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Are Certificates of Compliance headed for extinction in Tennessee for liquor and grocery stores?

Aug 19, 2019

The Tennessee legislature recently eliminated the Certificates of Compliance requirement for renewal of wine in grocery store (which we affectionately call “WIGS”) licenses.  However, all new WIGS applications still require the dreaded Certificate of Compliance.

A recent rule change by the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission eliminated the newspaper notice requirement for retail liquor stores to file Certificates of Compliance.  Like a tree falling in the woods, why bother if you don’t tell anyone about a new store.

Makes us wonder if the days of Certificates of Compliance might be numbered.

Beware: a handful of cities have local ordinances that require newspaper ads for Certificates of Compliance, including Metro Nashville.

Makes us want to play Jerrod Niemann’s overly auto-tuned hit Drink to That All Night:

Everybody knows, its gonna be one of those

I can drink to that all night

That’s the stuff I like

That’s the kind of party makes you throw your hands up high

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