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October 23, 2018

Today, the Metro Nashville Beer Board makes history, becoming the first Tennessee beer board to officially enter cyberspace.

On Monday, Beer Board Executive Director Benton McDonough and Amanda Webb demonstrated the new online filing system for beer board applications, and now, it's up and running.

Stardate 10.23.2018: The Metro Beer Board filing system is live.  You can now file beer applications online at this link   The beer application is in the list on the left-hand side.

Our own Kimberly Faye Clark filed the very first application online.  Particularly fitting since Kimberly also filed the first RLPS application with the Tennessee ABC.

Gone are the days of yesteryear when you had to schlep downtown to the Howard School Building and present an original application, signed in the presence of a notary.  Also gone are the days where you had to trudge back downtown to pick up an original beer permit, signed in blue ink by the Executive Director.

Although the entire Waller staff will miss seeing the smiling faces of Amanda, Benton, Doug, Jesus and Terrence at the beer board, the convenience and time savings from filing online are greatly appreciated.

In addition to being able to file beer applications, the new system also allows you to file multiple attachments online and specify outdoor seating areas.  You can also schedule your beer inspection online.

Online filing fees must be paid by credit card, with the dreaded 2.3% convenience fee.

Before you file the application, you can print the Beer Board checklist and see a list of items needed to complete the application.  Once filed, the beer board sends an email with a receipt and access code to complete the application.

Currently, temporary permits are issued the old-fashioned way, in person, at the Howard School building. 

Renewals will continue to be simple.  Unlike the intense RLPS renewal process for Tennessee ABC liquor applications, the Metro Beer Board will simply require paying the privilege tax.  No renewal applications are currently planned.

As much as we despise the catchy Timbuk 3 1980s one-hit wonder “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades,” it seems apropos:

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