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August 10, 2018

We believe that the Metro Nashville Beer Board has become the first local board in the State of Tennessee to officially approve “open carry” of beer between two different licensed premises, pursuant to the newly-enacted open carry law in P.C. 755.  We blogged about P.C. 755 here.

We should clarify that open carry involves carrying alcoholic beverages between two contiguous licensed premises.  Open carry is not open container, where alcohol can be carried on an open street, down a sidewalk or in other public places. 

The Metro Beer Board required full applications by each permittee in order to approve the expanded premises. Approval was required before patrons carry beer between the two permit holders. 

We have recommended that beer boards require some sort of notice, at a minimum, before alcohol is allowed to leave the traditional licensed premises.  Metro Nashville asked for an application, the $250 application fee and most of the normal documents one would expect for expanding the premises of a licensed establishment, much like adding a patio to an existing restaurant.

As much as we are disposed to rail on the man, we cannot fault Nashville’s requirement concerning open carry under P.C. 755 — it is entirely reasonable.

Our buddy Willa reminds us of Eric Church’s sentiments about cold beer and the man:

Early Monday morning, til Friday at five

Man I work, work, work but I don't climb, climb, climb

Boss man can shove that overtime up his can

All I want to do is put a drink in my hand

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