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Tennessee ABC Director Clay Byrd resigning

Sep 25, 2018

Updated 09.28.18

Tennessee ABC Director Clay Byrd is resigning to pursue a career with a local Nashville law firm, starting October 15.  Director Byrd publicly announced his resignation at the regular monthly ABC meeting on September 27.

The ABC made no announcement about interim leadership or the search for a successor.  We presume that Assistant Director Zack Blair is at the helm.

Director Byrd brought a strong business focus to the ABC, following tumultuous times under Director Keith Bell.  Director Byrd presided over a broad agenda of change in the alcoholic beverage industry, beginning with the sale of wine in grocery stores just weeks into his tenure.

We thank Director Byrd for his service to the alcoholic beverage industry and the State of Tennessee, wishing him well in his next endeavor.

Thinking of wine in grocery stores and Director Byrd leaving conjures up the UB40 classic:

Red, red wine, stay close to me

Don’t let me be alone

It’s tearing apart

My blue, blue heart

Stay tuned for more details.

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