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Practices wait for vaccines to appear

Feb 22, 2021

Waller’s Molly Huffman told Part B News in this article that in Virginia, “there has been some movement from the state government to try and expand the population of providers who can actually do the injections.” She also said, “Current state-based efforts in Virginia would allow volunteers to provide the vaccines and to forego licensing concerns for the purpose of getting as many people vaccinated as possible.”

But, as the Part B News article points out, supply remains an issue. “The sites that can obtain the vaccine are giving it as quickly as they can until they run out,” Molly said. “I think the general population in Virginia would tell you we have a terrible shortage.”

Molly also described frustration at the independent physician practice level, “because I think in many instances they feel left out; they have felt like they could not obtain the stockpile for their employees or for their patients. They are at times struggling to get their own employees vaccinated, although I do think that part has been corrected in recent days.”

To learn more, read the full article here. 

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