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Robotic Bartender Takes Center Stage at NCSLA

Jun 19, 2015

Hailed as a "robotic bartending machine that can prepare your favorite drink in seconds," Monsieur was a magnet for curious liquor industry insiders at the 2015 NCSLA annual conference.  Monsieur can mix up to 30 different drinks from alcohol and mixers stored inside the machine.  Monsieur offers security software to monitor the number of drinks consumed by each patron, for example.

Monsieur describes the machine as being easy to use:

"Order a drink in 3 easy steps.

1. Place a glass in the cup compartment.

2. Scroll through the on-screen cocktail menu.

3. Tap the beverage of your choice to place your order."

1980's Human League synth-pop star Philip Oakey and Italian composer and producer Giorgio Moroder get it:

We'll always be together
However far it seems
(Love never ends)
We'll always be together
Together in electric dreams

Looking beyond the wow factor of a machine that can mix cocktails, we question whether Monsieur will appeal to a broad market.  Inventory in the machine is paltry for high volume applications.  Although admirable for a trail-blazing cocktail machine, drink selections are too limited to replace a traditional bartender.  The initial zing of the machine may attract technophiles, but we wonder if Monsieur is destined to be an expensive pet rock or lava lamp - an unsustainable fad.

Monsieur may be a good fit for bars at limited service hotels that lack sufficient traffic to justify paying for a bartender.  If inventory quantities are increased, Monsieur may also be useful for preparing simple drinks at high volume chain restaurants - allowing servers to make popular cocktails at drink stands and freeing up bartender time for more creative offerings.

We have photos that tell the story.

[caption id="attachment_3277" align="alignleft" width="650"]LaVonn Berry with his baby LaVonn Berry with his baby[/caption]













[caption id="attachment_3279" align="alignleft" width="650"]Order Screen Order Screen[/caption]













[caption id="attachment_3281" align="alignleft" width="433"]The Inner Workings The Inner Workings[/caption]


















The product is expected to launch later this year.

Learn more about Monsieur.


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