in the shallow waters
Before I get too deep
What I am is what I am
Are you what you are or what?

Meanwhile, we sympathize with the uneasiness among retail package store owners about the potentially dire consequences of wine in groceries.

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