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Tennessee ABC Reminds Restaurants and Bars: "Were you raised in a barn? Close that door!"

Jun 4, 2015

Our eccentric grandmother Bessie was fond of chiding us for leaving the door open as a child. She would call out in her country Tennessee twang: "Were you raised in a barn? Close that door!" A recent Tennessee ABC citation reminded us of one of Bessie's favorite pet peeves. Along with a more serious infraction, the ABC cited a restaurant for leaving the patio door open. The restaurant was shocked. Although the citation was resolved without a fine, the ABC was right about the law. Patios are supposed to be enclosed to remind patrons not to leave with an alcoholic beverage. As one ABC staffer noted, "the premises should be secured." Classic Neil Young song Don't Spook The Horse is appropriate:

There's a pretty little girl, and she's living down there, Down on her daddy's farm.

If you're going to mess around with that chick, Be sure to close the barn door.

The take away. Make sure staff knows to close the barn door. Open patio gates are a no no.

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