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How to deliver beer in Chattanooga, Memphis and Nashville during the corona closure

Mar 25, 2020

UPDATED: March 29, 2020

Chattanooga joins the list of cities allowing beer delivery. Mayor Andy Burke entered an executive order that essentially adopts the Nashville process. The process is explained in the order (Executive Order 2020-05.pdf).

Memphis was the second city to authorize delivery and to-go beer sales by restaurants. All businesses holding an on-premise beer permit can sell sealed containers of beer to-go, including curbside, drive-through and delivery. It looks like delivery is limited to employees. The motion is attached here. (Memphis Beer Delivery Motion 4845-1834-5144 v1.pdf)

In a spot of good news for carryout, Memphis city officials are bagging downtown meters to allow temporary parking for curbside delivery and takeout.


The Metropolitan Beer Permit Board of Nashville has enacted an emergency regulation allowing restaurants, hotels and most breweries to apply for a new beer permit to deliver and sell beer curbside and to-go.

Establishments with Tennessee ABC restaurant, limited service restaurant and wine-only licenses have greater privileges under Executive Order, as we explain here.

Nashville beer delivery is the only option for hotels, caterers, premier-type tourist resorts, convention centers and other ABC special license types, as well as beer-only, on-premise permit holders, such as beer bars and breweries that do not hold ABC liquor licenses.

As of posting, we have filed delivery applications for 65 restaurants, hotels and breweries.

Here’s how to exercise delivery privileges in Nashville:

1. Give notice. Before selling to go, curbside or delivering, the Regulation requires notification to the Metro Beer Board via email at and providing the following information:

Name of the Permittee

Physical Address of the Permittee

E-mail Address

Phone Number

On or On/Off Premise Beer Permit Number

There is no application fee. The staff will issue a 30-day temporary “on/off” permit that allows the restaurant, hotel or brewery to immediately begin to-go, curbside and delivery of beer. Attached is a copy of the draft Regulation, which was adopted. 

You can start delivering as soon as the beer board responds. Response has been quite brisk, during business hours. The beer board will also e-mail you a new temporary on-off permit, which you should post.

2. Employees only. The emergency Regulation requires that deliveries be made by employees. No delivery of beer by UberEats or other third-party delivery services.

3. Universal carding. The Reg requires mandatory carding by the employee making the delivery, curbside or to-go sale.

4. Drive thru windows. The Reg also authorizes sale of beer at drive-thru and delivery windows.

We find ourselves humming the Talking Heads completely cryptic single:

Once in a Lifetime

Same as it ever was

Letting the days go by

Same as it ever was

Same as it ever was

Stay tuned for more updates.

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